Conflicts of Interest and Commitment

University of Idaho policies on conflicts of interest and commitment stipulate that full-time faculty and staff owe their primary professional allegiance to the University.  Outside activities and obligations must be arranged in ways that respect this relationship and that do not interfere with an individual’s University responsibilities.


Conflicts of interest are situations in which an individual’s University activities might be, or might appear to be, influenced by considerations of personal gain (financial or otherwise).  Conflicts of commitment are situations in which an individual’s outside activities (consulting, public service, or pro bono efforts) may interfere or appear to interfere with the quality or performance of University duties. Both types of conflict can affect University-based research and both are addressed by University and sponsor guidelines.


The purpose of the policies is to ensure that employees devote their primary professional time and energy to the University and to the mission of teaching, research and public service.  Outside activities and financial interests are to be reported on an annual basis in accordance with the policy and must be arranged so as not to interfere with the primacy of University duties.  All employees are required to complete and submit a Disclosure of Potential Conflicts of Interest and Commitment on an annual basis (FSH 6240 D-1.), whether or not the employee has any situation that presents an actual or potential conflict to disclose.