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Pre-Award Administration
For all questions prior to proposal submission
Sponsored Programs Administrators are responsible for reviewing all proposals prior to submission to assure compliance with both University of Idaho and sponsoring agency policies.
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Post Award Administration
For all questions after your proposal has been awarded
The post-award administration staff is responsible for managing proposals that have been funded by a sponsoring agency.
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OSP Director and Contract Negotiation Unit
The Director of the Office of Sponsored Programs is the Authorized Organizational Representative (AOR) for the University of Idaho. The Senior Contracts Officer and the Associate Contracts Officer (Contract Negotiation Unit) are responsible for review and negotiation of grants, contracts and agreements.
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Cost Accounting Unit
The Cost Accounting Unit is responsible for the following areas: Preparing the facilities and administrative (F&A) rate proposal; tracking cost share, monitoring expenses for compliance with University, federal and sponsor policies; subcontract invoices and effort reporting; any special reporting; and working with external auditors.
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Financial and Cost Compliance Unit
The unit is responsible for fulfilling any contractual or regulatory obligations regarding invoicing and financial reporting to sponsors, including preparing awards for closeout.
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Information Technology Unit
The Information Technology Unit is responsible for the development and upkeep of internal electronic systems for the University's research administration needs.
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