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The University of Idaho's Office of Purchasing and Contract Services is responsible for establishing and administering the University’s purchasing policies and procedures consistent with federal, state, and University rules and regulations.

Departments are not authorized to sign contracts on behalf of the University. All Contracts for the purchase of goods or services must be reviewed and signed by Contracts and Purchasing Services.

All contracts should be submitted for approval in the online service contracts application in VandalWeb.

Consulting and Independent Contractor Agreements must be reviewed and signed by Contracts and Purchasing Services.

Purchases of equipment, data processing software and equipment, and all contracts for consulting or professional services either in total or through time purchase or other financing agreements, between $500,000 and $999,999.99 require prior approval by the State Board of Education Executive Director. The Executive Director must be expressly advised when the recommended bid is other than the lowest qualified bid. Purchases exceeding $1,000,000 require prior approval by the full State Board of Education.

For Questions, Contact 
Phone: 208-885-6116 
Fax: 208-885-6060

  • Purchases up to $10,000 may be processed with a Purchase Order (PO)

  • Purchasing Card - may be used for purchases up to $5,000

  • Purchases over $10,000 must have a Requisition entered in Banner

Purchase Amount (Total):

  • ≤ $10,000

Competition Required:

  • No

Obtained By:

  • Departments or Purchasing Services 

Method of Completion:

  • Informal (Phone or Written)

Purchase Amount (Total):

  • Between $10,000 and $50,000

Competition Required:

  • Yes

Obtained By:

  • Departments or Purchasing Services 

Method of Completion:

  •  RFQ (3 Bids)

Purchase Amount (Total):

  • > $50,000

Competition Required:

  • Yes

Obtained By:

  • Purchasing Services Only 

Method of Completion:

  • RFB, RFQ or RFP

  • An honorarium is a token of appreciation paid to an individual for services performed for which payment is not required.

  • Honoraria are for non-university employees.  University employees cannot receive honoraria.

  • The amount of the honorarium cannot be set by recipient.

  • The honorarium (including travel) cannot exceed $5,000.

  • For more university Policy information, visit the Chapter 75.40 of the Administrative Procedure Manual.

For household moves information, please click on the link below:

New Employee Moving


  • Requisitions (REQs) are generated by departments for purchases over $10,000. 

  • Please note: all purchases over $10,000 require a competitive bid process or submission of a Bid Waiver Request.


  • REQs are electronic forms that are entered into the University of Idaho Banner System.

  • For information about entering a requisition, please refer to your Banner Finance Training Manual under the form name FPAREQN.

  • To access the REQ Banner website, one must have Banner Purchasing Training, a valid Banner user ID, and a Banner password.

  • The process is conducted by Purchasing Services only.

  • Request for Bids must include clearly defined specifications and are obtained in writing in a sealed bid process to be opened in a public bid opening.

  • Please refer to Chapter 60.11 of the Administrative Procedures Manual for further information about RFB's.

  • Quotations must be obtained in writing and must be signed by the vendor (electronic copies are acceptable).

  • It is recommended that quotations be submitted from vendors on the University's Request for Quotation Form.

  • Departmental employees not currently issuing their own RFQ's should contact Purchasing Services if interested in doing so.

  • Please refer to Chapter 60.10 of the Administrative Procedures Manual for further information about RFQ's.

  • When departments issue a RFQ, please use the requisition number, as the reference number.


Bid waivers are permissible only when the required goods or services are available from a single supplier. 

Requests to restrict a purchase to one supplier shall be accompanied by a bid waiver request form indicating the reason why no other supplier will be suitable or acceptable to meet the need. Completed forms should be sent to Contracts and Purchasing Services.

Pursuant to Idaho Code 67-5720(2), when there is only one (1) vendor for the property to be acquired, unless the property is required for a life-threatening situation or a situation that is immediately detrimental to the public welfare or property, notice of a bid waiver procurement shall be published on the CPS website for a period of seven (7) business days.

Please refer to Chapter 60.13 of the Administrative Procedures Manual for further information.

For training on how to create Purchase Orders and Requisitions, contact Purchasing Services.

The following list of open contracts is negotiated by Purchasing Services. Campus departments can contact a vendor directly to purchase goods or services at terms, conditions, and rates specified in the contract. Purchasing Services has negotiated these strategic contracts in an effort to offer our campus departments affordable pricing structures while streamlining the procurement process.

Amazon Business

Amazon Business Prime

Bryan Slowikowski, 206-646-5957

Computer Equipment and Supplies


Anthony Orticello, 312-705-4524


Vernon Ashley, 512-513-8576


Paul Imkamp, 800-381-9663 ext. 53107

Facilities MRO


Mitch Fleming, 208-539-5543


Jack Folger, 253-241-9696

Office Supplies

Office Depot

David Avila, 855-337-6811 ex 12794  or 

Customer Support:  888-777-4044

Laboratory Equipment and Supplies


Jeff Kadyk, 206-621-8400 

Fisher Scientific

Angela Young 509-318-3686


Craig Bury, 425-889-9597


Stuart Smith, 509-220-9744

Life Technologies: Applied Biosystems & Invitrogen

Mary Wittig, 503-702-1225

VWR International

Liam Breeze, Ph.D. 509-330-6609

State of Idaho Contracts 


Cooperative Contracting Organizations


Physical Address:

1028 W 6th Street

Mailing Address:

875 Perimeter Drive MS 2006 
Moscow, ID 83844-2006

Phone: 208-885-6116

Fax: 208-885-6060