Issuing a Service Agreement

  • Where can I find the form for issuing a service agreement?
    Click here for the UI webpage with the short form and long form service agreement definitions and a link to the forms.
  • When does OSP need to review service agreement forms?
    Once you have completed the appropriate form, attach a copy of the grant budget to the form and send the documents to OSP at or Campus Zip 3020.
  • Why does OSP need a copy of my grant budget with the signed service agreement form?

    OSP must have a copy of the grant budget in order to ensure that the proposed service agreement was identified as part of the grant proposal.  If not originally proposed, then OSP needs to ensure that the funding agency has granted rebudget authority under the terms of the award.

  • What needs to be included in my scope of work for service agreements?
    It is important that you identify the specific expectations you have of the work to be performed.  Some questions to be considered are:
    • What is the recipient of the funding supposed to accomplish?  Be specific.  Contracts are only written to prevent relationships going bad, if you aren’t specific, you may be caught paying for something that didn’t get done.
    • Do the services have to be performed in a specific way?
    • When will the recipient be required to perform the services?
    • Do they have to be completed at a specific time or on a specific day?
    • Is time of the essence?
    • Do the services have to be performed at a specific place?
    • Are deliverables expected?  If so, in what format and when?
    • Is the scope of work outlined consistent with what was submitted in the proposal?
  • Does OSP still need to see the agreement if I am using my program income funds?

    Program income must be managed according to the same guidelines and restrictions as the main award, so service agreements issued using program income funds must also be reviewed by OSP.