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Core Curriculum

Our students embed themselves in the local planning capacity of communities statewide, providing instant access to valuable professional skills—and the opportunity to make a difference.

The core curriculum is designed to provide full-time students with a specific focus each semester. As a full-time student, you would typically take 12 credits, supplementing the required courses below with electives that fit your specific needs and interests.

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FALL - The Bioregional Approach

BIOP 504 Sustainable Communities
Fully online, 3 credits
Global perspective, globalization, sustainable development approaches in the world compared to approach in the US and planning

BIOP 520 Introduction to Bioregional Planning
Virtual meetings, 3 credits
Difference between planning and bioregional planning. Methodological and theoretical challenges of bioregionalism

SPRING - Creating the Community Narrative

BIOP 522 Bioregional Planning Methods
Fully online
Application of bioregional planning concepts to gathering data. Data reliability, focus on quantitative data.

BIOP 560 Bioregional Planning Studio I
Virtual meetings and community visit, 4 credits
Collect data and create a bioregional atlas of a community determine defining attributes.


FALL - From Narrative to Action

BIOP 521 Local and Regional Comprehensive Planning
Fully online, 3 credits
Main regular land planning tools, regulations and legal context.

BIOP 561 Bioregional Planning Studio II
Virtual meetings and community visits, 4 credits
Develop a plan for action based on a bioregional atlas.

SPRING - Reflection & Preparation

BIOP 530 Public Planning Theory and Process
Fully online, 3 credits
Critical reflection on the role of planners in connecting people and places.

BIOP 598 Internship
3-6 credits
Exposure to professional practice.

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Bioregional Planning & Community Design

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Phone: 208-364-4595

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