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Women’s Center’s 50th Anniversary

The University of Idaho Women’s Center Celebrates 50 years!

Founded on November 4, 1972, the University of Idaho's Women's Center is one of the longest-running, continuously operated campus-based women’s centers in the United States! For 50 years, we’ve been advocating for gender justice by providing innovative ways for students, staff, faculty, and local community members to learn more about social justice and enjoy a safe, comfortable place to gather, interact, and study. True to our founding mission, we're continuing to facilitate exceptional opportunities for deep learning and engaged activism in order to support and empower all individuals in building an inclusive and compassionate society.  

In 2012, Gloria Steinem said we are “one of the most important women’s centers in the nation.” Founded at a time of rampant (and perfectly legal) gender-based discrimination, the individuals who worked tirelessly to address issues of gender equity at the University of Idaho risked their relationships, reputations and careers to do what was right and to lead the campaign that resulted in the establishment of the Women’s Center. 

We’ve planned a spectacular series of programs and events to both honor the legacy of those who came before us and to inspire generations of future gender justice activists. We want YOU to be part of our celebrations! Please join us this academic year to honor and celebrate the important work of generations of feminist activists and community organizers.  


DismantALE Launch

August 6, 2022, 5:00 p.m., Moscow Brewing Company (630 N. Almon St. #130)

Join us for the official release of DismantALE the Patriarchy, a commemorative golden ale specially commissioned from the Micropolis Brewing Company to celebrate the Women’s Center’s 50 years of working for gender equity on campus and in the community! Mingle with friends old and new, enjoy some complimentary appetizers, and win some great prizes!  

A Timeline of Women's History

Call for Submissions

September 26 to October 7
Ground Floor Rotunda, Idaho Student Union Building, University of Idaho-Moscow campus
Opening and Remarks - Noon, September 26
Experience a timeline display of student artwork illustrating BIWOC women’s contributions to the women’s rights movement. Vote on your favorite! The top three submissions will each win a cash prize.

A Retrospective of the Women’s Center Leadership

September 28 via Zoom, 5:30-6:30 p.m.
Join us online for a panel of past and present University of Idaho Women’s Center directors sharing memories and insights relating to the major concerns and events of their term. Panelists will reflect on how their vision helped shape the center’s focus during their tenure, and discuss the important initiatives they promoted. Register now.

Student Meet & Greet with Ijeoma Oluo

October 4

Students! Join the Women’s Center for an up-close-and-personal meet and greet with our 50th Anniversary keynote speaker and University of Idaho Common Read author, Ijeoma Oluo. This is your chance to ask questions and gain insight from one of the most prominent antiracism educators of our time. Please note, due to space constraints, this event is open to students only, and pre-registration is required.

An Evening with Ijeoma Oluo

October 4, 6 p.m. (doors open at 5 p.m.)
ICCU Arena, University of Idaho-Moscow

Join us for a keynote address by Ijeoma Oluo, commemorative speaker for the Women’s Center’s 50th anniversary celebration and author of the University of Idaho’s Common Read for 2022-2023. Learn more about our speaker. Please note, pre-registration is required — attendees will not be admitted without registration conformation. Register now.

History of LGBTQ Programs at the University of Idaho

October 19, 12:30-1:30 p.m.
Life Sciences South Bldg. Reading Room (Room 447), University of Idaho-Moscow

Join us for an in-person panel of former and current directors and previous interns and work-study students of the LGBTQA Office reflecting on the origins of the office in the Women’s Center, challenges and triumphs, and future directions. Option to attend online is available. Register now.

Title IX at the University of Idaho

November 9, 2022 via Zoom, 5:30-6:30 p.m.

Join us for a conversation exploring the changes, improvements, and ongoing challenges of the University of Idaho women's athletic programs since the implementation of Title IX. Participants include the first Director of Women's Athletics and the current Director of Athletics, as well as the first female student-athlete to receive an athletic scholarship, and a current female student-athlete. Hear their stories and experiences of how Title IX helped shape their athletic paths. Register now.

Equity Extravaganza Silent Auction

November 14 –December 9

Online at [auction not yet live]

Bid on a wide range of unique feminist collectibles and memorabilia, art, and other luxury items donated by local area businesses. Sought-after items include original copies of Ms. Magazine signed by Gloria Steinem, gift certificates from local women-owned businesses, work by women artists and creators, items of historical interest, and much more!

Feminist Festivities 50th Anniversary Gala 

Dec. 2, 6-10 p.m.
Great Room, 1912 Center, 412 E. 3rd Street, Moscow

Join us the Women’s Center and Friends for a terrific shindig celebrating 50 years of us working for gender justice on campus and in the community. Enjoy a semi-hosted bar (two complimentary drinks included with each ticket), an hors d’oeuvres buffet catered by Mikey’s Gyros, One World Café and Goose House Bakery, live music by The Chelseas, and dance music courtesy of TabiKat. Purchase tickets now.

Pack the Stands! 

Saturday, January 21, 2023 at 2 p.m.

ICCU Arena, University of Idaho-Moscow

Women Vandals Basketball vs. University of Northern Colorado. Join us to honor the 50th anniversary of the Women’s Center and the passage of Title IX at this commemorative Vandal Athletics women’s home basketball game. Stay tuned for special promotional opportunities for tickets and half-time prizes and tributes.

Women’s Center Staff Speak

February 15 via Zoom, 5:30-6:30 p.m.PST

Join us for a reunion of old friends and former colleagues. A panel of past and current Women’s Center staff members, including student staff, and constituents will share their experiences of how the center’s programming activities and outreach have evolved over the years. Hear about the origins of important and enduring programs such as Take Back the Night, The Vagina Monologues, LunaFest, and the Women’s Leadership Conference, among others. Register now.

Jenn Haylett 

Jenn Haylett   
During my undergraduate years (2000-2005), I spent countless hours at the Women’s Center, participating in programming and student groups. After finishing my undergraduate degree, I took a year-long AmeriCorps position at the Women’s Center as the Mentoring Program Coordinator. In this role, I set up and facilitated the women’s mentoring program that connected undergraduate students with faculty at the University of Idaho. I was also fortunate enough to co-author a paper about the mentoring program titled, “The Development of a Mentoring Program for University Undergraduate Women” which was published in the Cambridge Journal of Education in 2008. After working at the Women’s Center for a year, I began graduate school to obtain a PhD in Sociology at the University of California, Davis. I finished my PhD in 2015 and I am now an Associate Professor of Instruction in the Sociology and Criminology Department at the University of Iowa in Iowa City.  

Bekah MillerMacPhee 

Bekah Miller MacPhee 
Bekah is a two-time Vandal alumna who found support and inspiration at the U of I Women’s Center as an undergraduate student. After pursuing victim services and survivor advocacy for seven years, Bekah came to work at the Women’s Center as the Program Coordinator in 2014, later serving as the OVW Project Director. She spent five and half years learning from and working for the Center. She now leads the Health Education Team at Health Promotion of Washington State University. 

Emily Sly 

Emily Sly 
I became involved with the Women's Center as an undergraduate student. I was part of the University of Idaho’s first production of The Vagina Monologues in 2002, and was a founding member of F.L.A.M.E.—the student organization Feminist Led Activist Movement to Empower. I worked at the Women's Center as a staff member for a few years after graduating, and currently live on the Olympic Peninsula in Washington with my family.  
Zulema Montenegro 

Zulema Montenegro  
I’m originally from Teton Valley, Idaho and I attended the University of Idaho, majoring in International Relations. My first work-study job was at the Women’s Center for the 2012-2013 school year. During my time at the Women’s Center, I assisted the Program Coordinator with promoting annual events on various platforms, including social media and print-based promotions. I also helped coordinate events for National Eating Disorders Awareness Week, World AIDS Day, and International Women’s Day. I’m currently the Executive Assistant to the Economic Development Director and to the Mayor of the City of Kuna. 

Briana Navarro

Bri Navarro  
My name is Briana Navarro and I am a recent graduate of the University of Idaho. I worked at the Women's Center as a work study employee for three years, from 2018-2021, while I completed my undergraduate degree. Working at the Women's Center was one of the most rewarding experiences I’ve ever had. As cliché as it sounds, my involvement with the Women's Center was more than a job; it was an avenue through which I could carry out the activism I was passionate about, while being supported by empowering and like-minded individuals. I will forever cherish the years I was fortunate enough to be a part of a program as remarkable as the University of Idaho's Women Center. The Women's Center and all its wonderful staff inspired me, and I am a better person and activist because of my involvement with the center. Currently, I am working as a paralegal at an immigration law firm in Nampa, Idaho called Salazar Law, PLLC. I have always been passionate about immigrant rights and my current job is providing me with great first-hand knowledge and experience. I am planning to begin applying to law school this year in order to hopefully start in the fall of 2023 and eventually fulfill my dream of being an immigration attorney.  

Women’s History at the University of Idaho

Main Library, ground floor lobby area, University of Idaho - Moscow

Explore a specially curated display of memorabilia, documents, and other artifacts that relate to women’s history at the University of Idaho.

Community Art Show

Call for Submissions

March 5-8, Reflections Gallery, Idaho Student Union Building, University of Idaho-Moscow

Opening reception: March 7, noon to 1 p.m. Light refreshments served.

March 19 - April 14, Moscow Food Co-op, 121 E. 5th Street, Moscow

Browse a dynamic campus and community art show of original multimedia work reflecting what it means to be a woman and/or a feminist.

Reflecting on the Impact of the Women’s Center

March 22 via Zoom, 5:30-6:30 p.m.

A panel of interns, past and current students, and friends of the Women’s Center will share the impact of their involvement with the center through the years. Learn how the Women’s Center has supported faculty and staff and boosted women’s outdoor programming. Hear about the center's role as a home base for student organizations such as F.L.A.M.E. and 25+ Vandals and its support of the growth of the Women’s, Gender & Sexuality Studies program. Register now.

Erin Fenner 

Erin Fenner,  
The Women's Center was a foundational space for me where I could jump-start a career oriented around anti-racist and queer/gender-liberation work in media and communications. I was the first editor of the Women's Center blog and helped relaunch the Feminist Alliance (formerly F.L.A.M.E.), a student organization built around identifying initiatives to support gender liberation across the campus. I graduated in 2011 and began reporting in 2012, working in newspapers in Oregon, Colorado, and Idaho, writing about healthcare, behavioral health, housing, courts, social movements, and energy. My favorite aspect of working in newsrooms was connecting with community members who wanted to share their stories and challenge inequitable power structures. In 2017, I shifted into political communications, working at Washington Community Action Network, where we won renter protections with community-led organizing through state legislation and in a ballot initiative in a Seattle suburb. Since March 2022, I've been working as a Communications Specialist for the Department of Community and Human Services with King County. I’m happy to be a public servant in an agency whose goal is to dismantle inequitable structures and build up equitable systems.  
Ashley Centers 

Ashley Centers  
Ashley Centers (she/her) resides in Moscow with her cat, Bowie. She is composed of equal parts white coffee, sunshine, and music. She’s an activist, author, bibliophile, music lover, empath, wheelchair user, and feisty. Her student career at the U of I was rarely fun or easy, but the time she spent at the Women’s Center taught her strength, fearlessness, pride, and left her with an open heart, broader worldview, and the best lifelong friends. Today, she’s taken everything the Women’s Center gave to her and is focusing on giving to others, whether that’s a listening ear, a protest partner, a meal, or a look into what it’s like to live in a world not designed for you. 

Amy Hieb 

Amy Lowe

Amy Hieb is a writer, activist, attorney, and historian living in the greater Seattle area. In her time at the Women's Center (2002-2006), Amy did everything from registering voters to grassroots sex education and reproductive justice advocacy (including wearing a condom bandolier around campus!) Her time at the Women's Center fanned the flames of her feminism, both as a political commitment and dedication to her community. In her last year on campus, Amy performed a complete overhaul of the Women's Center library; many of the excess volumes removed during that project remain pillars of her home library. Amy remains a politically active radical feminist and continues her reproductive justice advocacy as a longtime board member of Cedar River Clinics. 

Joy Passanante

Joy Passanante  
I was introduced to the Women’s Center within 24 hours from the day I arrived in Moscow from upstate New York in August 1973. “Consciousness-raising” (a new word to me) was a key part of understanding and participating in the Women’s Movement then, and I was fascinated with the ways my consciousness was raised at the center; women were already burning bras on my graduate school campus in the American East, and, in Moscow, I discovered more about why. I also learned a great deal by participating in projects and programs I took on for the center. I played a multifaceted role in several women’s/diversity conferences, and I expanded my purview wider than I could ever have imagined when I helped tell and share the stories of women involved in the Rural Women’s History Project. I also worked for American Association of University Women as the administrator of a national writing contest for women.  

Since those early eye-opening days, my work to support and advance women has focused on my 41 years of teaching. I was lucky enough to be able to influence and support hundreds of University of Idaho women studying English in becoming not only knowledgeable but self-confident, independent, and self-reliant. It was in part the courage and self-assurance I gained from the Women’s Center that helped me struggle against the challenges posed by colleagues who resisted working with women as equals, and I evolved from “part-time” lecturer to professor. I also gained expertise and self-assurance as the communication specialist for the UI College of Business, as a head writer for the UI Centennial, and as a freelance writer for the university, as well as conducting over 200 workshops for employees of Northwest organizations. And I traveled throughout the state in a program to support budding writers—once again, mostly rural. I also publish books and essays--both fiction and nonfiction--about women, their choices, and the complexity of their lives.  

Corky Bush 

Paying Tribute to Our Feminist Founders

April 19 via Zoom, 5:30-6:30 p.m.

The final program in our 50th anniversary webinar series will feature a panel of the surviving signers of the Conciliation Agreement and former U of Idaho administrators. Panelists will share their perspectives on the significance of the agreement and the changes it brought about in the campus culture and climate for women. Register now.

50th Anniversary Planning Committee Members

  • Aarika Dobbins, Management Assistant, College of Engineering
  • Beth Ropski, Academic Advisor & Retention Specialist, College of Agricultural & Life Sciences
  • Denessy Rodriguez, Program Coordinator, Office of Multicultural Affairs
  • Dulce Kersting-Lark, Head, Special Collections & Archives, U of I Libraries
  • Elizabeth Kang, Administrative Coordinator, Movement Sciences
  • Eric Anderson, Interim Director, Career Services
  • Erin Chapman, Clinical Associate Professor, Family & Consumer Sciences
  • Jane Pritchett, former JAMM faculty (retired) and longtime friend of the Women’s Center
  • Jeana Moody, Program Coordinator, Women's Center
  • Jeanette Orozco, Retention Specialist, Office of Multicultural Affairs & CAMP
  • Julia Ames, Communications Specialist, Office of Technology Transfer
  • Katelyn Hettinga, Student, ASUI
  • Kay Keskinen, former ITS staff member (retired) and longtime friend of the Women’s Center
  • KT Turner, Doctoral Student in History and Women's Center 50th Anniversary intern
  • Lysa Salsbury, Director, Women's Center
  • Maureen Taylor, former Associate Director of Athletics (retired) and longtime friend of the Women's Center
  • Nancy Nydegger, Owner of Just Trade and longtime friend of the Women’s Center
  • Omni Francetich, Office Manager, Women's Center
  • Rachel Norris, OVW Grant Project Director, Women's Center
  • Robert Perret, Library Faculty
  • Sean McIlraith, Administrative Coordinator, Athletics
  • Yolanda Bisbee, Chief Diversity Officer & Executive Director of Tribal Relations

Thank You 

This year-long series of events is made possible with generous financial sponsorship and support from many campus and community partners and donors. If your organization, department, office, or unit would like to contribute to the Women’s Center’s 50th anniversary celebrations, please contact Lysa Salsbury at Individual gifts may be made through our giving page at


Platinum Level donors have given $5,000 or more to support the Women’s Center’s 50th anniversary celebrations.

  • College of Letters, Arts, and Social Sciences
  • Kay Keskinen

Gold Level donors have pledged $1,000-4,999 to support the Women’s Center’s 50th anniversary celebrations.

  • University of Idaho's Department of History
  • Washington State University Women*s Center
  • University of Idaho's Africana Studies
  • University of Idaho's College of Natural Resources
  • University of Idaho Libraries
  • Bobbi Hughes
  • Jane R. Pritchett
  • Jo Ellen Force

Silver Level donors have pledged $500-999 to support the Women’s Center’s 50th anniversary celebrations.

  • Moscow Food Co-op’s Change for Good Program
  • College of Graduate Studies
  • Heather Shea
  • Katie Noble
  • Kari Galloway and Paul Stern
  • Bruce Pitman

Bronze Level donors have pledged $250-499 to support the Women’s Center’s 50th anniversary celebrations.

  • Charlene and Daniel Ewart
  • Kent Nelson
  • Lysa Salsbury
  • Nicole Lichtenberg
  • Rachel Norris
  • Sarah Nelson

We are deeply grateful to all of our friends and supporters for their generous gifts to our 50th Anniversary celebrations.

  • Aleksandre Hollingshead
  • Amy Ford
  • Ann Barrington
  • Anne & Duane Wessels
  • Anne Zabala
  • Anne-Marie Fulfer
  • Arlene Falcon
  • August Stadtfeld
  • Belinda Rhodes
  • Bill and Brianne Suldovsky
  • Bill and Kaari Smith
  • Casey Bartrem
  • Cecelia Luschnig
  • Chris Schreiber
  • Chuck Garrett
  • Collett Warren Pruitt
  • Corinne Lyle
  • Corrin Bond
  • Dave & Lynn Weaver
  • Dawn Bates
  • Debbie McLaughlin
  • Deborah Sullivan
  • Debra and Kane Francetich
  • Deena Lumia
  • Denessy Rodriguez
  • Diana Mabin
  • Diane Daley Laursen
  • Diane Prorak
  • Donald Burnett
  • Dulce Kersting-Lark
  • Elizabeth Brandt
  • Elli Smith
  • Emily Tuschhoff
  • Emily Sly
  • Emily Wernberg
  • Eric Hake
  • Frederick Gittes
  • Gene Solomon
  • Hailey Lewis
  • Heather Ebba Maib
  • Jaime Jovanovich-Walker
  • Jamie Garlinghouse
  • Janalyn Joyce
  • Jane Langenes
  • Jane Lear
  • Jason Muhlenkamp
  • Jeanne McHale
  • Jennifer Adams
  • Jennifer Hiebert
  • Jessica Bearman
  • Joan Klingler
  • John Boyd
  • Joy Passanante
  • Judy and Raymond Pankopf
  • Julia Ames
  • Julie A. Miller
  • Karen Lewis
  • Karen Wellman
  • Katherine Aiken
  • Katherine Strickler
  • Kathie LaFortune
  • Kathleen Hardcastle
  • Kathy Graham
  • Kristine Roby
  • Kyle Howerton
  • Lane Buck
  • Laura Girardeau
  • Laura Jenkins
  • Laura Putsche
  • Lauren Fins
  • Leontina Hormel
  • Louise Regelin
  • Lynn McAlister
  • Margaret Dibble
  • Mary Beth Rivetti
  • Maureen Laflin
  • Maureen M Taylor Regan
  • Megan Litke
  • Melinda Miller
  • Melissa Rockwood
  • Melissa Shumake
  • Melissa Thom
  • Mercedes Frausto
  • Michelle Norris
  • Mindy McAllister
  • Mitchell Parks
  • Molly Rizzuto
  • Nancy Nydegger
  • Paige Zarogoza-Davies
  • Pat Fuerst and Patricia Jessup
  • Patricia Rathmann
  • Peggy Jenkins
  • Phyllis Ann Melnyk
  • Rachel Kerr
  • Rebecca Rod
  • Rei Latri
  • Russ & Julie Moore
  • Sage Francetich
  • Sandy Stadtfeld
  • Sarah Davis
  • Soren Newman
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  • Tiffany Trojanowski

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