Prior to Budget Set Up

  • What is the first step once my proposal has been awarded?

    The first step will be a notification from the Office of Sponsored Programs that your award has been received.  A copy of the award will be attached to the notification and you will be asked to review the award and confirm that A) it corresponds to your work plan and budgets, B) you agree to the required reporting/deliverables and the time frame for those reports/deliverables and C) that you understand any agency restrictions and guidelines.  Once OSP receives this confirmation then any contract review and negotiations can begin.

  • What happens during contract negotiations?

    Contract negotiations only occur on non-grant awards.  The OSP Contract Review Officer will work with the sponsoring agency to negotiate any issues identified by you in the routing memo, or any other issues that put the University at risk or run counter to University policy.  Once any issues have been resolved and the fully executed (signed by both parties) agreement is on file, then unless there are compliance protocol or other issues the budget can be set up and work can begin.

  • What sort of issues can arise with regard to compliance protocols?
    If you indicated or it was determined on your proposal that the proposal would involve high-risk items such as use of vertebrate animals, work with human subjects, biohazards or recombinent DNA, access to a BSL-3 lab, or potential export control issues then in order to comply with Federal and University regulations protocols or assurances need to be in place before your work can begin.  The contact list is as follows:
        Animal Care and Use Committee
        Human Assurances Committee
        Biohazard Safety Office (Biohazards/BSL-3/Recombinant DNA)
        Export Control Officer
  • My funding is assured, but pending an official award by the agency. Is there a vehicle that allows me to start project work now?
    If you need OSP to set up a preliminary budget pending the official agency award there is a form to request an early budget set up? The rules on these requests are as follows:
    • Any required compliance protocols or assurances must be in place.
    • If possible please provide the anticipated start date; agencies who issue contracts or agreements effective with the date of the final signature are not eligible for early set up.
    • A guarantee budget in the event that the funding does not come through must be provided and the person responsible for the guarantee budget must sign his or her approval for the guarantee.
    • Standard procedure is to set up the budget for a maximum of $10,000 or half of the anticipated award, whichever is less, and for 90 days from the start date.  Other amounts/times must be negotiated with OSP.