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Martin Scholars

The Martin Institute inaugurated the Martin Scholar program in 2005 in order to help International Studies (IS) majors be more competitive for post-graduation employment and admission to graduate programs. Students selected as Martin Scholars become paid research interns working on major global issues.

The scholars work in groups of three or four on a predetermined topic, under the guidance of both a faculty mentor who is an expert in the field and the Institute director. They enroll in IS 485, which includes a six-week seminar under the tutelage of the faculty mentor as well as the beginning of the year-long research project. Scholars select a particular research topic that will then engage them for the rest of the academic year.

A dedicated office is set aside across from the Martin Institute for use of the scholars, who hold a minimum of two office hours each week. Each scholar receives $1,000 for their work, which culminates in a public presentation of their research. Applications for the forthcoming academic year are available at the beginning of February each spring.

Martin Scholars

Rachel Feldman, Matty Murphy, Kai Sedlmayer, Raziel Sepulveda

Faculty Mentor

Professor Markie McBrayer, Politics and Philosophy

Martin Scholars

Sidney Angtsman, Abby Boesiger, Emma Carscallen, Abby Childress, Ryan Palmer

Faculty Mentor

Professor Steve Daley-Laursen, Natural Resources

Martin Scholars

Dani Coleman, Nicole Handlen, Luisa Meyer, Alejandra Torres

Faculty Mentor

Professor Katie Blevins, Journalism and Mass Media

Martin Scholars

Samragyee Gautam, Erin Kwiatkowski, Emily Wesseling

Faculty Mentor

Professor Casey Johnson, Politics and Philosophy

Martin Scholars

Kate Behrmann. Kya-Xe Dudney, Madison Jackson, Ayomipo Kayode-Popoola

Faculty Mentor

Professor Florian Justwan, Politics and Philosophy

Martin Scholars

Alma Delić, Kimberly Gerken, Lexi Gomes, Emma Scott, Catherine Yenne

Faculty Mentor

Professor Ashley Kerr, Modern Languages and Cultures

Martin Scholars

Kendall Bancroft, Anna Dolezal, Elena Perez, Norma Valdivia, Willow Vero

Faculty Mentor

Professor Ryanne Pilgeram, Sociology/Anthropology

2015-2016: Democracy and Security

Faculty Mentor: Professor Brian Wolf, Sociology

2014-2015: The Environment and Global Communities

Faculty Mentor: Professor Erin James, English

2013-2014: Contemporary Global Diplomacy

Faculty Mentor: Professor Pingchao Zhu, History

2012-2013: Ethics of International Discourse

Faculty Mentor: Professor Graham Hubbs, Philosophy

2011-2012: The Performing Arts and International Policy

Faculty Mentor: Professor Barry Bilderback, Lionel Hampton School of Music

2010-2011: The Informal Economy

Faculty Mentor: Professor Leontina Hormel, Sociology

2009-2010: Bioethics and Biotechnology

Faculty Mentor: Professor Sandra Reineke, Political Science and Women’s Studies

2008-2009: The Francophone World

Faculty Mentor: Professor Sarah Nelson, Modern Languages and Cultures

2007-2008: Global Health

Faculty Mentor: Professor Sean Quinlan, History

2006-2007: International Conflict

Faculty Mentor: Professor Lisa Carlson, Political Science

2005-2006: Parks and Protected Areas

Faculty Mentor: Professor Patrick Wilson, Conservation Social Science

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