Post Award: Travel Reimbursement

Expenses are posted to grant accounts in a variety of ways.  These sections briefly describe processes that are used to generate transactions and discuss policies and procedures associated with certain types of charges.  For more detail please contact the appropriate University department (Purchasing, Payroll, Human Resources, etc.).


Travel Reimbursement

Although travel reimbursement may be handled by your departmental grant administrator, you should familiarize yourself with the required documentation and guidelines on the UI Travel Services Website.  In addition, many awards have restrictions on travel, such as no foreign travel, no out-of-state travel, or no travel at all.  Your award document, the associated award guidelines, and sometimes the proposal guidelines will advise you of these restrictions.  In addition, OSP endeavors to include this information in your Notification of Award form when your budget is set up.


If you are the recipient of federal funding, including federal pass-through funding, travel is subject to the provisions of “Fly America.” ( Under the provisions of this act, and subject to very limited exceptions, a U.S. Flag carrier must be used even when a lower-cost non-U.S. carrier is available.  Please review the guidelines on the OSP website and contact the Cost Accounting Unit of OSP prior to your airfare purchase if you need help in determining whether a non-U.S. carrier may be used.


Special note with regard to travelling under federal contract funds:  Government contracts are more restrictive than grants or agreements with regard to travel reimbursements.  If you will be travelling under a federal contract you may be subject to federal maximums for lodging reimbursement.  You may also be able to book your lodging at federal rates.  Be sure to talk with OSP and/or your program manager prior to making travel arrangements.