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World Building and Visionary Technology

Faculty Lead: John Anderson

John Anderson is a world-builder and design scientist who directly empowers students to explore the boundaries of science and fiction. Students explore research that visualizes complex systems to reveal new knowledge and “make the invisible, visible.” His research promotes the development of novel decision support technologies that use virtual environments to reveal the scientific processes that govern social ecological systems. His research has provided scientists with alternate decision support technology and enables communities to communicate their concerns. This body of research advances scientific discovery and has enabled new insights into how changes in climate may be altering the Anthropocene.
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John Anderson University of Idaho


Autism XR Institute

Mitch and Janelle Alexander know how virtual technology can change a life. Their son, Nathan, lives with autism. Mitch partners with the U of I Virtual Technology Laboratory in Boise, where faculty and students are creating virtual environments to improve daily life for people with autism.

SalmonSim Project

The SalmonSim Project is an interactive learning environment for better understanding the lifecycle, behavior and habitat of the Alaska sockeye salmon. Sponsored by the Alaska EPSCoR Adapting to Changing Climates project

John Anderson | VTD Faculty

John and his students unleash their imaginations with virtual technology and design.

Virtual Technology Labs

Research projects in the Virtual Technology Labs help solve real-world problems from land management to educational therapy.


Virtual Technology & Design

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