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Women's Center staff is committed to increasing the knowledge and involvement of students around issues pertaining to women and gender. To meet the needs of our faculty and student organization leaders, we provide in-depth, personalized learning experiences for your students, living group or club.

Presentations are 50-minute sessions that include lecture, discussion and interactive activities. A minimum attendance of 10 people is required.

What presentations are available?

About the Women's Center
A Women's Center is a vital component of a thriving university campus. In this mostly informative session, we will talk about the history of the University of Idaho Women's Center, how it relates to the women's movement, what we do, the services and programs we provide, how you can get involved, and why it's so important that we're here.

Awkward Allies
An introduction to what it means to be an effective ally. We take a good look at Dos and Don'ts for the well-intended, and introduce some tips for developing useful skills that every ally should have.

Body rEvolution
A brief history of the evolution of body image and the ever-changing standards and norms of "beauty." This presentation casts a critical eye on today’s trends and their consequences, and presents hope for a revolution.

Feminism 101
A crash course on the mission, goals, and history of Feminism. We examine the waves of Feminism and their most notable leaders, along with the role Feminism plays today.

Feminist Leadership
Inclusive leadership through a feminist lens. A look at barriers, positive leadership practices, assumptions, and the power of connecting leadership to Feminism.

Gender and the Media
An interactive approach to gender in media, including who makes it, what messages are being sent, and how those messages affect us. Learn the skills necessary to be a responsible consumer.

Healthy Masculinities
Dissecting the constantly-changing social standards of masculinity and how they affect men, along with how they are linked to violence in our society.

Respectful Communication
Through discussion and interactive scenarios, this workshop introduces the skills necessary to transform debate to respectful dialogue. We explore how mindful conversation can derail the debate culture and create a more compassionate way to communicate with others.

Power, Privilege and Other Themes of Oppression
Learn how our social and cultural identities interplay with levels of power, privilege and oppression in a way that doesn’t lead to feelings of guilt or hopelessness. Identifying oppressive institutional, cultural, personal and interpersonal systems and our role in challenging them is the first step toward becoming a good ally.

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