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Current Students

The Career Development Office (CDO) counsels students and alumni. We evaluate your goals and help navigate your job searches by offering one-on-one counseling, resources and programs on career paths, and access to employers and alumni through our on-campus recruiting events and alumni network.

To assist in our counseling, we utilize an online scheduling system called Idaho Law Careers. Additionally, students will use this system to apply for job postings, externships, logging pro bono hours, and more.

Individual Counseling and Assistance

Counseling can cover many employment topics including “How to Network” and “How to Interview.” We offer career guidance topics including “What classes should I take,” and “What type of law should I practice.”

All students can schedule an appointment for individualized counseling on Idaho Law Careers.

Articles and Advice

For quick reference, Idaho Law Careers also contains a document library with numerous articles, including those with advice for job seekers.

Experienced Professionals

Each of our counselors has a J.D. and substantial practical experience that we will use to assist our students in being prepared as they determine the path they will take toward their careers.

Preparing for Employment

We encourage each student to meet at least once a semester with a counselor to ensure they are well prepared for using their J.D. post graduation. Below is a timeline suggestion for how students can handle their career search activities during the first year of law school.

As students enter their second and third years, timelines become more customized to the student. You will work with your counselors on yours during your first year.

Summer Before Law School

  • Meet with lawyers who are friends or family members and seek their advice: find out about what kind of law they practice, what they enjoy (and don’t enjoy) about their work, and why they chose to pursue a career in the law.
  • Read general information on legal careers.
  • Pursue an interesting summer job or project. You need not spend the summer working at a job related to the law, or even work this summer. However, it would be great to do something interesting and enjoyable: travel, community service, or an internship.
  • RELAX – The first semester of the 1L year is very challenging. You should try to go into the fall well-rested.

Fall 1L Year

  • Focus on your course work for the first couple of months, and make sure to keep up with assigned readings.
  • Attend programming featuring practicing attorneys to learn about different career paths.
  • Attend the CDO orientation program in October.
  • In late October, make an appointment to have your resume reviewed and discuss your career goals with a CDO counselor.
  • In December, you can begin to send out resumes and cover letters to employers. The College of Law is a member of the National Association of Legal Career Professionals (NALP). NALP restricts students and employer members from contacting each other before December 1, in order to allow students to focus on their course work.

Winter/Spring 1L Year

  • Continue to send out cover letters and resumes to potential employers using CDO job postings and other resources.
  • Conduct any call-back interviews resulting from cover letters you mailed out in December and on-campus interviewing. CDO counselors are available to help you prepare for interviews.
  • Continue to learn more about the legal profession by attending career programs on practice areas.

3Ls Advice on Career Development

College of Law

Physical Address:
Menard 123

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