Issuing/Managing Subawards

  • What kind of work requires issuance of a subaward?

    When substantive programmatic work is going to be done by another institution or company (not an individual) then a subaward should be issued by the University to contract for that work.

  • When do I need to identify the need for a subaward?
    The need to have programmatic work performed by another institution or company should ideally be determined and identified prior to your proposal submission.  In the event that the need for a subaward is identified after the prime award has been issued, you must request prior approval from the sponsoring agency through OSP.  A sample request letter is on the Forms page.
  • When can the subaward(s) be issued?

    Subawards to a third party cannot be issued until the prime award to the University of Idaho is fully executed and the UI budget has been set up in Banner.

  • Who starts the subaward issuance process?
    The process is started when the departmental grant administrator, at the request of the PI, completes a Subaward Request Form and generates a requisition (REQ) in Banner.  The Subaward Request Form should be forwarded to the OSP Contract Review Officer who will review and process it while the requisition is processing through the Banner approval queue.
  • Who processes subcontract invoices?

    Invoices from the subcontractor will be sent to the department financial contact for processing.  Departmental processing should include cofirming and having PI date and sign that the indicated work has been completed; identification of the budget and expense code (E5171 or E5172) to be used; and forwarding the invoice to OSP (Campus Zip 3020 Attn: Wendy Kerr) for review prior to going to Accounts Payable for payment.

  • What are my responsibilities with regard to monitoring subawards?
    OSP has prepared a checklist for the things the department/PI should be monitoring during the life of the award.  Please review the Subaward Checklist for more information.
  • How do I amend a subaward?
    Request for Subaward Amendment Form must be completed and forwarded to the OSP Contract Review Officer and, if additional funding is being added then a change order must also be completed prior to the amendment being issued.