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Physical Address:
Facilities Services Building
875 Perimeter Drive

Phone: 208-885-7011


Web: Visit Campus Mail Services

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Bulk Mail

You are strongly encouraged to call ahead for help with Bulk Mailings!

A brief definition of 'Bulk Mail': All pieces must be identical. There is a minimum of 200 pieces for Nonprofit or standard rates.

Nonprofit must be approved in advance. First Class Presorted requires a minimum of 500 pieces for bulk (presorted) mailings.

Six easy steps for seamless bulk mail entry

  1. Contact Campus Mail Services in the Design stages of your bulk mailing. This is a very important step if you are using Creative Services for printing individualized mailing pieces. The USPS is constantly implementing new regulations, not following the USPS rules will cost you time and money!
  2. Download the Campus Mail Invoice Template (MS Excel format), fill out the green shaded areas and email to with your Excel list of names (see #6)
  3. Print a copy of the completed IDG and attach it to the bulk mailing when sending through campus mail.
  4. Campus Mail Services will provide the proper containers for your mail. Letters must be in letter trays, pieces larger than 6 1/8" x 11 1/2" must be flat in white tubs. Please call to arrange delivery and pick up of trays or tubs.

Typical address list format:


Additional fields can be added as needed

Following this format that is required for NCOA (move update) processing will result in fewer records being removed as errors.

The address and address2 fields must have address information ONLY in the fields (street number, street name, PO Box, Apt number or Suite number)!

Company names must be in COMPANY field ONLY. Company names in address fields cause the record to be flagged and removed from the list.

Names must be in the correct name fields (first name in First, last name in Last).

Spouse names may be in separate first (Joe) and last name (Vandal) fields or in one name field (Joe Vandal).

City, State and Zip should be in separate fields.

Foreign addresses must not be included in a mailing. They are required to be in sealed envelopes and mailed with foreign budget mail.

Contact Information:

Campus Mail Services 2282 or 208-885-7011


Mail that is urgent and must reach its destination quickly should not be sent at the standard or nonprofit rate.

The mailing may not reach the destination on time.

Please allow 4 to 6 days for Campus Mail & Receiving to process your mailing. There will be an extra charge for RUSH service.

Please call ahead for large presorted mail pick-ups so that your carrier is prepared with a hand truck if necessary.

Do not use clasps on envelopes that will be processed by Campus Mail and Receiving. Clasps catch on the machine belts causing jams in the machines and torn belts requiring repair service.

It is no longer required to nest envelopes. CMR has newer machines that will seal non-nested envelopes better than nested envelopes.

Physical Address:
Facilities Services Building
875 Perimeter Drive

Phone: 208-885-7011


Web: Visit Campus Mail Services

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