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Blog Contributor Internship

The Women’s Center’s blog is an outreach, education, advocacy and activism tool for promoting the mission of the Women’s Center. We developed this internship to create opportunities for students to write short, timely articles about women’s and gender issues on topics that are relevant to and affect today’s college women. Unlike the various forms of student media, individual blog entries may be written as opinion pieces. It is our hope that article topics will engage dialogue and stimulate debate. We see the blog as an open forum where positive exchanges of ideas, thoughts, and perspectives can occur. Through online interaction via the Women’s Center blog, we hope to connect with students and promote opportunities for further involvement and engagement in the Women’s Center.


Women’s Center Blog contributors will be responsible for regular contribution of content to the Women’s Center’s blog. In keeping with the established mission and purpose of the blog, contributors are responsible for conceptualizing, researching and writing engaging, feminist-influenced blog articles on assigned topics and/or topics of their own choice; submitting them to the Blog editor for revision; making edits as necessary; and resubmitting to the Editor for online posting within a pre-determined timeline. Contributors are also responsible for promoting blog content and encouraging reader feedback through a variety of means, including social media. Contributors are encouraged to attend as many Women’s Center programs as feasible, in order to assist in promoting events and gaining a better understanding of the work that we do.

Apply to Join the Blog Team

  • Complete the Women’s Center Blog Contributor online application »
  • Undergo an initial screening interview with the blog editor to determine your specific interests and motivation for blogging for the Women’s Center and to discuss expectations.
  • Arrange to receive academic internship credit. Credit is available from the following academic departments:

3 credits = 3 posts per month. Multimedia pieces that combine audio, images and/or video footage and therefore require more extensive editing, will be counted as two posts.

Contribute Articles

  • Conceptualize, research and write engaging, feminist-influenced blog articles on pre-assigned topics and/or topics of your own choice.
  • Submit articles to the blog editor for revision, make edits as necessary and resubmit to the editor for online posting within a predetermined timeline.

Attend weekly Women’s Center Blog Contributors Meeting

  • All blog contributors must meet weekly with the Blog Editor to discuss upcoming story ideas, timelines, and schedules. Upon request, blog contributors may meet with supervising Women’s Center staff by appointment. Women’s Center staff is available to provide assistance, guidance, and support, as well as address any concerns that may arise. Women’s Center staff is also available to serve as interview subjects or provide detailed background information on WC events for blog posts.

Attend Women’s Center Programs and Events

  • Blog contributors should plan to cover at least one upcoming Women’s Center event each month. This may involve coverage of events prior to their occurrence, in order to promote them via the blog. The blog may also serve as a tool for expressing personal impressions of events.

Benefits of Contributing to the Women’s Center Blog

We regard this internship as a unique opportunity for students who wish to earn academic credit (through the Department of Sociology, The Department of English, the Women's Gender & Sexuality Studies program, or the School of Journalism and Mass Media) to develop and/or enhance their writing skills, learn responsibility for regular publication and adherence to deadlines, as well as benefiting from working for a client with a specific mission and goals. We hope that students who fulfill this internship will complete the semester with a deeper understanding of women’s and gender issues, and the various perspectives through which these might be expressed in an online forum. Through assisting in the development and maintenance of this online community forum, blog contributors will have the opportunity to interact and engage with the public in a new way. It is our hope that this experience will prove invaluable for the future.


Contact the Women’s Center blog supervisor, Lysa Salsbury, email the Women’s Center or call 208-885-2777.

Our Blog

A collective of writers and photographers attempting to promote critical discussion on issues of gender and social justice.


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