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Mentoring Program

2013-2014 Mentoring Program Coordinator
Melissa Flores
Phone: (208) 512-4242



What our past mentors have thought about the program, class, and experience:

“I was able to integrate what we had learned and discussed in class not only through my relationship with my mentee, but also in my everyday life….This class has taught me multiple techniques on how to better communicate and express myself.” –Senior, psychology

“The Women’s Mentoring Program has taught me that focusing on your strengths in life instead of your weaknesses is the best thing that you can do for yourself.” –Junior, psychology

“Many of the topics which we strived to understand throughout the semester also helped us understand ourselves more fully and enhanced our ability to serve those around us….As a result of the semseter’s discussions, reflections and activities, as guided by the university state learning outcomes and feminist ideals, I have developed as an individual and as part of a larger community. I am better able to serve not only as a mentor to my peers, and those younger than me, but also my local community. I believe the outcomes of my education in the Exploring Mentoring and Leadership course as well as my participation in the Women’s Mentoring Program have exemplified that which the University of Idaho hopes its students will gain from their education at this institution.” –Senior, sociology

“I have a responsibility to not only be the best I can be, but to help other women do the same, which is at the very heart of mentoring. True contentment is not buying into the lie that we need to compete with each other to be the prettiest, sexiest, smartest, richest, or most accomplished. To build another up does not diminish me in any way. As a mentor I continue to support my sister in all circumstances. I will rejoice in her victories, mourn with her in her losses and comfort her in her sorrow, and in all ways encourage her to live her very best life.” –Senior, psychology

“Having a mentor during this time can be helpful and encouraging. Mentors can be guides to understanding what help is available on campus, how to get involved in activities or organizations, giving tips on how to use time management while still having fun. I also believe that having a mentor during the first year can decrease stress about the challenges they might face because they have someone who supports them and wants to encourage them to have a healthy and fun college experience….After working with all sorts of different women in this program and having the opportunity to not only guide someone else, I’ve learned a lot about myself. I’m now positive that I have the ability to work with youth and help support their successes and encourage a healthy and happy lifestyle. I’m grateful for the experiences I’ve had and look forward to applying my knowledge out in society.” –Senior, dance

“I believe women find power in one another and harness it….We want first-year students to succeed and develop a good network of people. As mentors, we are there for these women to help them with something as basic as showing them the way to the health center to handling something as in-depth as personal problems. We are a confidant and can become a support system. The program seeks to empower women through building strong and positive relationships….In general, being part of a mentoring partnership provides one with someone to face problems with.” –Senior, sociology

“I feel extremely privileged to have been a part of the Mentoring Program this year, it is a great experience that I would not change for anything. It has taught me a lot about myself and because of that I was able to change things in my own life that were making me unhappy. I have a great mentee that I love talking to and I am able to help her out…Not only did I just get a mentee but I also got a community that if I ever had a question someone had the answer, I had a place where I felt free to ask any question I wanted and not feel judged for it, it was almost like we were all mentors to each other in a way.” –Junior, political science

“During the semester, I explored my personal values, my ethical stances on challenging situations, and how to become a positive mentor and leader….The purpose of this course is to become effective and compassionate mentors and leaders on campus. For me personally, I see myself fulfilling this goal with my peers within the classroom. I have come to see my classmates as both mentors and mentees, we learn from each other, show each other compassion, and demonstrate leadership through discussions and group activities. For me, the relationships with my peers through deep conversations have been a transformational experience, which helps foster transformational experiences for mentees.” –Graduate student, Adult/Organizational Learning & Leadership