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College of Law

Physical Address:
Menard 101
711 S. Rayburn Drive

Mailing Address:
College of Law
University of Idaho
875 Perimeter Drive MS 2321
Moscow, ID 83844-2321

Main Office: 208-885-2255
Admissions: 208-885-2300
Legal Clinic: 208-885-6541
Office of the Dean: 208-364-4620

Fax: 208-885-5709


Physical Address:
501 W Front St,
Boise, ID 83702

Mailing Address:
501 W Front St,
Boise, ID 83702

Phone: 208-364-4560

Fax: 208-334-2176


Student Organizations

By taking leadership roles in student organizations, students may hone their organizational skills while forging important ties with the larger legal community. Student organizations participate in public service, bring distinguished speakers to the College, build community awareness of important issues, and much more.

Student organizations are governed and recognized by the Student Bar Association, the law school student government body.


Boise President: Nina Marcello
Boise Vice President: Julia Chuckovich
Boise Secretary: Katelynn Bennett
Boise Sergeant at Arms: Alex Dmitrich

Moscow President: Katie De La Cruz
Moscow Vice President: Karla Urie
Moscow Secretary: Marissa Colgrove
Moscow Sergeant at Arms: Dylanie Frazier

Treasurer: Robert Abel


Boise 3L Representatives: Marciella Sanford and Steven Littlefield
Boise 2L Representatives: Rutger Vanderlaan and Cooper Neavill
Boise 1L Representatives: Natalie Schmidt and Kate Belt

Moscow 3L Representatives: McKenzie Lewis and Jaysson Pfeifer
Moscow 2L Representatives: Ben Olofson and Lauren Bouvia
Moscow 1L Representatives: Nesha Lewis and Stacy Escobar Machorro

Judiciary/Honor Court

3L Judiciary/Honor Court Justice: Laegan Meyers
3L Judiciary/Honor Court Justice: Gavin Gilbert
2L Judiciary/Honor Court Justice: Pat Tucker
2L Judiciary: Emily Rembert
1L Judiciary Justice: Josh Diaz

Senior Honor Court Counsel: April Fitzgerald
Deputy Honor Court Counsel: Martha Kuderer

SBA Advisers:  Kristina Running and Leon Samuels

The SBA was founded to enrich and diversify the lives of every law student. By virtue of being admitted to the University of Idaho College of Law, each student is automatically a member of the SBA. The SBA is comprised of an Executive Board, a governing council, and student organizations operating under the auspices of the SBA. It is the responsibility of the SBA to ensure student organizations limited funds are allocated in an equitable manner. Once funds are distributed, the SBA organizations are charged with carrying out the mission of their respective organizations. Student organizations augment law school learning by providing their members with rich and meaningful events such as guest speakers and/or specific skills training. Service in the SBA is entirely voluntary. Board members, officers, and student leaders work tirelessly, without remuneration, to engender a spirit of collegiality and a truly rewarding and memorable law school experience.

Vice-President of Oral Arguments Moscow: 
Vice-President of Oral Arguments Boise: 
Vice-President of Briefs: 
Advisor: Professor Ryan Lincoln

Statement of Purpose

The Board of Student Advocates is a student organization that gives students courtroom and appellate argument training and experience. Membership is open to all second- and third-year law students. Students may become members by either being selected for Trial Team or participating in the McNichols Moot Court Competition. Trial Team requires a two-year commitment during which second-year students are mentored and trained by the third-year students. The University of Idaho College of Law fields teams from both our Moscow and Boise campuses. Students also have the opportunity as a second- or third-year student to participate in the McNichols Moot Court Competition. The McNichols competition is run by third-year student members who write the problem, grade the briefs, and organize this intra-school competition. Third-year students have the opportunity to compete in one of several inter-scholastic moot court competitions. Teams have been fielded in the areas of Constitutional law, Bankruptcy, Environmental law, Native American law, Evidence, Criminal Procedure, and International Human Rights. The College of Law fields teams from both its Moscow and Boise campuses. Team members are chosen by the team coach based on qualifications determined by the coach.

Executive Board: 

  • Editor-in-Chief: Stacey Donohue
  • Chief Moscow Editor: Alejandra Cabreles
  • Executive Editor: Malori Basye
  • Chief Managing Editor: Chris Kmoch
  • Business Editor: Mitch Kolberg
  • Chief Research Editor: Jillian Greene
  • Chief Articles Editor: Rebecca Jensen
  • Chief Symposium Editor: Lauren Ballenger
  • Symposium Outreach Editor: Mason Bailey
  • NREL Editor: Fred Coriell
  • Director of Fundraising & Relations (Alumni & Moscow/Boise): Daniel Fredricksen
  • Spotlight Editor: Ashley Peterson

Board of Editors: 

  • Managing Editor: Helena (Laney) Boyd
  • Managing Editor: Natalie Fontes
  • Managing Editor: Megan Nutley
  • Input Editor (& Tech Editor): Jessica Steadman
  • Input Editor (& Tech Editor): Katherine Loos
  • Input Editor (& Tech Editor): Benjamin Mitchell
  • Articles Editor (R4): Brock Arnold
  • Social Media & Website Editor: Jake Dingel

Associate Editors: 

  • Katelyn De La Cruz
  • Linda Halsey
  • Hunter England
  • Pat Tucker
  • Caleb Calhoun
  • Ryan Kotek
  • Thomas Marts
  • Anna Lloid
  • Julio Contreras
  • Jordan Walters
  • Sara Ajeti
  • Austin Payne
  • Rowdy Keller
  • Colin Fenello
  • Luke Henrie
  • Ellie Kobialka
  • Taylor Caldwell
  • Katie Sheftic
  • Chelsea Wilson
  • Griffin Wells

Faculty Advisors: Professor Benjamin Cover

Statement of Purpose:

The Idaho Law Review is a publication devoted to the scholarly discussion of current legal problems. All selection, editing, and publishing is performed by the students that make up the Law Review staff. Academics, jurists, practitioners, and students use the review as a research tool and as a medium for publishing articles which discuss, analyze, comment, or critique various legal issues.

Other Student Organizations

  • President (Moscow): Kenneth Epps
  • Vice President (Moscow): Pat Tucker
  • Treasurer (Moscow): Trey Trusty

Faculty Advisor: Professor Rich Seamon

Mission Statement:

Advocacy for Disability Justice is a student organization at the University of Idaho, College of Law. The goal of our club is to work together, in the promotion of diversity and alongside law students with disabilities, allies, and those sharing interest in disability advocacy, in order to enable greater access and awareness for all.

We plan to accomplish this by:

  • Providing institutional and social support to disabled law students.
  • Creating opportunities to raise awareness among the students on topics in disability law and policy.
  • Work with faculty and alumni to create professional mentorship networks.

Executive Board

President: Taylor Ann Skramstad
Vice-President (Moscow): Hannah Kimball
Vice-President (Boise): Tylor Hull
Secretary: Rowdy Keller
Treasurer: Jean Schroeder

Advisor: Professor Richard Seamon

Mission Statement

The Idaho Agricultural Law Society is comprised of aspiring legal professionals who seek to encourage discussion about agriculture issues, create and sustain a network of agricultural professionals, and educate the public on the importance of agriculture.

President: Dayton Uttinger
Vice President: Abby Wheeless
Secretary: Colin Fenello
Treasurer: Sean Falconer

Advisor: Professor Aliza Cover

Statement of Purpose

To educate and inform both students and the community on important civil rights issues and provide necessary services to the community.

Executive Board

  • Co-President: Hunter Harrington
  • Co-President: Mallory Mae
  • Vice President: Isabell Rupe
  • Treasurer: Kristin Henrich

Faculty Advisor: Professor Stephen Miller

Statement of Purpose:
The American Constitution Society (“ACS”) is a 501(c)(3) non-profit educational organization. We believe that the Constitution is “of the people, by the people, and for the people” and interpret the document based on its text and against the backdrop of history and lived experience. Through a diverse nationwide network of progressive lawyers, law students, judges, scholars and many others, we work to uphold the Constitution in the 21st Century by ensuring that law is a force for protecting our democracy and the public interest and for improving people’s lives.

President: Jahkari Aujla-Singh and Davon Williams-Garrett
Vice President: Kiana Mathews
Treasurer: Lashawn Jameison
Secretary: Glenn Edwards

Faculty Advisor: Neoshia Roemer

President: Jacob Matt
Vice President: Tanner Foster
Treasurer: Linda Halsey

Faculty Advisor: John Hinton

Statement of Purpose

Creating and promoting professional opportunities for University of Idaho College of Law students through networking and education.

President: Austin Payne
Vice President (Moscow): John Hoffman
Vise President (Boise): Shawn Kelley
Secretary: Maryann Witt
Treasurer: Suzie Jaderholm
Moscow Class Representative: Jeremy Reagan
Boise Class Representative: 
Emily Garcia

Faculty Advisor: Aliza Cover

Statement of Purpose

Criminal Law Society (CLS) is an organization designed to foster awareness and participation in criminal law within the College of Law. CLS is committed to educate law students about controversial issues arising in criminal law, while offering programs to aid future legal professionals in practice. CLS welcomes all law students that are interested in criminal law to participate in activities and events.

Executive Board

President: Sara Ajeti
Vice President: Katherine Loos
Secretary: Josh Miller
Treasurer: Will Boinest

Faculty Advisors: Jason Dominguez

Statement of Purpose

ELS is committed to increasing awareness and participation in environmental issues; influencing public policy, law, and jurisprudence; providing opportunities for environmental advocacy; improving the environmental policies at the University of Idaho; and promoting environmental careers and practices.

Board Members

President: pending elections
Vice President: pending elections 
Secretary: pending elections
Treasurer: pending elections

Faculty Advisor: Katie Ball

Statement of Purpose:

The Federal Bar Association is large enough to have an impact on the federal legal profession, but small enough to provide opportunities for networking and leadership. The Student Division in Idaho connects students with local federal practitioners and access to various FBA legal seminars. Students joining the national Law Student Division have access to a Legal Career Center and other national and local events.

President: Bethany Morrison
Vice President: Bruce Ronek
Regional Director: Alex Dmitrich
Public Relations Director: Jacob Matt
Boise Student Outreach Coordinator: Shawn Kelly

Faculty Advisor: Professor Richard Seamon

Statement of purpose

The Federalist Society for Law and Public Policy Studies is an organization of conservatives and libertarians interested in the current state of the legal order. It is founded on the principles that: The state exists to preserve freedom; the separation of governmental powers is central to our Constitution; and it is emphatically the province and duty of the Judiciary to say what the law is, not what it should be.

President: James Wellcome
Vice President: Morgan Swegles
Secretary: Kahler Kirk
Treasurer: Austin Trapp

Faculty Advisor: Pending

Statement of Purpose

Our club is dedicated to maintaining a healthy and fulfilling lifestyle while in law school. This is done primarily through: hiking, golfing, volleyball, trail running, skiing/snowboarding, biking, etc. There IS more to life than reading law books, come join us!

President: Luke Nickodemus
Vice President (Boise): Jean Schroeder
Vice President (Moscow): Jefferson Douglas
Secretary: Ryan Spencer
Treasurer: Sean Falconer
Boise 1 L Representative: Luke Dominiak
Moscow 1L Representative: currently unfilled

Faculty Advisor: Professor Katie Ball

Statement of Purpose

The Idaho Golf Club (IGC) is a student organization designed to foster networking relationships through golf between students at the University of Idaho College of Law and the Idaho area legal community. We organize events at driving ranges and golf courses throughout the school year where students can connect with members of our law school and legal community. Our events will focus on identifying and developing ethical and professional values, as well as providing golf experiences.

President: Taylor Caldwell
Vice President: Austin Payne
Secretary: Pending elections
Treasurer: Alex Silvera
Student Engagement Coordinator: Pending elections

Faculty Advisor: Professor John Rumel

Statement of Purpose

ITLA's primary purpose is a dedication to the improvement of justice through representation of citizens in the courtroom. ITLA also promotes relationships between law students and practicing attorneys through shadow programs, ITLA conferences in Boise, Sun Valley, and Jackpot, Nevada, and through discussions and presentations at the law school.

President: Steven Littlefield
Vice President: Austin King
Secretary: Kahler Kirk
Treasurer: Chris Kmoch
2L Representative: Cameron Francis

Faculty Advisor: Tim Murphy

Statement of Purpose

It shall be the purpose of this organization to:

  1. As an organization of law students, current military members and veterans, we will strive to continue to set the highest standards of professionalism and performance in our chosen career paths.
  2. Establish a strong network amongst current and future law students as well as legal professionals who served and those that support the United States Armed Forces.
  3. Focus on the exchange of information regarding military/veterans issues; establishing a different perspective and providing a forum for substantive military law and national security law conversations at Idaho Law.
  4. Through our networks create employment opportunities for all members.

President: Skylar Schossberger
Vice President: Rosa Aljaberi
Treasurer: Jordan Walters

Faculty Advisor: Tim Murphy

Statement of Purpose

  • Provide a forum for individuals who are interested in learning about Intellectual Property.
  • Create and foster a relationship between the IP Section of the Idaho State Bar and the students at the University of Idaho College of Law.
  • Establish a mentor program, in conjunction with the IP Section, for students interested in working in the field of IP Law.

President: Randy Everett
Vice President (Moscow): Rebecca Funke 
Vice President (Boise): Shawn Kelly 
Secretary: Cameron Francis
Treasurer: Suzie Jaderholm

Faculty Advisor: Professor Sam Newton

Statement of Purpose

We affirm the strength brought to the study of law by a law student’s personal religious conviction. We strive through public service and diligence in our studies to promote fairness and virtue founded upon the rule of law. Membership is open to all current law students of any faith, who follow the example of J. Reuben Clark Jr. and share the values of public service, loyalty to the rule of law, and appreciation for the religious dimension in society and the student’s personal life.

Moscow President: Alejandra Cabrales
Moscow Vice President: April Fitzgerald
Moscow Secretary: Lizette Gomez
Boise President: Marciella Sanford
Boise Vice President: Rosa Levay
Boise Secretary: Cruz Castillo
Treasurer: Natalie Fontes

Advisor: Professor Geoff Heeran

Statement of Purpose

The Latino Law Caucus is an organization dedicated to working in conjunction with service providers, including the College of Law’s Legal Aid Clinic, to prepare future attorneys to better represent the Latino and Hispanic communities.

President of Negotiation: pending elections
Vice President of Negotiation: pending elections
President of Mediation: pending elections
Vice President of Mediation: pending elections
Secretary: pending elections
Treasurer: pending elections

Advisor (Moscow): Professor Jessica Long
Advisor (Boise): Professor John Rumel

Statement of Purpose

LSADR's purpose is to provide U of I's law students with an opportunity to learn and experience the wide range of conflict resolution techniques encompassed in the ADR continuum.

Governing Council

Chairperson: Celeste Gilman
Vice Chairperson: Caleb Wofford
Secretary: Austin Jimmicum
Treasurer: Erin Ramsey
Social Director: Austin Durglo

Faculty Advisor: Professor Dylan Hedden-Nicely 

Statement of Purpose

We, the Students of the University of Idaho College of Law, acknowledge the need to assume a proactive role in the development of the Native American Legal Community, articulate and promote the needs of Native Law Students and Law students interested in Native American Law, increase the degree of professionalism among Native attorneys and all attorneys in the field, encourage and prepare Native Secondary and Collegiate students for higher education, and increase the awareness of and a commitment to the needs of the Native Community as a whole, and do hereby establish the Constitution of the University of Idaho College of Law Native American Law Students Association.

Find NALSA on Facebook.

Student Contacts:

President: Megan Harrigfeld
Vice-President: Dayton Uttinger
Secretary: Rosa Leyva

Faculty Advisor: Professor Benjamin Cover

Mission Statement:

The National Lawyers Guild is an association dedicated to the need for basic change in the structure of our political and economic system. We seek to unite lawyers, law students, legal workers, and jailhouse lawyers of America in an organization that shall function as an effective political and social force in the service of the people, to the end that human rights shall be regarded as more sacred than property interests. Our aim is to bring together all those who regard adjustments to new conditions as more important than the veneration of precedent; who recognize the importance of safeguarding and extending the rights of workers, women, farmers, marginalized people and minority groups whose labor we respect; who seek actively to eliminate racism; who work to maintain and protect our civil rights and liberties in the face of persistent attacks upon them; and who look upon the law as an instrument for the protection of the people, rather than for their repression.

President: Alyson Blair
Secretary: Ashley Peterson
Treasurer: Rebecca Jensen
Advising Officer: Nash Prasad

Faculty Advisor: Professor Sam Newton

Statement of Purpose

OutLaw is an organization open to all students who are interested in extending civil rights to all people. OutLaw serves as a support group for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer, and otherwise identifying (LGBTQ+) law students, in addition to law students who have family and friends in the LGBTQ+ community. Our main goals are to (1) educate our school and community about LGBTQ+ issues, and (2) to participate in legal issues that affect the LGBTQ+ community in Idaho. Furthermore, we provide information and networking opportunities to LGBTQ+ law students in order to increase educational and career opportunities. Through these goals and opportunities we hope to promote understanding and acceptance among all.

President: Amanda Gipe
Vice-President: Malina Walkush 
Secretary: Becky Chisum
Treasurer: Austin Durglo
Marshall: Kenny Mischel

Faculty Advisor: Dylan Hedden-Nicely

Statement of Purpose

Phi Alpha Delta (PAD) is the world's largest professional legal fraternity serving law students, legal educators, and members of the Bench and Bar. As a local organization, the chapter focuses on service to the profession and the community by hosting networking events with alumni and by doing community service. As an international organization, the chapter sends several students to international and district conferences throughout the school year which are paid by the fraternity. These gatherings impart unique opportunities to interact with other ΦΑΔ members, including present-day attorneys and justices, which are invaluable in securing future professional legal contacts to aspiring law students.

Not Active in 2022-2023

PALA Mission statement

Pan-Asian Law Affairs (PALA) is committed to addressing current cutting-edge legal developments in Asia. PALA seeks to provide a forum where scholars and students may learn and discuss the development of legal affairs within the region.  To this end we work in partnership with our communities to host a variety event within University of Idaho legal community in an effort to inform our peers and colleagues about recent developments in the regional jurisprudence.

President: Caleb Calhoun
Treasurer: Benjamin Harrington

Faculty Advisor: Professor Stephen Miller

Statement of Purpose:

This organization seeks to provide students with an opportunity to learn more about the practice of law in the Real Estate and Land Use areas. The club is committed to helping students make connections with land use attorneys, real estate professionals, and other interested students to better prepare them for their practice.

Boise Executive Board

President: Rosa Leyva
Vice-President/Treasurer: Quindaro Frieder
Secretary: Emily Pillman
Events Coordinator: MaryAnn Witt
3L Representative:  Laegan Myers
2L Representative: Colleen Sullivan
1L Representative: Faustine Moulton

Moscow Executive Board

President: Cynthia Boakye-Yiadom
Vice President: Pat Tucker
Secretary: Hannah Liddiard
Treasurer: Megan Nutley
Event Coordinator: Liz Simpson

Advisors (Boise): Wendy Couture and Katie Ball
Advisors (Moscow): Pending

Statement of Purpose

Promote an atmosphere of equality among all law students; Raise awareness of the legal issues impacting women; Promote networking opportunities among our members, the faculty and staff, and the legal community at large; Provide acts of service for the community; Outreach to underrepresented groups in the law; Encourage the development, recognition, and discussion of women's contributions to the legal field.

Our annual events include: Substantive presentations by WLC members, practitioners, and scholars on issues of law impacting women practicing law and how the law impacts women’s interests in the community; Sexual Violence Awareness Month presentations; Social service and scholarship/stipend fundraisers; Meet-and-Greet networking event.

College of Law

Physical Address:
Menard 101
711 S. Rayburn Drive

Mailing Address:
College of Law
University of Idaho
875 Perimeter Drive MS 2321
Moscow, ID 83844-2321

Main Office: 208-885-2255
Admissions: 208-885-2300
Legal Clinic: 208-885-6541
Office of the Dean: 208-364-4620

Fax: 208-885-5709


Physical Address:
501 W Front St,
Boise, ID 83702

Mailing Address:
501 W Front St,
Boise, ID 83702

Phone: 208-364-4560

Fax: 208-334-2176