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Malcolm M. Renfrew Interdisciplinary Colloquium


The Malcolm M. Renfrew Interdisciplinary Colloquium is a series of lectures by distinguished members of the University of Idaho faculty and staff presenting and describing their approach to teaching and/or research in their respective disciplines. These lectures will explore the specific subjects and methodologies that define the disciplines within which the speakers work. Substantive interdisciplinary work requires an appreciation for the nature of the disciplines involved.

To obtain this appreciation, one must come to understand what problems motivate work in a discipline and what methods count as acceptable approaches to those problems. In learning these, one must also master a new vocabulary of technical terms and acquire a new way of looking at the world.

The lectures will expose the university community to a variety of disciplines on campus and initiate conversations about those disciplines, conversations that could encourage interdisciplinary cooperation.

The Malcolm M. Renfrew Interdisciplinary Colloquiumis are sponsored by: University of Idaho Research Office and the University Honors Program.

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