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Kudos: Recognized Staff

The Staff Council Kudo program is designed to publicly recognize the outstanding work of University of Idaho staff employees who have gone above and beyond in helping others and making University of Idaho a great place to work. In addition to each Kudo recipient receiving a card and online tribute, Staff Council randomly draws from the pool of Kudo-ed staff to determine the University of Idaho Staff of the Month. The recipient will receive a certificate and gift. 

If you would like to recognize staff for their outstanding work, you can Submit a Kudo.

Staff Member of the Month

Congratulations Nicolette Salas!

You have been selected as University of Idaho’s May Staff Member of the Month.

I completed working with Nicolette Salas to revamp the tutoring schedule webpage, and it was a fantastic experience from start to finish. Nicolette demonstrates a clear focus on improving the student experience both in person and online. Working with her is energizing thanks to her maintained sense of purpose and progress toward desired outcomes, along with her flexibility as we discovered better options in the process. She made a strong impression on me through her willingness to seek others’ expertise while leading with her own insightful direction. Within the first year of her role here at the University of Idaho, Nicolette is a noticeably valuable Vandal. Thanks for the opportunity to work with you so far!

Debbie Ailor winning April's Staff Member of the Month.
Pictured: Nicolette Salas, U of I's May's Staff Member of the Month

Staff Kudos by Month

Mitch Parks, Randy Wood, Wayne Snyder - University ITS Team

22 December 2021
A worldwide software vulnerability required a shutdown of the SAS software that keeps my department running. The ITS team dealt with the problem and had our systems back up remarkably fast during a time of year where we have a lot of deadlines. Their quick work enabled a lot of folks to get at data to support the UI. We appreciate their work in IR and the Provost's Office.

Josh Hawn - Grad Student Support Coordinator

17 December 2021
Josh is always on time and works hard to help grad students. He has a calm demeanor and talks professionally but supportively to students, staff, and faculty alike.

Cynthia Adams - Assistant Buyer, Contracts and Purchasing Services

13 December 2021
Cynthia was a tremendous help at the very beginning of the work day. She made sure one of our contracts were fully ready prior to a fast approaching deadline. In the 11 years that I've known and worked with Cynthia, she has always been a strong campus collaborator. It's people like Cynthia who make the UI a great place to work.

Words cannot adequately express how thankful I am for her hard work and dedication.

Wes McClintick and the Institutional Research Team - Institutional Research

3 December 2021
Wes and the Institution Research Team are responsive and knowledgeable about the diverse data sets available on campus. They have built very accessible resources to allow users to assess demographic trends across enrollment, retention, and other data. - Laura M Heinse - Senior Proposal Development Specialist - Office of Faculty Research and Development

Mandy Brocke - HR Recruitment Resource Specialist

1 December 2021
Navigating human resources systems can be a daunting task, but Mandy is always available for consultation and help. She handles each question not only in a manner meant to help and guide but with an extremely positive outlook; she certainly makes my job easier and more enjoyable. I am sure I am in a long line of those pointing her out for appreciation, but she is an asset to the University, and I would be remiss for not doing my part to spotlight her contributions. - Gina Tingley - Department Coordinator, Biological Sciences

Ben Bridges - Parking and Transportation

30 November 2021
Ben is an awesome representative of the parking and transportation department. He is always so helpful and kind with any inquiries about tickets or permits either myself or my staff have. He is always quick to respond and provides great customer service to us and the students. There have been a few times at month end that we have had to stay late to figure somethings out and I appreciate his willingness to stay late and help resolve any issues. - Michelle Beagley - Assistant Manager Student Accounts

Nikolas Schwartz - Parking and Transportation

30 November 2021
Nik is an extremely helpful person in the parking and transportation department. Any time either myself or my staff have questions on tickets or permits, Nik is happy to help and always provides us and students great customer service. I really appreciate his quick responses on inquiries on permits and tickets. We work a lot with the parking office, and it is always a good outcome, and my staff and I enjoy working with Nik. - Michelle Beagley - Assistant Manager Student Accounts

Summer Howard - Office Manager

30 November 2021
Summer goes above and beyond in everything she does. It is amazing, the work she did over the last year for the staff awards/appreciation group. She does everything with a smile. Anytime I have a question about parking, she is always willing to help, and she tries to make it easier on the student account staff to be able to help students with parking ticket/permit questions.

I really appreciate all the help she has given me over the years, and her bright and happy personality makes her a great person to work with. - Michelle Beagley - Assistant Manager Student Accounts

Elissa Keim - Director, Professional Development & Learning

12 November 2021
Elissa is a joy to take trainings with, she is passionate about the topics and engaging her audience. She also highly values staff and faculty and knows a lot about the historic and current strengths and challenges of U of I. She's always willing to help, despite being very busy, and she has great ideas for collaboration. - Laura M Heinse - Senior Proposal Development Specialist

Joe Pallen - Senior Photographic Specialist, Creative Services

11 November 2021
Joe recently took my photo for the UI website. I have never liked having my photo taken, but Joe did a great job of taking his time, making me feel comfortable, and finding just the right light to make the pictures turn out as well as they could. He could have just taken a quick photo and called it done, but he took enough for me to have plenty to choose from and to make sure he got the best angles possible. They turned out better than I expected - I'm grateful! - Amy Kingston - Admin Financial Specialist, ORED-Fiscal Ops

Mike Rusca - NetTeam and ITS

11 November 2021
Mike and the other members of the NetTeam crew were an amazing help to me and my staff. We were working with a network issue to get the stream connected to ESPN in Bristol, CT and without Mike's help, it simply would not have happened. Can not express enough how grateful I am for him. - Zack Kellogg - Director of Broadcast Productions at University of Idaho Athletics

Ben Hays - NetTeam

11 November 2021
Ben and the other members of the NetTeam did us a great service in helping work with the Athletics department and ESPN to fix the network issues we were having. Our ESPN encoder was not able to transmit and without Ben's help and expertise, we simply would have not had a show. Although I did not talk to him directly, I know how hard he worked to make this happen and how patient he was to find the issue. - Zack Kellogg - Director of Broadcast Productions at University of Idaho Athletics

Chuck Kelsey - ITS and ResNet

11 November 2021
Chuck came to our aid to help with our broadcast issues with our ESPN encoder and getting our transmission to work properly. He was professional, hard working and went above and beyond to help me and my team. He even stayed late until the issue was resolved. Chuck is great and I can honestly not thank him enough for doing what he did to help. - Zack Kellogg - Director of Broadcast Productions at University of Idaho Athletics

Michael Placke - ITS

11 November 2021
Went above and beyond with other members of ITS, ResNet and NetTeam to help us at ICCU Arena and Athletics to get our program with ESPN working. Would not have been able to have a show without them staying late and helping us fix the issue. The help was for around 3 hours too and they did not stop until what we needed was done. I am beyond grateful for what they did and can not express highly enough what was done. - Zack Kellogg - Director of Broadcast Productions at University of Idaho Athletics

Debbie Ailor - Facilities

11 November 2021
A big KUDOS to Debbie Ailor from Facilities. Debbie does a fantastic job of caring for the buildings she is responsible for, but when there is a water event or other damage to a structure, even though cleaning up wasn’t in her schedule for that day, she is quick to respond, tries hard to mitigate until the leak is repaired and does this all with a great attitude and a smile.

She goes above and beyond. Specifically, she noticed that leaves accumulating over a storm water grate just outside an entrance door that has caused interior flooding in the past. She has kept the area clean and leaf free. Her actions have saved the college and divisions in the building from significant down time and stopped negative impacts on the students that use the facility.

I enjoy getting to work with you, Debbie. Thank you for your dedication to the university. - Carry Salonen - Risk Analyst, Risk Management and Insurance

Kai McLaughlin - Prospect Research Strategist, Advancement Services

11 November 2021
Kai is just an awesome person! When we worked together in AIS, she was always so helpful and just an awesome co-worker! Outside of work, she is a great friend who always helps when needed! She is a Rockstar and valuable asset to the Prospect Research team since she started in her new role last year! I just wanted congratulate her newish position and let he know how awesome it is to have her as a co-worker and friend! - Nate Sletteland - Assistant Sponsored Programs Admin/ UI OSP

Mario Tamez - Custodial Services Specialist/ Facilities

9 November 2021
Mario works hard to maintain the dorms for our students and makes sure everyone is safe from things that can cause sickness and such. Mario and I are friends outside of work, but our custodial staff doesn't ever get enough recognition that is well deserved. I know that our students and staff in his area are grateful for the job he does everyday! I just wanted to recognize how hard he works to keep our facilities looking awesome and clean for our staff, students, and campus visitors! - Nate Sletteland - Assistant Sponsored Programs Admin/ UI OSP

Cody Williams - Buyer, Contracts and Purchasing Services

3 November 2021
As someone new to my position, I recently had to do Purchasing training with Cody. She did a great job of breaking things down into understandable chunks, explaining everything clearly, providing follow-up resources, and helping me through my first few purchase orders. It took a lot of the stress out of learning new things and her kind and happy attitude made me feel comfortable going to her for help. - Amy Kingston - Admin Financial Tech, ORED Fiscal Ops

Pete Lien - Director of Recruitment SEM

27 October 2021
Pete has gone above and beyond in his role; his leadership in uncertain times during COVID has helped us weather a potential downturn in enrollment and led us to an increase instead. Highlights include bringing in the largest freshman class since 2016, new Idaho residents are up 5.2% which is a testament to his leadership in the state.

Other areas to highlight: This is the first increase in enrollment in four years and brings with it revenue that exceeds what was budgeted by $2.5 million.

The breakdown shows increases in nearly all categories.

Undergraduate Enrollment

  • Overall undergraduate enrollment, up 0.4%
  • Non-resident undergraduate enrollment, up 10.6%
  • WUE, up 15%

and increases in diversity:

  • Hispanic/Latino, up 8.5 %
  • Asian, up 13.2%
  • African American, up 4.9%
  • Students identifying as two or more races, up 9.3%

- Adam Stoltz - UCM

Carly Cummings - Director of Research and Faculty Development

26 October 2021
Carly has a strong vision of how to help faculty and the University of Idaho achieve success through research development. She is a strong and compassionate leader and mentor. She supports professional development and gives employees and faculty the tools to build successful research programs. - Laura M Heinse - Senior Proposal Development Specialist - Research and Faculty Development

Amanda Mills - Child Care Resource Specialist, IdahoSTARS, CDHD

25 October 2021
Amanda Mills is always willing to help and make time to brand and create resource documents. I don't know how she finds time in her schedule or if it is even part of her responsibilities. Her assistance is greatly appreciated. She has helped with several health and safety documents for trainings, as well as provider correspondence. Many of these documents required a short turn around time. Thank you, Amanda! - Jill Hobbs - Child Care Health Consultant, IdahoSTARS, CDHD

Mike Wood - Building Superintendent CDA Center

19 October 2021
Mike Wood epitomizes the Vandal Spirit everyday in his activities as Building Superintendent at the CDA Center. Mike joined the team in August and has proven to be everything you would want in a team member. Not only is he a proud Vandal Alum, but he is responsive, funny, kind, and intelligent. In a role that requires a wide range of skills and patience Mike has taken initiative to tackle many different challenges head on. In his first weeks, Mike got to navigate a roofing project gone awry, build multiple storage shelves, helped moved entire departments and found a (safe) way to clean the goose goobers off the office windows two stories up. He did it all with a smile then asked how else he can help. Mike is a guy that gets stuff done, seeks to serve and is a joy to be around. He makes U of I a great place to work! I am thankful to have him on our team and we can all be proud that he is a Vandal. - Patti Davenport - Asst to Center Executive Officer, CDA Center

Jamaica Ritcher - Writing Center Director

2 October 2021
Jamaica is an awesome supervisor. She is sweet, friendly, compassionate, very knowledgeable, and makes the Writing Center a great space to work and be in. Jamaica is an excellent and patient teacher, and she genuinely cares about her students and staff. She also is very organized and prompt with communication. - Esther David - Writing Center Tutor

Eric Stenback, Jose Cruz - Events Specialist, Administrative and Business Operations

22 September 2021
Eric worked with me over the course of many weeks, many emails, and more than a few changes in details to plan for a couple of large events. He was unfailingly prompt with replies, thorough, professional , and ensured that things progressed seamlessly. Eric is a total pro and such an asset to our campus!

Jose managed the large evening event in the International Ballroom and again, everything worked and went smoothly. In spite of a last minute addition of more seating, he was so great to work with and helped us make it a success. - Emilie McLarnan - Associate Director of Violence Prevention Programs

Amy Kingston - Academic Publications Editor, Office of the Registrar

21 September 2021
Amy Kingston has done a tremendous job helping everyone learn how to use CIM to submit course and program changes. This new software package is challenging for the less technically gifted among us. Amy responds to requests for assistance immediately and has demonstrated the greatest patience in helping me learn how to enter changes. This has included training sessions, phone calls, and tailored solutions with written instructions and screen shots. Given the number of people that she is onboarding to use this new tool, her kind and quick responses inspire awe and gratitude! - Rachel J. Halverson - Chair and Professor of German, Department of Modern Languages and Cultures

Butch Fealy - Associate Director, Recreation and Wellbeing

21 September 2021
Butch has been an outstanding team player this year. He helped move the free-weight, selectorized & cardio equipment multiple times after being moved/ stored all over the SRC due to Covid. He's helped me out when I've been unable to do physical things due to my back issues. He is never afraid of hard work or to go the extra mile to help others in need. In fact, he is moving a bunch of soccer goals this Friday since I don't have any staff available and am unable to do so by myself. Thanks Butch! - Brian Mahoney - Associate Director, Recreation and Wellbeing

Ben Sturz - Assistant Director of Programs, Recreation and Wellbeing

21 September 2021
Ben has been an outstanding team player this year. He helped move the free-weight, selectorized & cardio equipment multiple times after being moved/ stored all over the SRC due to Covid. He is never afraid of hard work or to go the extra mile to help others in need. Ben is caring and goes the extra mile with his student staff as well. It is obvious that he cares deeply for his student employees and would do anything for them. Way to go Ben! - Brian Mahoney - Associate Director, Recreation and Wellbeing

Kristin Strong - Marketing and Events Coordinator, Recreation and Wellbeing

21 September 2021
Kristin is always looking for ways to help others, even when it's completely outside her area of responsibility. Today, Kristin took it upon herself to vacuum our main office area and many of the individual offices. We are lacking in our custodial department and after she noticed the carpet was a bit dirty, she stepped right in without being asked. A HUGE THANK YOU to Kristin for being such a team player. - Brian Mahoney - Associate Director, Recreation and Wellbeing

Parking and Transportation Services - Field Operations Manager

31 August 2021
Stuart and his team are consistently easy to work with and understanding of what is needed when Architecture and Engineering Services asks for assistance in coordinating contractor access and delivery access to areas of our campus. They help make our jobs easier which in turn makes our organization better. Thank you PTS! - Stephanie Clarkson - Project Architect, Architectural and Engineering Services

Irene Jones - Region 4 Technology Solutions Partner

25 August 2021
Irene has been our TSP for years and has always gone above and beyond. She always has a smile and a wave, she responds quickly to every request, and most importantly, she's always able to fix my issues or connect me with the right resources around campus to get them fixed. I know if I send an issue to Irene, I can count on it to be 100% resolved - nothing is left hanging. She's also great at explaining things in laymen's terms so they make sense to everyone. It's wonderful to have her as part of the team. - Amy Kingston - Registrar's Office

Joe Zagelow - Landscape Maintenance Tech

13 August 2021
Joe is one of the hardest working people on this campus. He has an outstanding attitude and is always a pleasure to speak with. Joe really cares about how the university landscape looks and the Student Recreation Center is always in good care under his direction. Joe is an awesome person and the University of Idaho is a better place because of him. Thanks Joe! - Brian Mahoney - Associate Director, Recreation & Wellbeing

Sumit Shahi - Technology Solutions Partner

6 August 2021
I am a professor emeritus and had difficulty changing my expired password. It was complicated to change password for various reasons but Sumit solved many problems and demonstrated his expertise and experience. Further, he was so patient, kind and helpful. I feel like I made a new friend. It was a long process but Sumit got the job done and explained the steps very well to someone who is not technologically sophisticated. I give Sumit 5 out of 5 stars. I am thankful to him. - James Gregson - Professor Emeritus

Facilities Services

3 August 2021
The College of Engineering would like to send an official kudo to the entire UI Facilities unit. The last couple of years have been hard on everyone at the UI and the Facilities team has seen their staffing and budgets cut along with the rest, and yet the increasingly small team at Facilities has kept us safe, warm, clean and in good repair. From plumbing and HVAC to housekeeping and landscaping to Environmental Health and Safety to the Surplus, from the front desk to administration, they keep everything together and in good operational order. While the individuals may be thanked in the moment, they tend to slip in and out of the buildings unobtrusively and are deserving of a standing ovation. Thank you, Facilities, for everything that you do! - John Crepeau - Interim Dean, College of Engineering

Sumit Shahi - IT

27 July 2021
Sumit is always so helpful and responds quickly when I have an issue with my computer. Today I submitted a ticket and he came to my office right away before responding online to my issue. While he was here, I was able to resolve the problem within a few minutes. It seems like when Sumit comes to my office, the issues resolve like magic! Thank you Sumit for all your help and quick response to my requests! - Stacy Asplund - Student Insurance Coordinator in Athletics

Terri Lesley - Landscape Maintenance Tech Facilities

21 July 2021
Thank you Terri for always going above and beyond to help fellow UI employees. She saw me picking myself up from a fall on Friday and she rushed over to make sure I was ok. I let her know the worse part of it, was losing my coffee. With no hesitation, she brought a coffee to my office and made sure I didn't need anything else. I really appreciate Terri and all she does for the Moscow campus. Terri you are the Best!!! - Monica Pine - Administrative and Financial Specialist - Theatre Arts

Becky Couch - Director - Parking and Transportation Services

21 July 2021
Becky is fabulously supportive of the efforts to get U of I staff recognized and appreciated on campus, and allows for the time and encourages me to participate. She does not bat a lash at anyone in our office being involved in university initiatives supporting the Vandal Family! Thank you, Becky - I appreciate YOU! - Summer Howard - Office Manager - Parking and Transportation Services

Jeremy, Tony, Rainbow and Joe - Facilities Surplus Unit

13 July 2021
Jeremy, Tony, Rainbow and Joe at Surplus have gone above and beyond in support of the College of Engineering's Surplus-O-Rama 2021! By the end of summer, we will have sent approximately 18 panel vans of old engineering gear and one concrete canoe (don't ask about the canoe). We couldn't have asked for better partners at Surplus. Thanks folks! - John Grimes - Grants and Contract Specialist

Summer Howard - PTS Office Manager

4 June 2021
Summer has been and continues to be an active advocate for university staff. Her work on Staff Council, specifically as past chair and the awards committee chair, has been phenomenal. Recently Summer conceptualized and coordinated an email system that sends staff workaversary email thanking them for their efforts. Thank you Summer for the years of thoughtful work. We appreciate you. - Anonymous

Craig Carson - Campus Landscape Manager

26 May 2021
Craig and his team went above and beyond to ensure that our beautiful campus was groomed and picture-perfect for all six Moscow commencement ceremonies. From cleaning the line-up area between ceremonies to spending the weeks prior manicuring lawns and foliage--they made it easy to be proud of our incredible home as we celebrated in-person with our graduates. Whether they're clearing our sidewalks to safely navigate in the snow or timing the sprinklers just right in the summer, this has to be one of the hardest-working teams on campus. Thank you to Craig and the rest of the campus landscape team! - Anonymous

Amy Kingston - Academic Publications Editor

24 May 2021
Thank you so much, Amy for helping connect the dots for an uncommon request! Your dedication to helping your colleagues across campus is one of the things that make this a great place to work! Your support of first-generation and under-resourced students is much appreciated! - Heather Ebba Maib - Project Director, TRIO-INSPIRE

Hermayne Smith - Academic & Enrollment Services Specialist

24 May 2021
Thank you so much to Hermayne for processing the transcript requests for our TRIO students. Your support of our first-generation and under-resourced students is much appreciated! - Heather Ebba Maib - Project Director, TRIO-INSPIRE

Delora Shoop - Manager of Student Accounts/Cashiers/Accounts Receivable

24 May 2021
Thanks so much to Delora and the team at Student Accounts for helping us internally process payments made on behalf of our program participants. The work you did for our first-generation and under-resourced students is much appreciated! - Heather Ebba Maib - Project Director, TRIO-INSPIRE

Josh Hawn - Graduate Student Support Coordinator

9 May 2021
Josh began working with our office as a temporary worker back in the Fall, and now having stepped into a permanent position, he has been an absolutely essential staff member and an all-around great person to work with. His commitment to helping students and learning the many policies and procedures of our office in detail is truly incredible. Josh's ability to answer the same question about submitting a study plan ten times a day with a smile on his face is one of many examples that showcase his patient and kind demeanor. We're incredibly lucky to have him on our team, and grateful to have him helping students and faculty through the end of the Spring semester! - Anonymous

Stephanie Thomas - Graduate Student Support Coordinator

9 May 2021
Stephanie has done an amazing job helping students complete their thesis and dissertation requirements for graduation! She's usually able to turn around edits in a day or less, and has an incredible eye for detail and willingness to work with students to make sure they have submitted the best version of their document. She's now approaching the end of her first semester (back) with COGS, and she's learned the ins and outs of her job with incredible depth in that time! We're very thankful to have her on our team. - Anonymous

Lorrie Williams - Assistant to the Dean

29 April 2021
Greetings! The College of Science has amazing people! One of these individuals including the GREAT Lorrie Williams. Lorrie Williams was one of my first contacts with the University of Idaho. This included my relocation from out-of-state. With not knowing many people, Lorrie Williams has implemented an ethic of care and encouragement during my onboarding & training. Lorrie was willing to field all my many first-time questions including "where is this building", or "when are we meeting here", or "where can I find this training, etc". Lorrie Williams is always kind and caring in their messaging.

This includes being a quick phone call, teams message, or e-mail away. I want to personally thank them for all their help. The College of Science is filled with fantastic staff, faculty, and students. Lorrie Williams is one of these great individuals and I am lucky to work alongside them. - Anonymous

Annie Exline - Web Coordinator, Student Affairs

12 April 2021
I had a large web project that's been in the works for several months in lieu of an in-person event this spring. When our usual web coordinator couldn't do the project, Annie Exline stepped in to help. She worked incredibly fast and created a beautiful page. She was easy to work with and patient. In a normal year, this would be one of our largest and most important events. It was critical that we have a webpage that could capture the significance of recognizing our students, faculty, staff and alumni. - Brittany M. Harrington - Development and Events Coordinator

Ben Bridges - Customer Service Rep 2 - Parking and Transportation Services

1 April 2021
Ben has been able to watch, and hear about, the entire process of the Staff Awards for several years now. He had an amazing idea to automate our longevity certificates, to actually honor our employees on their work anniversary. His ingenious idea has saved countless hours for the Staff Awards committee managing the task of honoring for longevity. Keep your ideas coming, Ben! - Summer Howard - Office Manager - Parking Services - Staff Awards Chair

Travis Gray - Finance & HR Business Analyst - Division of Finance & Administration

1 April 2021
Travis volunteers his time to help the Staff Awards Committee with staff recognition and appreciation each year. This year, an idea was presented to him that he completely ran with. Travis was able to create a program to send an email to every employee on their 5, 10, 15 year etc., anniversaries thanking them for their service and including the certificate we often end up mailing throughout campus. Not only will this help the Awards Committee by automating the process, it will be a huge step in making employees at the University of Idaho feel just a little bit more appreciated - on the actual day they should be recognized! Thank you, Travis! - Summer Howard - Office Manager - Parking Services - Staff Awards Chair

Nikolas Schwartz - Customer Service Representative II

31 March 2021
Nik was instrumental in the success of the Spring ’21 Holiday Break Bus program that transported 42 Vandals throughout Idaho over Spring Break. His work on the Holiday Break Bus started weeks in advance and required particular attention in addition to his regular daily duties as a Customer Service Representative. Nik fielded many Holiday Break Bus questions by email and on the phone, responded in a timely and professional way, and delivered outstanding customer service throughout the process. He monitored ticket sales throughout the weeks leading up to Spring Break, kept supervision informed, maintained accurate lists for three routes despite many cancellations, followed up with participants via email, and more. Nik also performed excellent work as the key staff liaison from Parking and Transportation Services with the Office of the Dean of Students and worked closely with Jean Bohnee in that office, alerting her about ticket sale issues, communicating about refunds as those needs arose, and providing accurate rider lists. Holiday Break Bus for Spring ’21 was a success due in large part to his hard work and kudos are well-deserved! - Rebecca Couch - Director, Parking and Transportation Services

Parking Services - Parking Services

15 March 2021
This is only the second Kudo I have ever done, I dont normally do them but sometimes there are just a group of people or person who deserves it and so much more! Parking Services has always been so supportive, I call them weekly for issues of all kinds, people parking issues, vendor issues, permit issues, lot issues or even as something as simple as checking on parking policies for lots. Every time I am meet with kindness and patience and just an over all positive experience.

One thing that happened recently was my abilities to order construction permits and they were so patient with me. I just want to say a big thank you to:

  • Becky Baumgartner
  • Ben Bridges
  • Becky Couch
  • Brad Doering
  • Summer Howard
  • Kelly Jennings
  • Dan Joosten
  • Stuart Robb
  • Margie Schaper
  • Nikolas Schwartz
  • Bransen Stirk

Hopefully I didn't miss anyone! The entire department deserves so much more than this Kudo! Thank you all again for all that you do for the U of I and for me! - Charles Hatfield - Facilities - Customer Services Rep

Tom English and Luke Bartels - ITS -- Executive Technology Consultant, Technology Solutions Partner 3

3 March 2021
Tom English and Luke Bartels took several hours out of their day to assist Office of Alumni Relations and Advancement's VP suite in getting new equipment installed and trouble shooting old equipment. They are both always so professional and efficient. Their time, efforts and knowledge are so much appreciated! Thank you Tom and Luke for everything! - April Shuck (Buvel) - Administrative Coordinator (Office of Alumni Relations)

Mary Martin - Administrative Coordinator - Animal, Veterinary and Food Sciences

26 February 2021
Mary continues to be a top notch Property Administrator (not her primary responsibility) for Asset management and inventory. AVS' large inventory of over 550 items, almost half of which was federally funded and requires additional requirements beyond Annual Inventory. She expedites her Asset management responsibilities all the while constantly communicating in order to ensure all changes, transfers, disposals, and verification of UI AVS Assets are promptly recorded and accurate. I want to thank her for her dedication. - Joseph Groves - Capital Assets Specialist - General Accounting

Mark Pfeifer - Marketing, Communications and Web Specialist

22 February 2021
Mark noticed that I was having some car trouble. Which I guess wasn't that hard since the alarm was blaring and I didn't know how to turn it off as I had borrowed a car on account of the snowy weather. When I tried to turn the car on, it didn't start and the alarm didn't turn off. Mark offered to help and made sure the car was in good working order before he left. Thanks Mark! - Ben Bridges - CSR II, Parking and Transportation Services

Janelle Sexton - Resource Specialist Region 5 with IdahoSTARS/CDHD/EHHS

3 February 2021
I would like to recognize Janelle Sexton, Resource Specialist in our IdahoSTARS Region 5 Child Care Resource Center (CCRC) Office, for her dedication, perseverance, and enthusiastic attitude while making the Program Information Report (PIR) videos posted in our project portal. While the entire RS team provided input on the scripts and videos, Janelle took on being the lead for this project, narrating each video and working diligently to ensure a quality product. Thank you, Janelle!! - Janice Guier - Director of Assistant Co-Director with IdahoSTARS/CDHD/EHHS

Nicole Wright - Program Technician with IdahoSTARS/CDHD/EHHS

3 February 2021
Nicole is a very hard-working individual and a wonderful co-worker to have. She keeps coordination of tasks smooth with many of our team members, keeps everyone informed and organized, and is consistently a person to turn to for answers. Nicole is a big advocate for our staff and the customers we serve. She is always available when a need arises and I applaud her time management with the many projects she works on. Thank you for keeping me on my toes and showing me how to better myself by working 'smarter not harder' in this rodeo! - Kalli Sorber - Training Advisor with IdahoSTARS/CDHD/EHHS

Dale Mommer - Tutoring Program Coordinator

25 January 2021
Congratulations to Dale Mommer and the Tutoring & College Success (TCS) Student Tutor Team! Over the Fall 2020 semester the TCS tutoring team served the greatest amount of students on record. This is truly an amazing accomplishment as many tutoring centers across the country are down 50-75% in visitors. You all did an incredible job serving students in person and over Zoom. Thank you for supporting academic success! - Bart Sonnenberg - Director of Tutoring & College Success

Kelly Christensen - Academic Coaching Coordinator

25 January 2021
During the fall semester Kelly led many Tutoring & College Success initiatives including Academic Coaching and SI-PASS. Under Kelly’s leadership these student support strategies were successful despite being short staffed. Kelly maintained a high level of student support by hosting workshops, meeting with students 1-on-1 to discuss study strategies while also leading multiple INTR 101 College Success Strategy courses. The success of these services would not have been possible without Kelly's super hero effort and dedication to our students' success! - Bart Sonnenberg - Director of Tutoring & College Success

Kim Osborne - Director, Administrative & Fiscal Operations

14 January 2021
Kim Osborne is the most supportive and uplifting team member in the College of Art & Architecture. She is always willing to help answer a question or solve an issue that someone on our team may be having. She is resourceful and good at her job. She has worked tirelessly to maintain the fiscal operations of the college while also strategically planning for the future. Kim has done so much for this college and has put her heart and soul into her work over the years. I would like to thank Kim for her dedicated service, leadership and mentorship here at the University of Idaho. She is a wonderful colleague and friend. - Sarah Dengler - Program Specialist

Travis Gray - Fin & HR Business Analyst, Business Systems

12 January 2021
Travis assisted me with an Argos report that needed to be updated and he did it a rapidly and made the process so easy and now I have the data I need. I can always count on Travis to provide great service with a smile! - Wendy Kerr - Senior Cost Accountant, Office of Sponsored Programs

Elmer Johnson and Phil Livelsberger - Water Systems Manager; Water Systems Operator

2 January 2021
Elmer and Phil worked tirelessly, largely behind the scenes, to collect wastewater samples from 10+ locations on campus twice each week in support of UI's SARS-CoV2 in wastewater testing. They performed this work in addition to their normal workload. They coordinated regularly and actively with us; Elmer also made himself available via text and e-mail outside regular business hours. Our team's success, and UI's success, started with Elmer and Phil. We look forward to continued collaboration for spring semester. - Erik R. Coats (also Eva Top, Thibault Stadler, Erin Mack, Cindi Brinkman) - the SARS-CoV2 wastewater team - Professor of Environmental Engineering; Dept of Civil and Environmental Engineering

College of Law Student Services Team

21 December 2020
Kudos to the College of Law student services team--Christy Becker, Rebekah Cude, Diana DeJesus, Anne-Marie Fulfer, Renee Harrison, Haley Myers, and Sande Schlueter--who put in countless hours over the summer and fall to admit and provide support for over 100 transfer students from Concordia School of Law. Each one of them stepped up without complaint to accomplish this monumental task, and their contributions are greatly appreciated. - Kristina Running - Associate Dean of Students, College of Law

Amber Schneider - Center for Volunteerism and Social Action Coordinator, Student Involvement

18 December 2020
Amber is an exceptional U of I staff and Student Affairs professional. Her initiatives and efforts have a huge and last impact, but may often go unnoticed or recognized. She is one of the most passionate, compassionate, and hardest workers I've met. She is an exemplary leader to her student employees and colleagues. During COVID-19, our students, staff, and community food insecurity has significantly increased and she has led the enhanced efforts to fundraise, fill, maintain the food pantries regularly and to collaborate with the Idaho Food Bank to bring perishable Mobile Food Pantry to our campus. She is the one consistently on the ground running around to the various pantries, grocery shopping, bagging food and handing it out to our campus and community. Additionally, a major undertaking she led on this campus was collaborating with ASUI and Latah County Clerks office to regain our polling station on campus. Nearly all of the national voting efforts, VandalVotes campaign, and registering students to vote was coordinated by Amber and her students in collaboration with ASUI. There are several other amazing and impactful programs under her area, but this year she went above and beyond with the meeting the challenges of COVID-19 and a national election year by feeding our community and getting out the vote. - Lynsie Clott - Assistant Director, Student Involvement

Laura Smythe - Ombuds

18 December 2020
Laura is an amazing human being! She supported our team when we needed her help and offered compassion in a time punctuated by anxiety and unrest. She is an amazing Ombuds and we really appreciate her! Thank you, Laura! - John Myers - Academic Success Counselor, Academic Support Programs (SEM)

Brian Dulin - Director, SSS-TRIO, Academic Support Programs (SEM)

18 December 2020
Brian is an amazing student success professional and team leader. He has goes out of his way to support his colleagues. Since he has entered our department, the morale has shot through the roof. He is compassionate and communicates very effectively. Our team is lucky to have him! Thank you, Brian, for what you bring each and every day to your work with colleagues and students. - John Myers - Academic Success Counselor, Academic Support Programs (SEM)

Cynthia Castro - Executive Director, Academic Success Initiatives (SEM)

18 December 2020
Cynthia is an amazing and supportive leader. As an example, for our team retreat this winter, she had Laura Smythe, the Ombuds, talk to us about self-care in extraordinary times. Cynthia goes above and beyond in supporting her staff. I have never had a more supportive, flexible leader to work with. Cynthia cares so much about student success, but she never loses sight of the bigger picture of staff and colleagues working together for a common goal. Thank you, Cynthia! - John Myers - Academic Success Counselor, Academic Support Programs (SEM)

Celi Rivera - Administrative Assistant, Academic Support Programs (SEM)

18 December 2020
Celi is amazing! She is so helpful with anything anyone in the department may need. She is friendly and efficient, and she keeps everyone in the department organized and informed. We couldn't ask for anyone better in this role! Thank you so much, Celi! - John Myers - Academic Success Counselor, Academic Support Programs (SEM)

Blair Ehlert - IACUC/IBC Coordinator

18 December 2020
This year we implemented the IBC module in our VERAS system (Vandals Electronic Research Administration System) and Blair was an integral part of this process. She worked tirelessly to provide the necessary forms and processes, participated in weekly update meetings, spent countless hours of testing and troubleshooting, and more. This was on top of her regular duties and at the same time the IACUC AAALAC certification process which added even more to her plate. I am so impressed with Blair's ability to juggle multiple projects and maintain a positive outlook. Thanks Blair for helping make this implementation happen! - Jennifer Meekhof - Business Process/Systems Analyst

Jen Meekhof - Business Process/Systems Analyst

18 December 2020
As the primary architect and guru of VERAS, the UI's proposal management system, Jen's dedication to customer satisfaction and endless enthusiasm to take the user experience to ever higher levels in unparalleled. She is always available, always helpful, and always goes the extra mile to help VERAS users find their way. Being the human face for an online data system means there will be tough moments, and Jen meets and overcomes them with grace. Thanks for all you do for all of us, Jen! - John Grimes - Grants and Contract Specialist, College of Engineering

Omni Francetich - Admin and Financial Specialist, Politics and Philosophy

17 December 2020
In addition to her consistent guidance and reliability, Omni developed numerous resources to help department faculty efficiently adapt to a restructured administrative office in CLASS, including a substantial FAQ and guide. - Bert Baumgaertner - Associate Professor and Acting Chair, Department of Politics and Philosophy

Linda Tedrow - GIS Analyst - Idaho Geological Survey

17 December 2020
Linda has been helping supporting the GIS Lab at the Idaho Geological Survey, taking over a number of responsibilities well beyond her duties, at a time of long transition at the managerial position. Her technical skills are allowing the lab to make considerable progress, her deep knowledge of lab procedures has allowed her to taken over the training role for new employees and her collegial personality is helping the Lab team to feel united at a time of difficult personal interaction. - Claudio Berti - Director, Idaho Geological Survey

Krista Bateman - Management Assistant - Auxiliary Services

17 December 2020
The PTS team is so grateful for Krista's efficiency, thoroughness and assistance in moving searches through the hiring process in a timely manner. Thank you, Krista, we appreciate you!! - Rebecca Couch - Director, Parking & Transportation Services

Renee Jensen-Hasfurther - Department of Geography and Geological Sciences

17 December 2020
With the combining of the former Departments of Geography and Geological Sciences into one unit this year, the workload of the Administrative Assistant for the former Department of Geography double almost overnight, but Renee has handled the transition calmly and with grace. She is always reliable, always knows the answer, and has been willing to share her knowledge with other departments in the College as they have struggled with their own staffing shortages. - Jerry P Fairley - Chair, Department of Geography and Geological Sciences

Kelly Christensen - Academic Coaching Coordinator

17 December 2020
Kelly has taken on multiple roles and headed multiple search committees within Academic Support Programs. She is such an amazing advocate for her students, and an amazing teacher as well. Her team appreciates her dedication to student success and her willingness to be flexible and adapt to a changing work environment due to the challenges of the coronavirus pandemic. Kelly is always willing to be helpful and she is extremely competent while juggling multiple roles and responsibilities. Thank you, Kelly! - John Myers - Academic Success Counselor, SSS-TRIO, Academic Support Programs (SEM)

Jessica Samuels - Academic Success Counselor

17 December 2020
Jessica works closely with her students and colleagues and always makes them feel welcomed into the UI community. She also holds multiple service positions at the local and regional level to advance student success initiatives. She is a wonderful adviser and confidant for her students. - John Myers - Academic Success Counselor, SSS-TRIO, Academic Support Programs (SEM)

Irene Jones - Technology Solutions Partner

17 December 2020
Irene has worked with me on several elusive and troublesome computer issues. She came to my office to investigate and apply firmware, software, and driver updates on multiple occasions; when the trouble persisted she did some investigating and responded with the solution. She also follows up to make sure things are going well and to ask if there are any further issues before closing a ticket. Irene is very pleasant to work with and her customer service is exemplary - she deserves a promotion and kudos! - Jennifer Meekhof - Business Process/Systems Analyst, Office of Sponsored Programs

Cari Espenschade - Assistant to the AVP for Development, University Advancement

17 December 2020
Cari took on her position while her supervisor's role was vacant - which is a risk in and of itself! Now that the supervisor is on board, Cari supports him as well as four other units in University Development with distinct missions and operations. She is always calm, competent and courteous. And she's fun, too! It's a pleasure to work with Cari and to have her on our team. - Sharon Morgan - Senior Director, Office of Estate, Trust and Gift Planning

Customer Services Team Daniel Urrutia, Lauren Smith, Amanda Kelly, Charity Wight, Nic Cress - Housing and Residence Life

15 December 2020
I want to give a huge shout out to the team that has worked tirelessly through COVID. Daniel, Lauren, Amanda, Charity and Nic serve our students daily, they have done so with a smile and great empathy during this pandemic. They show up every day willing to take on the newest challenge or change. This team is a pleasure to serve with. - Jennifer Skinner - Customer Relations Manager, Housing and Residence Life

Mercedes Frausto - Academic Success Counselor

15 December 2020
Mercedes always goes above and beyond for her students and for her colleagues. She brings a wonderfully positive attitude to everything she does. I appreciate her warmth and professionalism, especially during a semester that has been challenging for everyone. - John Myers - Academic Success Counselor

John Kosh - Marketing Director Auxiliary Services

8 December 2020
Kosh always goes above and beyond to meet the marketing goals of all the departments in Auxiliary services. He works long hours but never hesitates to take time to help out employees when needed. He produces high quality work and encourages the same from those he works with. He definitely deserves a Kudo for his hard work! - Mikyla Wood - Marketing Coordinator

Special Collections Staff (Amy Thompson, Courtney Berge and Michelle Shannon) - Archives and Special Collections

8 December 2020
The Archives and Special Collections staff do an amazing amount of work literally unseen, locked away in the secure basement of the Library. They do everything from artifact preservation to coding digital projects and they have a depth of knowledge of and passion for the University that is unmatched. Look at the photo credit for any historical image of the university and it came from them. The decorations in the President's house? Came from them. Do you like being able to look up your parents or even grandparents yearbook photos online? That was them. So much of the texture of Vandal life is cared for by the Archives and Special Collections staff! - Robert Perret - Librarian, Library

Sean Sullivan - Technology Solutions Partner 3

4 December 2020
If you've ever struggled with technology systems on campus, then you've either met or heard of Sean Sullivan. He's one of the most recognizable staff members on campus, and his helpful, friendly nature can diffuse even the most frustrating situations. It should come as no surprise that Sean came to the rescue when the College of Education, Health & Human Sciences needed the most help. Just as we attempted to open our SharePoint data portal to state and federal accreditation reviewers, we discovered barriers to external access. In less than 24 hours, Sean masterfully assessed the situation, identified two possible solutions, and set out testing each one. We averted a crisis thanks to his swift and expert action and proceeded with our virtual review without further problems. - Tonia Dousay - Associate Dean, Accreditation & Assessment; College of Education, Health & Human Sciences

Becky Baumgartner - Customer Service Rep 2 - Parking and Transportation Services

1 December 2020
Becky thought completely out of the box and came up with the option of us having a Drop Box installed in our lobby. This is particularly helpful now that our office has moved to an all-online mode of service. Many customers have utilized the box resulting in timely ticket payment and permit refunds, fewer upset customers and a much more positive customer experience. Becky continually sees things from the customer point of view and uses that to make our office a better place with each and every interaction. Go Becky! - Summer Howard - Office Manager - Parking and Transportation Services

Brandon Faunce - Captioning and Notetaking Program Coordinator

1 December 2020
Brandon is an amazing person to work with! Not only did he reduce anxiety within my interview process, he managed to make it relaxing and an overall enjoyable experience. He is pretty understanding and peppy in personality, and I love that his communication is always open, kind, respectable, and relatable. Thanks, Brandon, for being an awesome coordinator! - Jennie Lee Tafoya - Notetaker, Center for Disability Access and Resources

David Pittsley - Office Manager - President's Office

1 December 2020
I reached out to David at 4:24 pm asking him if he could get 186 certificates sign for the Staff Council Longevity Awards with turn around by noon the next day. He happily obliged and offered to even pick them up at my office the next morning before he even started work! David's efforts are definitely above and beyond, worth recognition and greatly appreciated. - Summer Howard - Office Manager - Parking and Transportation Services

Ken Williams - Team Cleaning Specialist, Facilities

1 December 2020
At the start of the fiscal year, custodial and maintenance staff in Housing and Residence Life began reporting through Facilities. Even though he had been at the institution for years, Ken was brought onto the Housing and Residence Life team at the beginning of the semester as a custodial supervisor. He quickly jumped into this new role and has truly excelled from the moment he joined our team. Ken is incredibly attentive to the unique needs that being in a student's personal space presents, as opposed to cleaning academic spaces. Ken has been very willing to learn from the experienced HRL custodial staff but is not afraid to ask questions and pose new, more effective ways to accomplish tasks. Ken works hard to build and maintain relationships with not only his direct report team but also other staff within Housing and Residence Life.

Ken has continually gone above and beyond in his role this semester. He has worked directly with students to ensure that their rooms are up to their, and his, standards when these students needed to move rooms immediately. He enthusiastically responds and addresses concerns during campus prevue events such as Envision Idaho, wanting to make sure that our facility spaces are clean for visitors to campus. He even changed his Halloween costume to fit in with his team's planned group costume!

Overall, Ken's hard work and dedication to his position and team is truly inspirational. We are lucky to have such a dedicated, and fun to work with, member of our team in our department. This kudos is just a small way for us to show Ken how much those of us in Housing and Residence Life appreciate everything that Ken has done, and continues to do, for our students. - Renee Skau, on behalf of the entire Housing and Residence Life team - Associate Director, Housing and Residence Life

Jessica Fleener - Team Cleaning Lead

30 November 2020
Jessica made every professional staff and graduate assistant within the Recreation & Wellbeing Department a personalized UI holiday ornament. She did this completely on her own and without any of us having a clue. The ornaments will keep our "Giving Tree" looking great and festive after all our tags disappear. Jessica is so kind and thoughtful and deserves to be recognized. - Brian Mahoney - Associate Director, Recreation & Wellbeing

Jessica Fleener - Team Cleaning Lead

30 November 2020
Jessica helped put up the Giving Tree in the Student Rec Center. To help make the tree festive she took the time to make each staff member a handmade ornament with their name. Her thoughtfulness was greatly appreciated! - Kristin Strong - Marketing Coordinator for Recreation and Wellbeing

Brenda Ingalls - Statewide Training Coordinator, CDHD, IdahoSTARS

30 November 2020
Brenda is a fabulous supervisor that deserves a huge Kudos! Being a new employee, Brenda has been exemplary during the training process, along with communicating all the essential knowledge needed for my new position. Sharing her experiences and caring demeanor has made me feel welcomed and included within the training team. Brenda's skill set and hard-working ethic is something I look up to and appreciate. I am so blessed to have this opportunity to work with Brenda. Thank you for being an amazing supervisor! - Stacy Stooks - Professional Development Specialist, CDHD, IdahoSTARS

Sumit Shahi - Technology Solutions Partner

24 November 2020
I work for the football program here at the University an Sumit has been extremely helpful with our technology setup throughout my time working here. As of recently Sumit helped out with the ordering of a few of our new coaches laptops along with the setup and configuration of connecting with our sports software client to make sure everything works smoothly on our end. Sometimes dealing with the day to day technology issues of our staff can be a handful, but Sumit is always willing and able to help us deal with what we need. Kudos to Sumit! - Matt Weinberg - Idaho football- video director and technology services

Allie Schumacker - HR Management Assistant

23 November 2020
Allie is positive force on the HR team. She comes to work each day with a cheerful attitude. Allie goes above and beyond to seek out work, provide support to the entire HR team and keeps our office running smooth. She ensures we have the tools and supplies needed to perform our jobs.

Allie takes pride in her job and work efforts. She is the glue that keeps our office running efficiently and she does it with a positive, helpful attitude.

Kudos to Allie, YOU make a very positive difference on our team! - Arlette Jameson - HR Benefit Services - Benefits Specialist

TRIO INSPIRE - College of Education, Health & Human Sciences-TRIO INSPIRE

20 November 2020
TRIO INSPIRE during the COVID-19 had to reorganize and recreate to continue to serve their participants and their needs and the needs of the grant. They did so without complaints, excuses or missing a beat. I am so proud of our team and their resilience. GO TEAM!!!! - Tracy Kanikkeberg - Operations Compliance Manager

Kalli Sorber - CDHD- IdahoSTARS

20 November 2020
Kalli is always determined to help out her colleagues within the IdahoSTARS Project and will find time to assist anyone in need. I admire her time management with all the tasks she undertakes and the variety of knowledge she has to manage the many hats she wears. Her customer service skills answering phones at the training office is always exceptionally pleasant and the training videos and presentations she creates for new employees is well thought out and extremely helpful. I appreciate her dedication and kindness within the IdahoSTARS training office and her positive moral is contagious. Kudos to you, Kalli! - Stacy Stooks - Professional Development Specialist, CDHD- IdahoSTARS

Andrea Ingram - Case Manager

18 November 2020
Andrea has been on the front line of calling students with COVID-19 and following up to make sure they have the care and support they need. Her work, dedication and care she has put in is amazing. - Aaron Fealy - Associate Director Recreation and Wellbeing

Dusty Fleener - Training Coordinator, Employee Development & Learning

18 November 2020
Dusty went out of his way to provide a personalized training session on GSMU for me. He did an outstanding job and filled me in on everything I requested as well as several other items I was not aware of that will help me with my role in our department. In addition, he provided further training materials and links in several emails that will be useful for myself and my crew in expanding our knowledge of the GSMU program as well as Excel. Dusty is such a positive person and makes learning fun and enjoyable. Keep up the great work Dusty. It is greatly appreciated! - Brian Mahoney - Associate Director, Recreation & Wellbeing

Madie Brown - Assistant Director for Alcohol & Other Drug Initiatives

18 November 2020
Madie has attended multiple trainings and webinars, collaborated with numerous campus stakeholders, is leading the advisory group through a SWOT analysis, and is collaborating state-wide with other institutions of higher education to ensure our campus is in compliance with the Drug Free Schools & Communities Act. She is compiling and editing both the Annual Notification regarding alcohol and other drugs and Biennial Review in order to maintain compliance. The accurate and complete compilation of these projects takes a great deal of time, commitment, and attention to detail. Madie balances them effortlessly in addition to her other job responsibilities addressing student wellbeing on campus. - Emily Tuschhoff - Director of Health Promotion, Recreation & Wellbeing

Amanda Ferstead - Mental Health Program Coordinator

18 November 2020
Amanda has worked hard this semester to get several new initiatives off the ground in support of student wellbeing on campus. Both virtual Mental Health First Aid and Sources of Strength are evidence based prevention programs that take quite a bit of coordination and time to implement with fidelity. Amanda has launched both programs with ease and is forming great relationships with students implementing the Sources of Strength model through our Wellbeing Ambassador program. She is a great team player and always eager to help out! - Emily Tuschhoff - Director of Health Promotion, Recreation & Wellbeing

Travis Akin - TSP Region 8

17 November 2020
A HUGE shout out to Travis Akin who is our IT go-to TSP guy (region 8)!! He ALWAYS comes running right away anytime we need his IT expertise and assistance - which we do a lot! Travis has the best attitude and will ALWAYS make sure that we are taken care of! He makes our technology-challenged lives SO MUCH easier! We need more people on our campus with his CAN-DO attitude! THANK YOU! - Laila Cornwall - Associate Director, International Programs Office

April Shuck & Jacob Milleson - Financial & Administration Assistant

13 November 2020
April and Jake have managed and distributed Alumni Awards for Excellence and Student Alumni Relations "Hugs from Home" packages to our students all while doing their regular work to keep the Alumni Relations Office operating smoothly and providing awesome customer service. Many of our work and events have shifted to virtual, which has meant relying on April & Jake to help execute the wrap up and execute the delivery, which they have done wonderfully! - Marie Duncan - Alumni Relations

Jennifer Burdin - Operations Admin - University of Idaho Boise

12 November 2020
We have had a big change over of leadership and retirements. Upon the retirement of our Facilities & Operations Manager, Jenny took on all the duties related to facilities and operations. Jenny has taken on the duties, some of which there was no hand off, to keep the service levels high.

Jenny was a key facilitator to the build out of the expansion of the Law program at the Water Center. She was the point person in purchasing furniture, coordinating moves with Law, creating Vandal Cards for building access for approximately 150 staff, faculty and students, and a host of other duties outside her normal role.

Upon the loss of another employee, she has taken on our International Students DSO role.

Jenny is a core member of our team in Boise and should be acknowledged for her sacrifice, and customer service focus that make U of I Boise the successful place that it is. - Teresa Amos - IT Manager, U of I Boise

Jana Joyce - Math Program Manager

12 November 2020
Jana has helped in so many ways this fiscal year! Biology lost their financial person, and she was willing to step-up and help the unit out until someone could be hired. She did this without complaint. She is always willing to go the extra mile to get the job done not only on campus, or within one College, her willingness has impacted the Moscow community as well. She has made difficult projects easier for everyone, while adhering to her own daily tasks. She has an amazing heart, is a great colleague, and friend! - Renee Jensen-Hasfurther - Admin. Financial Specialist

Mark Brooker and Aaron Rice - Electricians

11 November 2020
We had several issues at the nursery a couple weeks ago. There was no power to the electrical outlets in one of our greenhouses and we needed two additional electrical boxes installed with conduit lines to two new 20 amp breakers in the seedling quality lab for a research experiment. I talked with Mark Brooker about sending an electrician out to the nursery. The next day Aaron arrived and I showed him what was needed in the greenhouse and the seedling quality lab. Aaron was super positive and said he could have both jobs finished in a couple days. The next day Aaron was working on the power issue in the greenhouse and started work in the lab. He finished restoring power to the greenhouse and said the electrical work in the lab would be completed on Tuesday. Tuesday arrived and Aaron finished installing the electrical boxes.

I wanted to write and let you know how helpful and supportive both Mark and Aaron were in helping out the UI Pitkin Forest Nursery with our electrical issues. The electrical work in the greenhouse and the seedling quality lab was excellent. The Nursery Director was pleased to have the work completed in such a timely manner. - Don Regan - Manager, Franklin H. Pitkin Nursery

John Grimes - Engineering

11 November 2020
John needed to quickly learn all there is to know about our TechHelp grant in order to help me complete the proposal process. He was extremely thorough, paying close attention to all the numbers, all the rules, etc. He has been so kind and patient as we've walked through the many complicated pieces together. I'm grateful for his help and attention to detail. Way to go John!! You helped me tremendously! - Denise Engebrecht - Program Manager, Engineering, Boise

Mareesa Wimbish - Technical Records Specialist II

3 November 2020
In just under 2 months we went from an office staff of 10 to 6. It has been a challenging time in the Student Accounts office and Mareesa has helped the team in numerous ways. She has given up her lunches and stayed after work to help with any tasks needing completed. As of August 28th Mareesa, was the only cashier until October 26th. She has helped with training a new hire that we had over the summer and is currently training our new cashier. She has been willing to take on any task that we give her. We have combined portions of three different jobs on top of her regular duties, and she has never acted as if anything has changed. She comes to work and gets the job done, with exceptional attitude and customer service. It is truly amazing the quality of work that she has put out with the quantity that has been put on her. We could not have made it through the last 4 months without her. Thank you Mareesa! - Michelle Beagley - Asst. Manager, Student Accounts/Cashiers

Michael Bishop - English

30 October 2020
Mike engages with students in such a caring and compassionate way. He shows concern by submitting Care Reports and by following up with each student with a heartfelt email or outreach. Mike is empathetic and sensitive to the students and lets them know they are not alone. I so appreciate him and his contribution to our Vandal Family. He is a perfect example of Vandals taking care of Vandals! - Andrea Ingram - Case Manager, Dean of Students Office

Sumit Shahi - Technology Solutions Partner 1

20 October 2020
Always ready to assist with a friendly smile. Very knowledgeable. Sumit helped me set up my DUO multiple times. He has also helped me in the past with my laptop and software issues via remote sessions. - Victora Bangudu - TRIO Outreach Coordinator

Kacey Parks - Academic Advisor

15 October 2020
Kacey has done a great job at reaching out and following up with me, and I'm sure others, to make sure each student gets assigned the appropriate advisor. She is always friendly and expedient in her responses. It makes a big difference for students to have someone making sure they get assigned an advisor, and it is something that without Kacey, I know would go unnoticed and many students wouldn't be getting the appropriate advising they need. - Omni Francetich - Administrative and Financial Specialist, CLASS

Ryan Watson - Campus Events & Production Manager

15 October 2020
Ryan Watson and his Admin Operations team did an incredible job planning and executing the facilities logistics for our Fall Career Fair on October 7th. Ryan was very responsive to numerous conversations leading up to the event in order to accommodate necessary changes to the fair due to COVID-19 health and safety protocols. He did an outstanding job meeting our needs while valuing the health and safety of fair participants. Event set-up, day-of support, and take-down were accomplished with great efficiency despite operating with a fraction of his usual crew size. We hosted 42 organizations and had 500 students attend. The fair was one of the only face-to-face career fairs in the region, and it was successful because of the exceptional customer service and attention to detail of Ryan and his team. They all have our heartfelt thanks and appreciation. - Jamie Garlinghouse - Manager of Employer Relations & Events, Career Services

Monette Glenn - Program Assistant - Eat Smart Idaho District 2

15 October 2020
Monette goes above and beyond to help every employee at Eat Smart Idaho. She is the most kind and caring individual. She juggles not only her own responsibilities, but when someone is in need of help with on of their projects (even if it's just printing or cutting something) she is always jumping in to help. She is the backbone to Eat Smart Idaho - District 2 - Heather Whitehead - Community Nutrition Advisor - Eat Smart Idaho

Eric Labombarda - IT Analyst

5 October 2020
Since the start of COVID-19 Eric has been supporting our end user community in Boise while doing all the on site preparations and coordination for the expansion of the Law Program into the Idaho Water Center. This was all done to have additional learning and teaching spaces for the large number of students we transferred from Concordia Law upon their close. - Teresa Amos - IT Manager, U of I Boise

Thad Gilkey - Electric Shop Lead

28 September 2020
My Hardscape department was paving a project at the corner of Sweet and Blake. Due to a couple of recent resignations we were extremely short handed. Raking and shoveling hot asphalt is extremely physically demanding. Thad stopped by to check on an electrical box that was installed in that area to be paved. When Thad arrived, he grabbed an extra shovel and without asking started leveling the asphalt with the rest of the crew. No questions asked, he just jumped right in. He stayed until it was complete. His help was much appreciate by me and my team. Thanks Thad! - Lewis Paul - Facilities Management - Hardscape/Mechanical Shops Supervisor

Sean Sullivan - Technology Solutions Partner 3

22 September 2020
Sean has a very good rapport with customers, employees and visitors and can smooth the waters with even the most frustrated person. Sean has a can do attitude which helps put people at ease as he works on your issue. Sean's experience and knowledge of campus and of his services helps get answers quickly and efficiently for the customer and those using his departments services. Sean really is a great asset when it comes to the University of Idaho and it is a true joy to work with him. If it was up to me I would be happy to give him a 50% pay increase and a three week paid vacation to anywhere in the world that he wants to go, he deserves it! - Charles Hatfield - Facilities

Payroll Services

10 September 2020
This week is National Payroll Week (September 7-11th). Our office wants to thank our Payroll team for all of their constant hard work, patience and dedication to the University and our family. Their team currently consists of 3 people who make sure that all UI employees (over 5,000 people) get paid correctly and on time. You all are incredible and your hard work never goes unnoticed. Thank you! - Human Resources

Kris Baird-Anderson - Graduation Specialist

2 September 2020
I would like to say "Thank you," to Kris Baird-Anderson. She is literally doing the work of 3 people and still manages to respond to each of my requests and inquiries in a timely manner. She is a dedicated employee who really knows how to put students first. The College of Graduate Studies appreciates her dedication to making the "graduation experience" a positive one for students at the U of I. I don't know what we would do with out her. - Lana Unger - Manager of Graduate Student Services, College of Graduate Studies

Jessica Fleener - Team Cleaning Lead

27 August 2020
We have been unable to purchase anymore OEM refill containers for our automatic sanitizer dispensers within the SRC for months.

Jessica took it upon herself to see if it was possible to refill our old empty containers with a gel sanitizer product which is readily available. It took a couple weeks and multiple tries, but she finally figured out how to dismantle the container, clean it, refill it with the new product and make it work in our auto dispensing units. We've been doing a test run and as of now, the dispensers are all working great.

Her can-do attitude and determination are a model for others to follow. Without her ingenuity, our patrons would be forced to use pump bottles which is less than ideal to say the least. - Helen Brown - Clinical Associate Professor

Brandon Gardner - Technology Solutions Partner 2

26 August 2020
Brandon has offered such excellent, friendly and professional technology support enabling faculty to quickly gain skills needed for the new hyper-flex teaching mode. I appreciate his skills and his kind, patient, and caring manner. Thank you, Brandon. - Helen Brown - Clinical Associate Professor


26 August 2020
CETL has worked so hard over the summer to prepare faculty for teaching this semester. Their posted materials and webinars have been incredibly useful as we try to find ways to teach in a very difficult environment. I've emailed them many times, and they always are quick with a thorough, helpful response. - Ashley Kerr - Assistant Professor of Spanish, MLC

Julia McIlroy - Director, Purchasing Services

18 August 2020
Julia McIlroy and her purchasing team have worked tirelessly this summer to provide PPE for the Moscow campus faculty/staff and students. We so appreciate your efforts and thank you for helping us all stay Vandal Safe. - Twila Brown - Assistant to the Dean

Sumit Shahi - Technology Solution Partner

12 August 2020
Sumit just helped answer a bunch of computer usage questions I had, getting me up to speed on syncing with OneDrive, SharePoint, and how to make sure I have all the software updates, which has become super critical in the COVID-19 online work environment. Sumit is always super cheerful, friendly, and competent. In general the EHHS support TS team has always been positive and competent in helping our STEM Access TRIO project. - Sonja Kirsten LaPaglia - Directors, TRIO-INSPIRE

Kathy Duke - Assistant to the Dean - Engineering

27 July 2020
Even though Kathy got a new position at U of I, she still was willing and happy to help with questions pertaining to her previous position. I really appreciate her help, she is awesome! - Mikyla Wood - Management Assistant - COGS

Dan Noble - Employment Services Specialist

27 July 2020
Dan Noble is very patient and helpful and I really appreciate all his help while I am learning how to put EPAF's on the system. I really appreciate his expertise and the fact that he is quick to answer any questions I have while learning. - Mikyla Wood - Management Assistant - COGS

Elise Kokenge - Administrative Specialist, Natural Resources and Society

5 July 2020
Elise always has a positive attitude, no matter what else is happening at the university. When I get in touch with her about an issue and she doesn't know the answer, she is quick to find out and get back to me. She displays empathy for other people's circumstances and places a high priority on accuracy and thoroughness, which shows clearly in the quality of her work. I always smile when my phone rings and it's Elise on the other end of the line. - Amy Kingston - Academic Publications Editor, Registrar's Office

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