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Web: College of Law

Physical Address:
Menard 101
711 S. Rayburn Drive

Mailing Address:
College of Law
University of Idaho
875 Perimeter Drive MS 2321
Moscow, ID 83844-2321

Phone: (208) 885-2255

Fax: (208) 885-5709


Physical Address:
514 W Jefferson Street
Boise, ID 83702

Mailing Address:
College of Law
University of Idaho
P.O. Box 83720-0051
Boise, ID 83720-0051

Phone: (208) 364-4560

Fax: (208) 334-2176


Donor Roll

Lifetime Gifts of $1,000,000 or more

Laura Moore Cunningham Foundation, Inc.
Burton F. † ’29 ’33 and Dee H. † Ellis
L. Weldon Schimke † ’31

Lifetime Gifts of $100,000-$999,999

Ahrens De Angeli Law Group
Edward D. ’68 ’71 and Teri L. Ahrens
Bernice Bacharach †
John Albert Jr. ’80 and Christine B. Bailey
Sherman J. Bellwood † ’38
Hamer H. † ’36 and Jeanne K. Budge
Donald L. Jr. and Karen Trujillo ’09 Burnett
John A. ’66 and Cyndee C. Church
Fred† and Dorothy Dyott † Clagett
John Ford ’78 and Jean M. ’78 Elsaesser
William E. Folz †
Jeker Family Trust
Muriel H. Kirk †
William H. † ’21 HON ’79 and Gladys † Langroise
Marcus W. ’74 and Eva Nye
Estate of Kathryn Daly Ramseyer Trust † ’38
Racine Olson Nye Budge and Bailey Chtd
James E. † HON ’04 and Beverly B. Rogers
John A. ’59 ’64 and Karen R. ’64 Rosholt
Harriet A. † ’54 and Frank A. ’54 HON ’92 Shrontz
Jean A. Sullivan †
Bonita R. Wallis † ’34
J. A. Wedum Foundation / Gary D. Slette ’84
James E. ’70 ’73 and Kathryn A. ’73 Whistler

Lifetime Gifts $50,000 or more

Walter H. ’65 ’68 and Sherry B. ’65 Bithell
Randall C. ’76 and Rebecca Budge
Coeur d’Alene Mines Corporation
James M. ’66 ’73 and Gail D. ’66 English
Donald J. ’70 ’73 and Geridee Farley
J. Dennis ’60 ’62 and Michael Beglan ’60 Faucher
Anna N. Graham
Richard E. ’66 and Tonya A. ’68 Hall
Clarence J. Hamilton † ’48
Holland and Hart, LLP
Holden Kidwell Hahn and Crapo PLLC
Idaho Coalition Against Sexual and Domestic Violence
Idaho Law Foundation, Inc.
State of Idaho Supreme Court
J. Bruce Kennedy
Michael E. ’60 ’63 and Kathryn M. McNichols
Diane K. Manweiler ’56
Hon. Kathryn A. Mautz ’52
Nancy Marie Morris ’83
William D. Olson
Myron Schreck / The Schreck Family Foundation
June V. Simmons †
Jody and Eugene C. † HON ’86 Thomas
Hon. Linda J. Copple Trout ’73 ’77
Lucinda Weiss ’73
Dennis E. ’66 ’67 and Jacqueline R. Wheeler
Gordon Lee Williamson † ’02 and Helen H. Copple-Williamson

Individuals ($20,000 and more) & Organizations ($50,000 and more)

Edward D. ’68 ’71 and Teri L. Ahrens
Karen Trujillo ’09 and Donald L., Jr. Burnett
Tore Ann Beal-Gwartney ’93 and J. Mike Gwartney ’63
Jeker Family Trust
Kathryn Daly Ramseyer † ’38
Frank A. Shrontz '54 HON ’92
Hon. Linda J. Copple Trout ’73 ’77
James E. ’70 ’73 and Kathryn A. ’73 Whistler

Individuals ($10,000-$19,999) & Organizations ($20,000-$49,999)

John Albert, Jr. ’80 and Christine B. Bailey
Dwight E. ’71 and Ali T. Baker
Walter H. ’65 ’68 and Sherry B. ’65 Bithell
Robert P. ’62 ’64 and Marjorie C. ’63 Brown
Randall C. ’76 and Rebecca Budge
John Ford ’78 and Jean M.’78 Elsaesser
State of Idaho Supreme Court
Marcus W. ’74 and Eva Nye
William D. Olson
John A. ’59 ’64 and Karen R. ’64 Rosholt

Individuals ($5,000-$9,999) & Organizations ($5,000-$19,999)

American International Group, Inc. Bevis, Thiry & Schindele, PA
James A. ’74 and Dianne Bevis
Clark & Feeney, LLP
Cooper & Larsen, Chartered
Robert E. ’66 ’69 and Annette D. Farnam
David D. ’69 ’72 and Anne Moree ’69 Goss
Holden Kidwell Hahn & Crapo, PLLC
Holland & Hart, LLP
Charles A. ’74 and Marci S. ’74 Homer
Michael E. ’60 ’63 and Kathryn M. McNichols
Angela Rose Morgan ’97 ’01
William H. and Donna H. Parks
Shan B. Perry ’93
Racine Olson Nye Budge & Bailey, Chtd.
Jennifer May ’00 ’03 and Thomas Michael Schindele
Krista Dawn Thiry ’97 ’00
Marie T. ’87 and Robert B. Jr. Tyler
J. A. Wedum Foundation / Gary D. Slette ’84


Paul T. Clark ’70
Coeur d'Alene Tribe
Meghan Sullivan ’04 and Gregg Thomas Conrad
Gary L. Cooper ’72 ’75
James Christopher ’82 and Hon. Candy W. ’82 Dale
M. Francine Dingel ’60
Fidelity Charitable Gift Fund
Jack S. Gjording ’61 ’66 and Trudy Hanson Fouser ’81
Idaho Law Foundation, Inc.
Idaho State Bar Real Property Section
Reed W. Larsen ’85
Diane K. Manweiler ’56
Morsel Charity Fund
Hon. Jim D. ’77 and Julie J. Pappas
Kimberly S. ’10 and Michael Augustus Satz
James Walter Sinclair ’78 and Kristin M Hoff Sinclair
Matthew Kerry Wilde ’94 and Amanda K. Brailsford ’89 ’93


Ada County Board of Commissioners
J. Kelley ’61 and Diane J. Arnold
Laura MacGregor Bettis ’03 and Ben Rydalch
Boise State University Foundation, Inc.
Patricia Ann Cervenka ’83
Merlyn W. ’64 and Sandy Clark
Curtis Brent Coulter ’87
Theodore O. Jr. ’70 ’73 and Marsha C. ’73 Creason
Dennis M. Davis ’73 ’77 and Kathryn Marie Canfield-Davis ’87
Scott Paul Ennis
Mary Rita Giannini ’84 and Arthur A. Harlow
Pamela Leslie Jacklin ’78 and Leonard Girard
Raymond C. Givens ’68 ’74
Gjording & Fouser, PLLC
Jerry J. ’72 ’76 and Judithe K. Goicoechea
Karen Elaine ’81 ’84  and Kimbal L. ’81 ’84 Gowland
Matthew Jonathan ’87 and Elizabeth C. Hedlund
Clinton J. ’55 ’72 and Joann H. ’71 ’73 Henderson
Hon. Jim C. ’63 ’66 and Tommye Herndon
Idaho Association of Defense Counsel
Idaho State Bar Commercial Law and Bankruptcy Section
Dennis Lane ’79 and Kathryn A. ’81 Johnson
J. Frederick ’69 ’72 and Mona Lynn ’83 Mack
James Chris ’76 ’79 and Cherie W. Meservy
James Alan ’78 and Margaret A. Miller
Briane Nelson Mitchell ’78
CJ Montgomery ’03
Barbara J. Mosman
Gary Lance Nalder ’85
Philip A. Peterson ’69 ’79
Jessica Elizabeth Pollack ’07 ’07 ’11
Jesse Carl Trentadue ’75 and Rita Therese Reusch ’75
Anthony J. Riposta Esq. ’79
Riposta, Lawyers, LLC
The Schwab Charitable Fund
Hon. N. Randy and La Dean E. Smith
Robert W. ’73 and Myrna Anne ’74 Stahman
John Robert ’82 and Laurie Kirsten Elgee ’91 Stegner
John Michael ’81 ’84 and Donna L. Stellmon
Bradley Jay ’80 ’83 and Catrin Elizabeth ’93 Stoddard
Stoel Rives, LLP
Hon. Lonny R. ’68 and Marcia A. Suko
Blaine Thomas ’90 and Kellie L. Connaughton
Thomsen Holman Wheiler, PLLC
United Heritage Fund in the Idaho Community Foundation
Paul Larry ’66 ’68 and Mary C. Westberg
David E. ’72 ’76 and Susan B. ’72 Wishney
Yost Law, PLLC
William F. Yost III, ’69


Eugene and Joan Agee
Gregory Allen ’94 and Cindi J. Byron
John R. ’57 and Marjory † Coleman
Michael Douglas Currin ’84 and Mardi L. Salisbury Currin
Duchess Emerson
Donald J. ’70 ’73 and Geridee Farley
Patrick Dennis Furey ’76 ’79
Goicoechea Law Offices
John J. Hasko
Hawley Troxell Ennis & Hawley, LLP
Connie Louise Henderson ’93
Henderson Law Firm, PLLC
Thomas Bernard ’79 and Patty High
Jeffrey G. ’74 and Susan L. Howe
Kenneth Charles Howell ’85
Jeremiah Matthew Hudson
Danielle Jo ’01 ’04 and Morgan Lee ’00 ’04 Hunsaker
Idaho State Bar Young Lawyers Section
Ron ’72 ’75 and Kathy ’71 Kerl
Franklin George Lee ’94 ’99
John Thomas Schroeder ’81 and Mary Margaret Lezamiz ’82
Lynn Michael ’80 and Helen D. Luker
Albert ’80 ’85 and Susan ’80 ’80 ’80 Matsuura
William V., Jr. ’66 ’69 and Lori Ann ’01 McCann
Joseph D., Jr. ’67 and Carolyn M. McCollum
John C. ’84 ’87 and Julie McCreedy
Hon. Peter D. ’68 and Sandra R. McDermott
Richard L. McFadden ’51
Louise F. Miller ’83
The Miller Foundation, Inc.
Katherine Lucile ’91 and Thomas P. Moriarty
Don Floyd Pickett ’85
Brad Preston ’83 ’83 ’86 and Sharon Louise ’83 ’86 Miller
Herbert W. Rettig ’57
Stephen C. ’75 and Julie Roberts Rice
Rita LuCean Ricks ’85
Lee Philip Ritzau ’95
Ann Ryan
Sheila Rae ’91 ’94 and Paul Lawrence ’90 Schwager
Richard Glenn ’74 ’75 and Tonia A. Smith
Dale Thomas Wagner ’89
Law Office of Dale Wagner, PS
Lucinda Weiss ’73
Craig Marvin Young ’96


Leon ’93 and Suzanne M. ’93 ’94 Aberasturi
Terry Lynn Anderson ’81 ’84
Richard John Armstrong ’96
Belodoff Law Office
Howard Aye Belodoff ’78
Blaser & Oleson, Chartered
Elizabeth B. and Thomas Raymond ’14 Brandt
Cathrynn Novich ’85 and Michael R. Brown
Cecilia Marie Clynch ’83 and James David Albert
Barbara Anne Cosens
Hon.Barbara Ann Buchanan ’80 ’83 and Richard S. Dalessio ’06 ’79 ’93
Richard F. DeJean ’63
Lee B. Dillion
Eberharter-Maki & Tappen, PA
Robin Margaret ’86 and Martin Andrew ’91 ’98 Eckmann
Darrel R. ’72 and G. Charlene Ellis
Bill F. Gigray, III ’69 ’72
William C. ’73 and Peggy Lee ’00 ’01 Hamlett
James T. Hopkins ’74
Idaho Womens Charitable Foundation
Idaho State Bar Alternative Dispute Resolution Section
Intermountain Machine & Fab, Inc.
Earnest Dale Johnson ’79
Rory Rolland ’79 ’82 and Lisa Jane ’79 ’83 Jones
Mary Gin Kennedy ’71 ’01
Maureen E. Laflin
Karen L. Lansing ’72
Law Office of Ian Wheeles
Nancy Connell Luebbert ’98 and James G. Wallis
A. Kent ’75 and Tyana ’75 Lyons
Tim ’84 ’87 and Charlotte ’89 Malarchick
Lori Mann ’85
Mark Howard Manweiler ’83
Deborah ’80 ’91 and Daniel Brodie ’80 McIntosh
Michael R. McMahon ’74
Albert R., III and Anne D. Menard
Jeffrey Joseph Messerich ’88
Patrick Eugene ’75 and Renee B. Miller
Beth D. W. ’03  and Abilio Barbosa ’03 ’08 Monteiro
Stephen Floyd Noel ’97
Justin Blaser Oleson ’97 ’01 ’01
Terri R. Pickens ’98
Sasser Law Office, PLLC
Michael Anthony Sasser ’99
Roy and Debbie A. Schumacher
Hon. John R. ’68 and Sherilyn Sellman
Marilyn T. Shuler  HON ’00
C. Diane Shults
David Earl Spurling ’84 and Margaret R. Frole-Spurling
Clive J. Strong ’74 ’78
Jordan Eriksen Taylor ’09
Mark Patrick ’94 ’97 and Kari Michelle ’93 ’93 ’97 ’97 Thomas
Charles Melvin Watkins ’90
Ian Wheeles ’07
Law Office of Ian Wheeles


Stephen Carr ’68 and Linda Dale Anderson
Anthony Christopher ’82 and Mary Kay Anegon
Robert and Cynthia Anson
Christopher Steven ’00 ’04 and Kristen A. ’05 Atwood
Dave Keith Bagley, II ’05
Hon. Robert E. ’54 ’56 and Lurlene Bakes
Katherine Cecilia ’02 and James Keith, Jr. ’96 Ball
Michael L. ’73 ’76 and Christine M. Bayless
Caryn Lee Beck-Dudley ’83 and Lynn M. Dudley
Mark A. ’74 and Laurie L. Beebe
Kevin Curtis Belew ’00
John H. ’54 and Marilyn Pond ’66 Bengtson
Joel Don Berrett ’80
The Boeing Company
Hon. Henry R. ’72 ’75 and Debbie Boomer
Thomas H. ’72 ’75 and Patricia M. Borresen
Joseph Walden ’96 and Sharon Elizabeth ’94 ’10 Borton
Christy Lynne Brandon ’98
Brandon Law Firm, PLLC
Laura Burri Brown ’86
Ross Andrew Brown ’08
Barry Ben Butler, Sr. ’90
Blaine S. ’57 and Barbara Butler
David R. and Linda K. Calhoon
George David and Jean Carey
Eric Robert Clark ’92
David A. ’97 and Michele G. Coleman
Hon. Linda Jean Cook ’73
Charles Henry ’75 ’78 and Lori L. Creason
John Dearing
Dennis M. McLaughlin & Associates, P.S.
James Kenneth ’77 ’81 and Tammy Hall Dickinson
Linda J. ’80 and Terry Dunn
David E. ’74 and Kay E. Duskin
Anna Elizabeth ’07 and Donald R., Jr. ’08 ’13 Eberlin
Frank Alwin Edgar, Jr. ’92 and Ann D. Darden Edgar
Robert Norman ’78 and Becky Edwards
Christine Pelky Ellis ’81
Harold W. Felsted ’66
Gregory Niel Ferbrache ’04
Susan Fisher Stevens ’82
Bradly Scott ’79 and Margene K. Ford
James A. ’85 and Chandra Zenner ’88 ’95 Ford
Martha L. Frost
Lance Ludwig Fuisting ’07
Michael S. Gilmore ’74
Larry L. Goins ’74 ’78
Alan C. ’81 and Peggy Goodman
Bill T. ’80 and Cathy A. Graham
Val D. ’74 and Margaret T. Greenwood
Mark James Guerry ’90 and Lisa Marie Achurra-Guerry
Henry Carroll Hannah ’96
Quentin F. ’67 ’72 and Katheryn A. Harden
Roseanne Rene Hardin ’69 ’84
Ronald Merlin ’76 and Kathleen J. Hart
H. Craig ’87 and Anita Kay Haukaas
Emmanuel Paul Heriard
Wendell A. ’55 and Avonne Higgins
Michael Howard ’76 and Margaret B. ’86 Hinman
Ricky L. ’74 ’79 and Cindy Olin ’77 Hoffman
Hon. Joel David Horton ’85 and Hon. Carolyn Marie Minder ’85
Daniel Everett ’90 and Linda O. Huffman
Billy Brian Isley ’75
Joseph H. ’00 and Deanna Jardine
Lance Eric ’04 and Jennifer ’04 Joanis
Thomas Joseph Jones, IV
Hon. William Michael Killen ’76
Barton L. ’73 and Linda J. Kline
Frank Paul Kotyk ’80
Jack D. ’71 ’78 and Diane R. Leaverton
Lamont C. Loo ’95
Keith David Luther ’84
Christopher F. MacKenzie ’93
Patrick Eugene ’95 and Jennifer Susan ’95 Mahoney
James Len Martin ’90
Diane Lynn ’89 and Robert H. McDaniel
Pat R. ’79 ’85 and Cathleen Diane ’86 McFadden
Ben Patrick McGreevy ’11
Scott Duncan McGregor ’82
William Richard ’82 and Joanne Smith McKey
Brenda McKinney
Michael David ’88 ’91 and Lisa G. McKinney
Dennis M. ’67 and Pamela J. McLaughlin
John Tappan ’82 and Lois A. Menard
Nelson Alberto Mendez ’95
Law Offices of Nelson Mendez
Manderson L. Miles ’72
Elizabeth Miller ’67 ’72
Peggi Moxley ’89
Leslie Glenn ’68 ’84 and Joyce M. Murray
Hon. Robert Calvin ’90 and Rhonda Jean ’91 Naftz
M. Neal Newhouse ’61
Gayne Sumotsu ’02 and Tanya Thanaporn Nitta
Barbara Lynn Olsen ’95
Owen H. Orndorff
Tony Park ’58 ’63
Zurlinden L., Jr. ’57 and Elizabeth A. ’57 Pearson
Judy Peavey-Derr
J. Clinton ’51 and Patricia ’51 Peterson
Steven Dean ’86 and Jo Ann ’86 ’96 Peterson
Pickens Law, PA
Seth Craig Platts ’93 ’96 and Heather Marie States-Platts ’96
Charles H. ’59 ’62 and Connie L. Powers
John Burdette ’76 and Kathy Pratt
Bradley Roberts ’01 ’02 ’06 and Jena N. ’02 Rice
Ray W. Rigby ’48 ’50
Maxine L. Rowett ’59
Ruchti & Beck Law Offices
Brian Keith ’93 and Melanie Elizabeth ’93 Sanderson
Frank Scott Scheibner ’75
Martin Robert ’83 and Beth Ann Schwarz
Seth Platts Law Offices, Chtd.
Bradley S. Shannon
Nels Don ’85 and Andrea Marie ’85 Solberg
Scott Dwight ’90 and Laure L. Spears
Larry J. ’65 ’75 and Rita T. ’68 Strom
H. Roger ’53 ’56 and Yvonne C. Swanstrom
Kathryn Toffenetti ’85
Anthony and Lucretia Jane Trevino
Keith Melvin ’77 and Jan Bean Walker
Hon. Jesse R. ’61 ’63 and Harriet Walters
Matthew Lloyd ’02 and Maria Angelyne ’01 Walters
Ellwood V. Werry ’51 ’62
Dorothy L. Wiley ’80
W. Allen Willis ’62 ’64
Peter T. and Suzanne Wyckoff
Patricia Gay Young ’78
Hon. Robert L. Zagelow ’71

(up to $100)

Albert A. Anderson, III ’64
Gerald, Jr. and Rosemary Ash
Richard Hadden Bend ’76
Brent Michael ’84 and Rebecca Sue ’85 Bloom
Paul Bottari
F. Michael, Jr. ’80 and Sharon Lynne Burkett
Susan Elizabeth Buxton ’89 and Grant R. Walden
Joan Elizabeth Callahan ’13
P. Kent ’58 ’60 and Patricia H. Church
Jennifer Elizabeth Currin ’08
Eva Lou ’86 and E. Boyd Diebel
Jeff Dodge
Shelley J. Eisele ’80
Andrew Ellis ’01
Donald L. ’74 and Diane English
First Data Corporation
Donna J. Fitzgerald ’52 ’56
Patrick J. Geile ’04 and Teresa Kay Jones ’03
Hon. Hilmer Reynold George † ’51
John F. Greenfield ’73
Kevin Alan Griffiths ’09
Michele Ann Grimmett ’90 ’93
Jenny Crane ’00 and James William Grunke
Brady James Hall ’00 ’00 ’00 ’04 and Julianne Elizabeth Slayton Hall ’04
Andrew M. Harrington ’59
Kelvin Patrick Hartwell-Beal ’96 ’98
Mandy Marie ’99 ’03 and Kirk Bradley ’99 Hessing
Don, II ’85 and Eileen Howell
Moira Adair Ingle ’10 ’10
James Elliott Johnson ’01
Jill L. Johnson
Brett Best ’06 ’09 and Erika Lynn ’05 ’05 ’09 Judd
James F. Kile ’73
S. A. ’63 and Donna A. Kolman
Monte Max ’82 and Dawna Kramer
Timothy Charles Krsul ’94 and Shannon M. Zetah
Michael W. Lojek ’97
Iver J. Longeteig, III ’62 ’65
Kim Bayly Loveland ’81
Tanya Marie Madison Cunningham ’92 ’93 ’96 and Chris Cunningham
Henry Darrell Madsen ’87 ’91
Derek H. ’01 and Michelle Maughan
Thomas James McCabe ’80 and Susan Kay Chaloupka ’78
Kristopher Dean ’06 and Donalee Meek
Dean M. Mortimer
Jeff ’90 and Mary ’02 ’02 Neumeyer
Boyd I. ’75 and Leta Nisson
William Lawrence ’60 and June Nungester
Vernon Edward Peltz ’91
Hon. Michael John ’85 and Jill M. Reardon
Larry M. Rebich and Josephine Totorica-Rebich
Richard Alex Repp ’01
Lynne Mary Sabatiuk ’86
Katherine Ann Smith ’97
Joan E. Sullivan ’65
James W. Sweeney ’60
William E. Thoms
The Travelers Foundation
Vernon E. Peltz Law Office
Wayne Leonard Weseman ’73 ’01
David C. ’79 and Karen Beth ’78 ’81 Wiggum
Hon. Eric Jay ’94 and Rebecca Wildman

Endowments provide a consistent source of income for the College of Law for scholarships, faculty support, and programs such as the annual Bellwood Lecture Series. The College of Law thanks the creators of these endowments and those they honor for their gifts of perpetual support to the College of Law.

If you are interested in establishing an endowment to support the College of Law, please contact Terri Muse, Assistant Dean for External Relations, at or (208) 364-4044.

Scholarship Endowments

Judge J. Blaine Anderson Memorial Scholarship Endowment

Bernice Bacharach College of Law Scholarship

Leland D. Beckman Foundation Law Scholarship Endowment

Herbert A. Berman Memorial Scholarship Endowment

Robert H. Copple Memorial Scholarship Endowment

John S. Cushman Scholarship Endowment

Charles H. Darling Endowment

John H. Daly & Kathryn Daly Ramseyer Scholarship Endowment

M. Allyn Dingel Memorial Law Scholarship

Paul B. Ennis Memorial Scholarship Endowment

Felton Family Law Scholarship Endowment

William and Carolyn Folz Scholarship Endowment

Chester and Blanche Graham Scholarship Endowment

C.J. and Janice O. Hamilton Law Scholarship Endowment

Peter E. Heiser, Jr. Memorial Scholarship Endowment

Judge Faye C. Kennedy Memorial Scholarship Endowment

Langroise Law Scholarship Endowment

Judge Hardy C. Lyons Memorial Scholarship Endowment

MacLane Law Scholarship

Howard I. Manweiler Scholarship Endowment

Anton F, Katherine, and Kathyrn Ann Mautz Law Scholarship Endowment

Albert R. Menard, Jr. Law Scholarship Endowment

L. Edward Miller College of Law Scholarship Endowment

Richard A. Minas Law Scholarship Endowment

Anthony A. Nelson Scholarship Endowment

William J. and Eva Jane Nixon College of Law Scholarship Endowment

Philip and Jeanne Peterson Law Scholarship Endowment

Edward “Ted” A. Pike Memorial Scholarship Endowment

A.J.G. Priest Law Scholarship Endowment

Larry. D. Ripley College of Law Scholarship Endowment

John and Karen Rosholt Endowment

Judge Harold L. Ryan Law Scholarship Endowment

Judge Charles and Audrey Scoggin Memorial Scholarship Endowment

Frank A. Shrontz College of Law Scholarship Endowment

J. Lael Simmons Law School Endowment

Gary D. Slette College of Law Scholarship Endowment

Nick Speropulos Memorial Scholarship Endowment

Willis E. Sullivan, Sr. Memorial College of Law Scholarship Endowment

Judge William Stellmon Memorial Law Scholarship Endowment

Randall Wallis Law Scholarship Endowment

George T. Warren Law Scholarship Endowment

Program and Faculty Endowments

Sherman J. Bellwood Lectures Endowment

Laurence S. Bogert Memorial Lecture in Law and Business

Justice Alfred Budge Visiting Jurist Endowment

William H. Clagett Memorial Endowment

College of Law Centennial Endowment

Hopwood College of Law Endowment

Idaho Law Review Endowment

Judge Ray McNichols Memorial Fund Endowment

John and Karen Rosholt Law Endowment

Allan G. Shepard Distinguished Professorship Endowment

Lucinda Weiss College of Law Student Opportunities Endowment

Whittenberger Foundation/Dean E. Miller Memorial Endowment

James E. Wilson Memorial Endowment Fund

Can’t find your name?

The Donor Roll recognizes gifts made between July 1, 2013 and June 30, 2014. If you made a gift after the end of the 2014 fiscal year, it will be listed in the 2015 Donor Roll. Every effort is made to ensure the accuracy of this list. If your or your spouse’s name is not listed or has been listed incorrectly, please contact Terri Muse, Assistant Dean for External Relations (208-364-4044, so that we may make the correction.

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Mailing Address:
College of Law
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Phone: (208) 885-2255

Fax: (208) 885-5709


Physical Address:
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Mailing Address:
College of Law
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