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The University Surplus operation is a part of the Asset Accounting department under the Controller’s Office. Surplus manages the auction, sale and disposal of university assets that are no longer in active use. If you have any questions regarding assets currently in use, please contact Asset Accounting. If you have any questions not answered by the linked pages above, please email us at

Policies and Guidelines

As of December, 2014, UI departments, state agencies, government entities and school districts, may now view surplus items available for purchase on line. This allows these groups first chance at buying any interested item outright at its estimated value, before going to public auction. If you are interested in this opportunity, please send an email note to for directions on how to become a Preview Member. Please Note: This is not for private individual purchasing. This is only for UI Departments state agencies, governmental entities and school districts. A budget number, or purchase order is required to make these purchases prior to auction. Private entities must still bid on items as they come up at the Public Surplus auction site. General office items, furniture, and equipment are generally not listed on this site, but can be viewed and purchased at the Surplus Store 9 a.m. - 3 p.m. Fridays.

Campus Surplus is the legal repository for all state owned items in surplus. Items sent to Campus Surplus are transferred via Asset Accounting to the Campus Surplus Inventory, so that these items may be legally sold or disposed of. Currently, part of the Campus Surplus business program is to reimburse a portion of sale proceeds, based on the sale price, back to the originating department using a sliding scale. Because of time lag in receiving payment from the auction site, and staff resource limitations to handle reimbursements, departments should expect a 3 – 6 month delay in receiving any reimbursement back from Campus Surplus. If you have questions concerning this, contact Campus Surplus.

Because of our new business paradigm concerning Surplus Sales Items, and a large influx of items and materials from campus departments, storage space has become extremely limited within our warehouse. Our process tries to move items into the sale queue as quickly as possible. Because of recent requests by a variety of departments to “hold” items out the sale queue, while further deliberations concerning said item are ongoing, we have found it necessary to assess a storage fee for any item on “hold” for longer than three (3) months. Beginning immediately, all items on “hold” status for longer than three (3) months will be accessed a $10/month storage fee to the department’s budget number that was used to transfer the item to the Campus Surplus inventory in the first place. To avoid this fee, departments are urged to get complete consensus when sending an item to Campus Surplus. If a department wishes to come down and reclaim and item or hire CNA (City North American) to return the item back to the department, that is perfectly acceptable too. This will require the department to contact Asset Accounting again to have the item moved from the Campus Surplus Inventory Budget, back to the departmental budget it came from as well.

Campus Surplus promotes UI sustainability efforts by keeping as many state owned items as possible from entering the waste stream.  By re-selling these items at our weekly sales or through the Public Surplus website, we divert tons of materials from being thrown away each year.  While our Recycling and Surplus operations are funded using income generated in this manner, we also partially reimburse departments for higher value items as they are sold.  All items with a value exceeding $300 are reimbursed at a % of the value that exceeds the $300 threshold.  See rate schedule below.

$301 - $500 Sale Price

  • Amount returned to the department: 40%

$501 - $2,000 Sale Price

  • Amount returned to the department: 50%

$2,001 - $10,000 Sale Price

  • Amount returned to the department: 75%

More than $10,000 Sale Price

  • Amount returned to the department: 90%

Current Disposal Fee for all Refrigerator or Refrigeration Units is Free.

If any item is deemed of nominal value, and it can not be sold, Campus Surplus will recycle as many of these items as possible to keep them out of the waste stream.

This scale supersedes all scales prior to Oct. 23, 2012.

Keep any found items in the department main office for one week before sending to University of Idaho Lost and Found.

After one week please complete the General Surplus Request form and fill out all the information that you have concerning this lost item. A contact number and name is critical, in case questions arise about the lost item.

Place lost items in a box with paperwork and send to Lost and Found (campus zip 2281).

Items not claimed within 30 days of receipt will be discarded, sold or given to local charities.

All property is available to Departments of the University of Idaho, other Federal, State, and Local Government Agencies, and qualifying non-profit organizations at all times up to and including the public sales. The Public including the students, staff and faculty at the University of Idaho are able to buy from University of Idaho Surplus at Pre-priced sales, Sealed Bid Sales, and public surplus web sales only.

All property is offered AS IS, WHERE IS with no warranty or guarantee as to condition. The buyer is responsible for determining the condition of the property. When possible, the staff will assist in giving information concerning the property.

We provide no storage for items purchased. All items must be removed from the warehouse by closing time on the date of the sale. When possible, the staff will assist you with loading of your purchases.

To purchase an item: 

  • Small item: remove from shelf and bring to the counter.
  • Large item: remove the tag from the item and bring it to the counter.

After you have paid for the item, please show the receipt to one of our staff for help with retrieval and loading of your purchase. Please have all purchases combined together for one trip through our check out system.

Pricing for non-auction used items for sale at Campus Surplus are based on fair market value of state owned property. Pricing is adjusted as needed to fulfill state regulations concerning transparency of sales; equal pricing strategies for both public entities and private citizens; and best return of revenue for state owned property. Pricing can vary from 20-80% of new cost for a similar item based on factors such as market availability, materials quality, condition, and demand. Fair market pricing is determined using available information from various auction and sales websites; various pricing guidelines and blue book authorities available; and other regional surplus dealers.

Tied sealed bids will be resolved through the use of a random selection drawn by our sales application and only the winning bidder will be notified.
Payment can be made with cash, Visa Card, MasterCard, Discover Card, personal checks up to $1,000. Items over $1,000 will be held with a 10% deposit; payment in full is to be made the following day by cashier's check or cash.

The University of Idaho reserves the right to sell the merchandise to any public agency prior to the closing of the sale and may remove any property offered from the sale at any time before and during sale hours.

U of I departments surplusing materials or equipment are responsible for notifying Surplus of any federal export control restrictions that may apply to the item being surplused. Departments with questions or concerns about export control restrictions on an item should contact the U of I Export Controls Analyst for assistance before sending the item to Surplus. The Export Controls Analyst will coordinate with Department and Surplus staff to ensure items are sold in a manner that conforms with the export control regulations.

All Laboratory equipment must be cleaned and inspected as per University of Idaho policy. University Surplus will not accept any lab equipment without the Laboratory Equipment Decontamination Certification Form attached to the equipment that is being delivered. The purpose of the procedure is to maintain a safe environment for those picking up laboratory equipment as well as the Surplus staff who will be accepting the equipment.

If items from a laboratory arrive without the certification form noted above, the item will not be accepted at the Surplus and will be returned to the department at the sending departments’ cost.

The University of Idaho is taking steps to ensure the proper storage and destruction of sensitive and personal material from computers, hard drives and electronic equipment. To ensure this information is safeguarded, university departments will be required to send their electronic equipment containing either hard drives or information storage capabilities to their local IT support team. It is the responsibility of each department's local IT support team to make sure either data is erased or is removed in accordance with IT standards. Please use this service request link to begin the process of surplusing your electronic equipment. Surplus Stores will no longer accept any computers or electronics that may contain sensitive or personal information unless it has been properly processed and approved to be surplused by the department's IT support team. Surplus Stores will only accept approved electronic items from designated IT personnel. If you have any questions, please contact either your local IT support team or Surplus Stores.

Mailing Address:

875 Perimeter Dr. MS2281
Moscow, ID 83844-2281

Phone: 208-885-2091


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