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Safety Alert: Protective Gloves

Gloves are showing breakdown due to environmental exposure

Are your hands safe?

Spotlight Tip of the Week

It seems everywhere you turn on campus, there’s another construction zone. With traffic revisions due to road closures, the impacts of this work can be felt far from the actual work zone. The university is very good at posting construction areas, so pay attention to email alerts and signage at the doors of buildings or on sandwich boards so you know when and where the construction is going to take place.

As a pedestrian, bicyclist or skateboarder it is important, now more than ever, to pay attention to what is going on around you. Here are some basic tips to follow:

  • Always use walkways or designated alternate routes
  • Do not enter an area that has signs, caution tape, cones or fencing
  • Do not move barriers that are "in your way"; this puts you, construction workers and others that may follow at unnecessary risk of injury
  • Comply with posted restrictions both inside buildings and around construction sites
  • If you must use the street to bypass construction areas, face oncoming traffic so you can make eye contact with drivers
  • Wear bright colored clothing to increase visibility to those around you
  • Carry a flashlight/use lights during the hours of darkness
  • Pay attention to large trucks and mobile equipment; you will see them before they see you
  • Make eye contact with drivers of the trucks and mobile equipment operators before proceeding

Construction work is dangerous, and workers need to be able to focus on their own safety. Following their directions will help them, and you, be safe during these activities. Note: Please report stealing of safety cones to campus security or EHS. The unauthorized relocation of these cones presents a real danger to our personnel and students.

You can follow upcoming and ongoing construction projects by checking the Facilities website.

University of Idaho Emergency Response Team

The University of Idaho maintains an Emergency Response Team (UIERT) through the office of Environmental Health and Safety. This team’s purpose is to provide rapid response to incidents that threaten lives, property and/or the environment, including chemical, radiological and biohazardous incidents.

The UIERT, comprised of all members of EHS, is trained and equipped to handle most incidents that may occur on campus. All team members have completed, at a minimum, a 40-hour hazardous waste operations and emergency response (HAZWOPER) course as well as FEMA training in Incident Command and are ready to respond to small and major incidents. The UIERT maintains an Emergency Response Vehicle (ERV) which is fully stocked and ready to use at a moment’s notice.

The team responds to about 9 incidents of any size per year; these are mostly small incidents. The last major response was in June 2018 for a major oil spill at the dairy farm. A dump truck caught on overhead lines, pulling down two attached power poles which had 3 transformers on each and resulted in a spill of approximately 100 gallons total of mineral oil. The team worked long hours in the sun to capture the spilled oil from the pavement and dig up barrels of contaminated soil to protect the environment.

The team also has an agreement with the City of Moscow to respond to other incidents in the city as requested. This service is activated as needed by the Incident Commander acting for the City of Moscow and may be initiated by calling 911.The team continuously collaborates with the state of Idaho Fire Marshal, Moscow Volunteer Fire Department, Idaho Department of Environmental Quality, and Washington State University to share information, plan incident responses and participate in training.

Campus Contacts

Emergency Numbers for: Boise, Coeur d’Alene and Idaho Falls Campuses


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