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4-H Projects

In 4-H projects, you learn by doing. You'll follow your interests, gain new skills and show off your achievements. With over 100 projects in eight subject areas, there's something for almost everyone.

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In the course of updating our 4-H projects for 2022-23, we became aware of several errors on the web-based project requirement pages. We are working on updating the individual project pages; however, for the time being, please use the PDF versions of the Project Requirements found in the 2022-23 Project Requirements Handbook, which include live links to access curriculum and supplemental materials. If you have any questions or problems accessing materials, you may contact Robin Baumgartner at

Web-based Learning

It is very important to remember that children look to adults for guidance on how to react to stressful events. If parents seem overly worried, children’s anxiety may rise. Parents should reassure children that health and school officials are working hard to ensure that people throughout the country stay healthy. However, children also need factual, age appropriate information about the potential seriousness of disease risk and concrete instruction about how to avoid infections and spread of disease. Teaching children positive preventive measures, talking with them about their fears, and giving them a sense of some control over their risk of infection can help reduce anxiety.

4-H Mindfulness Curricula and Resources

  • Your Thoughts Matter (Ohio State University Extension) — Is intended to raise awareness of and start conversations about mental health, it is a member-directed project — meaning teens can work through it on their own with the help of a caring adult. No special training for the adults involved is required. This project is not intended as a resource for those in crisis.
  • GEM: Get Experience in Mindfulness (University of Delaware, Extension) — An Awareness and Acceptance Stress Management Program for ages 10 and up — adults too! This program places an emphasis on stress management taught through practical and interactive mindfulness-based activities to facilitate experiential learning. The program is a research based and theory driven program that meets National Health Education Standards. There are five lesson topics: Intentions and Goal Setting, Awareness and Attention, Self-care: Stress Reduction and Relaxation, Communication and Relationships, and Gratitude and Acceptance.
  • It's My Home (Ohio State University Extension) — Kids can contribute to their household in so many ways. While developing their sense of style. This project covers basic design elements, organization, upcycling and service learning. All the activities focus on decision-making, good taste and a big heart.
  • Mindful Me: A 4-H Primary Mindfulness Curriculum (University of California) — Introduces cloverbud youth (5-8 years old) to basic concepts in mindfulness practices. The program promotes mindful practices that lead to improvements in managing one’s own goals, developing a sense of self, time management, stress management, emotional regulation and mindful eating practices.
  • Talking to Children about COVID-19 (Coronavirus): A Parent Resource (English PDF) (Spanish PDF)
  • Helping Children Cope with Changes Resulting from COVID-19 Resources — National Association of School Psychologists

Physical Activity Resources and Curriculum

  • 4-H Yoga for Kids — 4-H Ritual and Pledge in yoga poses (University of Arkansas System Division of Agriculture)
  • STEPS to a Healthier Teen: Segments to Emphasize Physical Activity and Nutrition Steps (National 4-H) — Consists of 10 activities for youth ages 14 to 19. The purpose of the curriculum is to help youth develop skills and knowledge in physical education and nutrition. Participants experience a variety of learning methods and tools such as games, case scenarios, computer software programs, cooking demonstrations and fitness challenges.

Articles on Support and Tips to Cope

The current responsibility of conquering COVID-19 has created obstacles in continuing 4-H opportunities for our families, volunteers and communities. To ease the sudden transition into a virtual format for 4-H programming, we have built a list of resources for Idaho's 4-H family to utilize as they continue 4-H learning and engagement. This list is ever changing, but we will work to keep it updated as more resources are developed or shared.

The UI 4-H team has curated a wide variety of youth-led learning resources that are available for at-home learning. All of the resources below are publicly available for you and your family to use. Our goal is to provide resources that young people can use to stay engaged in learning while out of school.

4-H Documents/Publications
  • 4-H Project Hot Sheets — From Iowa 4-H a free series of over thirty topic-based resources with ideas for learning and exploring project areas like photography, veterinary science, communication and much more. Grades 4-12
  • Iowa 4-H — Online spreadsheet of at-home learning resources

The UI 4-H team has curated a wide variety of youth-led learning resources that are available for at-home learning. All of the resources below are publicly available for you and your family to use. Our goal is to provide resources that young people can use to stay engaged in learning while out of school.

Animal Science


  • Beekeeping 101 — This online course about the science and practice of beekeeping is for beginning beekeepers. It covers bee biology and behavior, hive management, equipment, bee products, and more by Penn State Extension


  • Artisan Bread — Katie Hoffman, Extension educator, UI Extension, Lemhi County


General Projects

  • UKnow How-To Video Series — A series of videos on a wide variety of subjects, intended for older youth and adult learners.


Healthy Living

Oral Presentations

  •  Oral Presentations Workshop — UI 4-H with Nancy Shelstad, UI 4-H Regional Educator and Carrie Johnson, UI Extension Educator Canyon County


  • Slime — UI Extension, Ada County


This list will be changing and growing as program opportunities develop.


Idaho Programs

UI Extension Victory Garden Course

UI & UW Extension Sheep & Goat Webinar

UI Extension Bannock County 4-H

UI Extension Camas and Gooding County 4-H

  • Camas Gooding 4-H — Virtual activities including:
    • School resources
    • Science at Home Experiments
    • Livestock and Horse projects
    • Club meeting

Other Programs

4-H Professionals

  • Connect Extension — All Cooperative Extension professionals are invited to create accounts, share webinars on the Learn calendar within this platform, and access learning opportunities made available system-wide.
  • — has a variety of tools from camp counselor and volunteer trainings to project lessons.

Choosing a Project

Here are some things for you and your parents to think about as you choose 4-H projects:

  • What interests you?
  • Does your county 4-H program already have a leader for this project?
  • How much will the project cost? Some livestock projects, for instance, require a significant financial investment.
  • Do you have enough space to complete the project and can you get the equipment you’ll need?
  • Can your parents or another adult help you with the project (for example, drive you to meetings)?
  • Will the project help you grow as an individual?
  • How much time will the project take? Some projects take a full year to complete, while others take just a few days or weeks. You may want to do only one or two projects in your first year of 4-H.
  • Does the project sound like it's fun and worth the effort?

4-H Headquarters

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