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Current Retiree Medical Benefits

You must know the tier you qualify for, or have retired under in order to understand the information on this page and all related sub-pages. If you are already retired and do not know your tier, you can contact Benefit Services at or 208-885-3697 or 800-646-6174. If you are considering retirement within the next 12 months, please submit a Tier request which you can access on the retirement web page.  If you have billing questions, please contact the Benefits Center at at 208-885-3697 or 800-646-6174.

Retiree medical and prescription information is outlined below according to the two types of retiree plans available, Pre-65 for those retirees who have not yet turned age 65 and Post-65 for those who are age 65 or older.   

Pre-65 Medical and Prescription Plan Information

Pre-65 Medical Benefits At-a-Glance for 2020

CVS Caremark administers the prescription drug benefit for Pre-65 retirees on all tiers.  Please access the CVS Caremark website for information on ordering prescriptions, understanding your plan, benefits and the medications you have been prescribed.

Dental and Vision benefits are not offered on the University of Idaho Retiree Health Plans

Post-65 Medical and Prescription Plan Information

Post-65 Medical Benefits At-a-Glance for 2020

SilverScript Prescription Drug Plan is available to Tier I Plan A Post-65 retirees only.  Please review the 2020 SilverScript Summary of Benefits for additional information on this plan.

Prescription drug coverage for all other tiers, Plans A and B ends with Medicare eligibility and is not covered under your Post-65 retiree health plan.  You must purchase a separate Medicare Part D drug plan on your own.  A certificate of creditable coverage will be mailed to you home upon Medicare eligibility.  This certificate allows you to transition to Medicare Part D coverage effective the first of the following month after your University prescription drug plan terminates.  Please review the Retiree Creditable Coverage Notice for additional information.

Health Reimbursement Account (HR) - Once Medicare eligible under Tier II and III, Plan A, the University provides a reimbursement stipend to the retiree in lieu of prescription drug coverage.  The reimbursement is provided through an HRA.  Please review the FAQ on the HRA stipend for additional information.

Retiree Death Benefit is available to Tier 1, Plan A and B, Pre-65 and Post-65 retirees.  Please review the Retiree Death Benefit Plan Document for additional information.  If you need to add or change your beneficiary, please complete the Retiree Death Benefit Beneficiary Form.    

Retiree Rates

Retiree rates for all tiers, all plans for Pre-65 and Post-65 are available for your review.


You will receive monthly billings for the plan choices you make and the dependents that you enroll.  Pre-authorized bank draft, also known as ACH is required to pay for your cost of retiree health coverage.  To setup direct withdrawal from your checking or savings account, please complete the Retiree ACH Registration Form.  

Important Note - If you currently pay by personal check through your bank, starting January 1, 2020, you will be required to pay the monthly administrative fee to process payments made by check.  If you currently pay for retiree coverage by check, and enroll in automatic payments through ACH, you will not pay the fee.  

If you have questions or need assistance, contact U of I Benefit Services at 208-885-3697 or 800-646-6174.

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