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50 feminist things

50 Feminist Things To Do on the Palouse

  1. Visit the University of Idaho Women’s Center!  
  2. Visit the LGBTQA Office at the University of Idaho or the Gender Identity/ Expression and Sexual Orientation Resource Center at Washington State University! 
  3. Volunteer with Alternatives to Violence in the Palouse
  4. Check out the Palouse River Rollers roller derby team! 
  5. Visit Safari Pearl – Moscow’s comics, game, and costume shop, co-owned by two awesome feminists! 
  6. Attend a TabiKat drag show! Held monthly at the Moose Lodge in Moscow. 
  7. Check out a DVD from Howard Hughes Video. Watch feminist titles like Thelma and Louise, Persepolis, The Color Purple, A League of Their Own, Erin Brockovich, Whale Rider, or Fried Green Tomatoes.
  8. Organize a protest or rally.
  9. Attend the University of Idaho’s annual FEMFest!
  10. Join one of the local Moscow chapters of Dining for Women
  11. Organize an essay-writing contest, speech or debate about current women’s issues.
  12. Write some spoken word and participate in a feminist poetry slam
  13. Start or submit your work to a feminist blog!
  14. Attend lectures or talks by women for women. 
  15. Join the Moscow Women’s Giving Circle
  16. Attend LunaFest Women’s Film Festival in March during Women’s History Month, the only national festival of independent short films by, for, and about women.
  17. Donate to or volunteer with local non-profits that support women.
  18. Conduct a donation drive for the Moscow food bank or collect items for our local homeless shelter, Sojourner’s Alliance.
  19. Write to your favorite women’s magazine and ask them to change their content to favor women and to reconsider the use of Photoshop.
  20. Support women’s athletics! The Vandal women’s basketball team are currently the WAC champions! Go to their games!
  21. Attend Washington State University’s Women’s Recognition Luncheon.
  22. Visit the University of Idaho’s library or the Moscow Public Library! Check out bell hooks’ classic "Feminism is for Everybody."  If you can’t find it, request it! 
  23. Vote! Make your voice heard.  
  24. Join the Moscow League of Women Voters.
  25. Research the laws in your area and contact your Latah County senator and representatives.
    Senator Dan J. Schmidt  |  Home (208) 882-6328
    Representative Cindy L. Agidius   |  Home (208) 301-0246; Work (208) 883-9700
    Representative Shirley G. Ringo  |  Home (208) 883-1005; Work (208) 301-2272
  26. Attend the Palouse Pride Parade and Festival in August! 
  27. Audition for or attend The Vagina Monologues! Auditions held in the fall, performances in February. Contact the University of Idaho Women’s Center for more information.
  28. Do yoga at a woman-owned studio.     
  29. Support businesses that support equal rights for women.
  30. Support bystander intervention for interpersonal violence and join the UI’s Green Dot team!
  31. Create woman-centered artwork and join the Palouse Women Artists
  32. Refrain from using gendered terms such as, “you guys,” or gendered put-downs, such as “bitch” or “slut.”
  33. Advocate for better childcare facilities, and with children, use gender non-specific colors and toys.
  34. Be an ally for inclusivity and contact the Bias Incident Response Team to report acts of bias or hate on campus. 24-hour hotline: (800) 775-1056
  35. Encourage school boards to promote comprehensive sexual education in schools.
  36. Start a discussion about the myths and misconceptions of rape and sexual assault.
  37. Follow blogs and other social media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram) forums that discuss feminism, e.g.
  38. Take a Women’s Studies course at the University of Idaho. 
  39. Wear feminist buttons, t-shirts, and other feminist accessories around the Palouse! Ask the UI Women’s Center for a button or purchase one of their “This is What a Feminist Looks Like” t-shirts.
  40. Launch a campaign against anti-feminist literature or films, or any material that a feminist might find challenging.
  41. Ask a friend what feminism means to them.
  42. Write to a pen pal.
  43. Start a discussion about feminism with members of your school, church or community.
  44. Participate in a Zumbathon to raise money for breast cancer research.
  45. Visit the Moscow Farmer’s Market every Saturday morning, May through October, and be sure to stop by the University of Idaho Women’s Center’s booth! 
  46. Start a Hollaback Campaign to end street harassment in our community. 
  47. Submit your story to The Everyday Sexism Project
  48. Read and subscribe to feminist magazines like Bust, Bitch, Ms., Curve, Make/Shift, Go! and Tom Tom.
  49. Research feminist history. Read about the initiators and key people of different waves of feminism. Also, look up countries that still have not granted women's rights to full personhood, such as the right to vote, drive, testify in court, have an abortion, or be protected from prosecution when they are raped.