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Safety Tips from I-Safety

Spotlight Tip of the Week

U of I Facilities is seeking faculty, staff and student help in reducing slippery, icy areas on campus - by using the "Sand Can" - which means scooping and spreading sand on slippery pavement areas.

A Sand Can is a garbage can or bucket - labeled "SAND" on top - that has sand and a scoop inside. Currently, over 30 sand cans/buckets are located across the Moscow campus - inside or outside building entrances where slick conditions exist.

Every winter, the Facilities Snow and Ice Prevention Team applies hundreds of tons of rock and sand around campus to increase traction. But with changing weather and ground conditions, new slick spots surface quickly. Please help to reduce the chance of a fellow Vandal tripping, slipping or even falling by taking a minute to spread sand on a discovered slick surface.

Scoop, Spread and Shut.
Sand Cans and buckets are for the entire U of I community to use. No technical skill or training is required.

  • Take a scoop of sand out of the can or bucket; throw or spread the sand on the slick surface.
  • Remember to look out for people around you when applying the sand.
  • Return the scoop to the can/bucket and shut the lid when done.

If you see a bucket out of sand, want to request a Sand Can or notice a hazard on campus, please contact Facilities at 208-885-6246, or fill out an online Safety Concern form.

Culture of Questioning

Questioning certain practices with safety in mind is an essential attitude to keep you and the rest of the Vandal family safe. Questioning challenges the complacency that grows in familiar situations and drives change. Questioning safety practices, or perhaps a lack thereof, is vital to developing a culture of safety at the University of Idaho. The goal is for everyone to return home at the end of every day just as healthy as when they arrived on campus.

Safety issues are often recognized but go unreported because a person doesn't know whom to contact or assumes that someone else is already taking care of it. At U of I, we want everyone to challenge these assumptions, question the situation and report the issues. The Report a Safety Concern form was created just for this purpose. It allows for anonymous reporting if you choose, as well as the option to upload an image of the safety problem when appropriate. It is available for anyone to use, and concerns will be directed to the proper campus unit to correct the problem.

Students and employees are the eyes and ears of the community, and your help is essential. Get involved in the safety training opportunities available to you, ask questions if you have a concern about a procedure, take part in safety inspections and report issues right away - issues cannot be corrected if no one knows about them. Timely questioning and reporting can prevent accidents and near misses. If an accident or near miss does occur, report this as well; investigating the reason will help avoid another injury.

As a supervisor, you have additional influence - lead by example and ensure safety is a core value in your team's activities. You are encouraged to do workplace inspections, ensure your employees are current on their safety training, talk regularly with your employees and discuss accident investigation reports with them and the U of I EHS staff. EHS has many resources available for you and the EHS staff can assist all supervisors in their safety efforts.

Our Vandal culture is how we think and act in all our activities. Avoiding complacency and continuously challenging existing conditions that might pose a safety risk allows us as a community to identify discrepancies and take appropriate actions before an accident or near miss occurs. Put safety first and we can achieve the safest possible working and learning environment for our Vandal family.

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