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Arch 454/554 Studio Request

Please submit your preferences for Fall 2022 sections of ARCH 4/554

Placement in architectural design studios is based on student preference, student performance in previous studio experience, and availability. Every effort will be made to place students in one of their top choices or in a studio that best meets their academic needs.

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Friday, April 22

Fall 2022 Studios:

This studio will work with Professor Dan Cronan’s Landscape Architecture studio to develop a scenario-based community design approach that addresses future changes for the Teton Valley Region. As a component of the GEM3 project funded by the National Science Foundation, this interdisciplinary studio will:

  1. Make a heuristic research-based approach to identify practical growth issues faced by the cities and communities within the valley.
  2. Use systematic scenario predictive modeling and stakeholder-driven inputs to suggest design strategies and ideas.
  3. Develop comprehensive design visions of community development that are combined with site planning, architectural and landscape architectural designs, streetscape development, and public spaces and transportation enhancements.

There will be lectures and workshops from scenario-based design experts, local planners and stakeholders, and the two studio instructors to help students develop interdisciplinary design expertise and systems thinking to enhance their development of design deliverables. This course intends to provide the following learning objectives:

  • Performing relevant research pertaining to current design problems.
  • Developing an interdisciplinary understanding of a set of formalized methodologies within the field of community design and planning.
  • Using scenario-based tools to suggest and test design strategies and ideas.
  • Applying research outcomes to designs at multiple scales of the built environment.
  • Delivering a systematic design solution for multiple scales of the built environment.

This studio will examine architecture and site in relation to cultural and social issues. Potential projects include a tribal cultural center, a tribal governmental center, housing, a campus multicultural center, and urban design in Coeur d’Alene. Students should be prepared to participate in a face-to-face, in-studio learning environment on the Moscow campus; interaction with community clients; and field trips within the Northwest.

This studio will explore how Well-Being concepts in the emerging field of Positive Psychology can be incorporated strategically into a historic downtown center. An entire block and adjacent plaza will be designed in the heart of a city center to create a greater sense of community. Several building types will be programmed and designed to form a community within a community. The class will explore how architecture and landscape architecture can activate engagement, community, meaning, sense of place, positive emotions, and community achievement in a downtown setting. Students will learn to maximize the performance of critical design components such as ‘soft edges’ and ‘triangulation’ that make a city center come to life.


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