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Solid Waste

The Waste Management division of Facilities has the responsibility of managing the Recycling and Solid Waste programs for the university. As of FY24, the previous Recycling/Surplus/Solid Waste division was restructured to partner Facilities with the similarly restructured Fixed Assets department in managing the disposal of Surplus items. Our goal is to mitigate the waste stream on campus in order to reduce costs, follow regulations and decrease overall waste tonnage. Recycling, Solid Waste and Surplus garner over 90 percent of the waste generated on campus. Working together the programs have created ways to work synergistically, resulting in a significant decrease in waste tonnage going to the landfill as well as additional items being recycled.

The solid waste program provides service to campus via rolling 2-yd dumpsters and a compactor system service provided by Facilities personnel. This system allows Waste Management Services to quantify our Municipal Solid Waste (MSW) on a tonnage basis rather than a volume basis. In 2023, the university generated 936 tons of waste. With increased enrollment projected waste is expected to rise to 1200 tons. These program improvements saves the university significantly on expenses (2013 average tons of waste generated was 1500), as well as allowing the university to more closely monitor the waste stream exiting campus. Monitoring is a critical element of our program as regulations around waste disposal continue to become more stringent and possibly more costly if fines for non-compliance are incurred. 

Municipal solid waste is defined as any solid waste produced by normal daily university activities excluding extraordinary/unacceptable, hazardous or infectious waste (APM 40.23).

To request additional solid waste or recycling services unrelated to University of Idaho's daily waste management operations (such as clean-outs, events, concerts) please fill out the Solid Waste and Recycling Request. Recycling and Solid Waste may be contact at 208-885-2025.

Please see below for examples of each type of unacceptable waste and the appropriate contact.

Unacceptable Waste Definitions and Contacts

Biological and Infectious materials disposal, please contact Research Assurances. Waste that is capable of causing infectious disease; items contaminated with blood, saliva or other body substances; or those items actually or potentially infected with pathogenic material. (i.e., blood, body wastes)

For items of these natures contact Office of Research Assurances at 208-885-4054 or for proper disposal of these items.

Hazardous materials disposal, please contact Environmental Health and Safety. Materials that are ignitable, corrosive, reactive or toxic waste (40 CFR Part 261); are listed by description, process or named in federal environmental regulations (40 CFR Part 261); are used oil (40 CFR Part 279); or are defined as Universal Wastes (40 CFR Part 273), including fluorescent lamps, batteries, mercury-containing devices and unused pesticides. (i.e., paints, spray cans, toxic substances, pesticides, oils, chemicals, light bulbs such as compact florescent bulbs, projector bulbs, sodium vapor and metal halide bulbs, etc.)

For items of these natures contact Environmental Health and Safety at 208-885-6524 or for proper disposal of these items. The Chemical Waste Collection Request form is available, which includes information on printing container labels. 

Extraordinary/Unacceptable materials, please contact Solid Waste at Facilities. Materials include construction and remodeling waste and debris; furniture; metals; electronic waste; batteries; free liquids; sharps; concert and large events debris; and any waste produced outside of normal university business operations (i.e., non-alkaline batteries, any items with mercury in them, any unit that has a plug, battery or microchip, including but not limited to computer screens, televisions, printers, printed circuit boards and power supplies.)

For items of these natures contact Facilities Solid Waste division at 208-885-2025 or email for proper disposal of these items.


Mailing Address:

875 Perimeter Dr. MS2281
Moscow, ID 83844-2281

For fire or life threatening emergencies - call 911 from any phone.

For assistance after business hours contact Campus Security at 208-874-7550.

Phone: 208-885-6246