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M.F.A. Art


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The Department of Art & Design seeks out thinkers, makers and innovators like you, ready to carve out and take charge of your own journey.

We emphasize an integrated approach to the visual arts. You experience intensive, rigorous studio time, and investigate where drawing, mixed media, sculpture, printmaking, visual design, and other areas overlap and influence each other. You continue honing your technique and your talents or you can fuse together multiple disciplines to discover new perspectives and challenge existing artistic assumptions.

You’re passionate about creating visuals that elicit a response, and to continue your personal and professional journey, the University of Idaho’s Master of Fine Arts in Studio Art and Design degree helps you expand your talent. Whether you see your work inviting conversations and pushing boundaries in a gallery or public space or you strive to share it with others and influence their artistic development as an educator, this program is designed for aspiring professional studio artists and for those who want a career in academia.

The MFA in Studio Art and Design program serves as your guide toward the next stage of your career. We help students anticipate what is needed to achieve your professional goals and offer opportunities for you to develop as an educator.

Join us and hone your craft in the private space of the Graduate Art Studios (GAS House). Our faculty members help foster your artistic growth while opening the door to the art scene of the Pacific Northwest and beyond.

As a culmination of your efforts, you’ll work toward a thesis presentation—an exhibition of your artwork showcasing how you took your work to the next level, and deepened your practice towards your specific professional goals. The thesis presentation includes an accompanying written explanation of the creative process and the concepts and theories behind your work.

Ready to thrive in a vibrant, creative atmosphere encouraging artistic inquiry and expression? We look for candidates with an integrated approach to art and design, who have acquired broad-based knowledge and have the skills, illustrated in a portfolio, to take on and succeed in this endeavor. Review all admission requirements before starting your application.

Fast Facts

  • 60-credit MFA program.
  • Deepen your practice and develop a focus that is customized to your goals. Select a concentration from painting, drawing, sculpture, ceramics, graphic design, printmaking or interface design or customize your studies to your goals by combining one or more areas.
  • Applicants are considered based on their skills and potential rather than focus on a specific medium for this integrated program.
  • Receive personal guidance from faculty mentors throughout your three-year experience.
  • Private studio space is available for all MFAs in our Graduate Art Studios (GAS House).
  • The program offers a teaching emphasis providing three years of experience as instructors of record in parallel to your individual studio focus.
  • Funding support through Teaching Assistantships is available based on the quality of your entry portfolio.
  • Prepare for a range of career paths including academia, museum and exhibit curators, art directors and directors of nonprofit art organizations.

Art & Design

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