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For fire or life threatening emergencies - call 911 from any phone.

For assistance after business hours contact Campus Security at 208-874-7550.

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Construction News

New Construction News

The Bruce M. Pitman Center's building tile was inspected recently and determined to be safe structurally at this time.

Ongoing Construction

Two of the largest classrooms on campus are located in Renfrew Hall and will be renovated during the spring and summer semesters this year. Crews will begin project work in February. Renfrew Hall classrooms 111 and 112 have not been upgraded since their original construction in 1962.

These classrooms are currently not being used. The Registrar's Office did not schedule classes in these rooms for the spring and summer 2018 semesters because of the planned renovation work.

Project specifics include: replacing lighting, heating and cooling equipment with current industry systems and upgrading the current classrooms' media technology based on the university's modern classroom standards.

For the most part, the construction work will be confined to the classrooms. However, the contractor is expected to build a temporary wall outside of the rooms. Students, faculty and staff will see some activity, but it should not impede their work, classes or access to the women's restroom. In addition, the study area outside of the classrooms will disappear. The current study carrels (which were originally coat racks) will be removed and this area will be refurbished.

The general contractor is close to completing all project work. Final general cleaning of worksite, labs and restrooms will take place in February in preparation for daily use of the building.

Project Overview

U of I Facilities, in partnership with the Idaho's Division of Public Works, is renovating the interior and exterior areas of the three-story Administration Building to improve safety and protect the historic architecture of this beautiful structure.

North Entrance

The Administration Building north entrance opened Jan. 25 for use. Recently, handrails were installed, and the new granite steps are now in place. Crews will have some final project work come spring for the entrance area when warm weather arrives.

Main Entrance/Foyer Restoration

The crews have completed the work on the Main Entrance and Foyer. The stairs will be open for public use starting Monday, March 19. Some minor touch-ups remain, and these will be accomplished during the summer months to lessen impacts.

Exterior Repairs

Exterior masonry repairs at selected locations will be scheduled to be accomplished during the summer months to lessen their impacts on the university community.

The Admin Building construction project is led by Golis Construction of Moscow, and equipment will continue to be staged at the front of the building near the I Bench and sporadically near the auditorium pull out on the north side.

The goal of the Facilities staff is to complete the restoration work with as little inconvenience to the building occupants as possible, as well as maintain access for our students and employees. Access to the building's elevator and restrooms will be maintained throughout the construction period for all occupants, students, faculty and visitors.

For questions and/or concerns, please contact Facilities at 208-885-6246, or fill out the online Report a Safety Concern form.

The University of Idaho Library has begun a $700,000 renovation of its second floor space. During the projected five-month construction period, the floor will remain open for use. Work is scheduled to begin in February and continue through May 2018.

The planned remodeling includes new carpet, paint, furniture, and electrical upgrades, funded by a combination of donor gifts and public funds, and the work will be done in stages to minimize disruptions for the U of I community and the general public. Library staff are currently moving book stacks, furniture and fixtures in preparation.

When finished, library users will have an upgraded space aesthetically similar to the library’s renovated first floor. If you have any questions and/or concerns, please contact Ben Hunter, Associate Dean of University Libraries, at 208-885-5858 or

The new ARI building construction is in underway and making good progress. The building structure is mostly complete; the exterior wall and roof construction is underway as well as the necessary electrical work. All main building work is expected to wrap-up in April 2018. Then, Phase II of the project will involve the construction of lab processing equipment and hook-ups.

The 42 UI Extension campuses across the state will receive a bit of a branding facelift this summer and fall. Facilities will install UI signage at various sites and on buildings. No disruptions should result.

U of I Facilities and a masonry consultant have completed the inspection of the Bruce M. Pitman Center building tile siding-to evaluate its current structural condition. The detailed inspection was prompted by the discovery of loose tiles in December 2017. These tiles were immediately removed at that time.

The inspection results concluded that the tile siding is "safe" and does not present a potential structural hazard at this time. However, the university is discussing the possibility of a tile replacement/renovation project in the near future which likely would not begin until spring 2018 sometime if approved.

To date, no person has been struck by falling tiles from the Pitman Center.

Demolition of the U of I President’s house along Nez Perce Drive began Sept. 27, 2017, and is now complete. New construction has started. Currently, the President’s house entry foyer is being built which will include a series of stepped platforms (to be accompanied by a universally accessible ramp) — that will provide a gallery-type space where university-related art and artifacts can be displayed.

The original house foundation was retained in the demolition and is now being used for the construction of the new President’s house over the next year. The new, modern-style house will be 5,200 square feet and the total building, including the three-bay garage, will be approximately 7,000 square feet. The former President’s house was 6,200 square feet with seven bedrooms and five bathrooms.

The $1.95 million project was first approved by the State Board of Education in October 2014. The U of I Foundation has committed $1.3 million to the project –raised from donations. The remainder, covering mostly utility upgrades and basic infrastructure needs to that area of campus, will come from institutional funds long assigned to the completion of the project.

The design calls for a metal roof and siding, with some fiber cement siding and cedar accents. Timber from the U of I Experimental Forest is being milled for use in the new house construction.

Project construction activities should not impact the university campus directly, but may affect Nez Perce Drive on occasion with concrete and material deliveries as progress takes shape. All other construction work should be contained to the existing residence site.

Drawing of new president's house plan

Welcome! Key details about construction and area roadwork are highlighted on this page — to keep the Vandal community informed. Thank you for your patience while U of I works hard to improve its infrastructure.

Project timelines are estimates subject to change depending on work progress. If you have any questions or concerns about the listed projects, please contact U of I Facilities at or 208-885-6246.


Mailing Address:

875 Perimeter Dr. MS2281
Moscow, ID 83844-2281

For fire or life threatening emergencies - call 911 from any phone.

For assistance after business hours contact Campus Security at 208-874-7550.

Phone: 208-885-6246