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University of Idaho Spirit Squad

Joe Vandal Visit

Request a Visit from Joe Vandal and/or the Spirit Squad

Did you know you can request an appearance by the University of Idaho Spirit Squad or Joe Vandal?

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  • How does a Joe Vandal Visit Work?
    Joe Vandal is a member of the Vandal Spirit Squad and therefore abides by all spirit squad rules & policies pertaining to eligibility, academics, and model behavior. Only students who have been selected upon the completion of the Joe Vandal tryout process and meet these requirements are allowed to portray Joe Vandal. 

    Private parties are able to request Joe for appearances, such as, but not limited to; weddings, birthdays, or celebrations as long as the appearance is not used to further political, religious, or other motives not conducive to the standards of the University of Idaho. Joe can attend an event for a maximum of 2 hours.

    The University of Idaho, its Athletic Department programs, Vandal Scholarship Fund, President’s Office and the UI Alumni Association will receive priority in any appearance made by Joe. Joe is not able to attend any events during home athletic events (Football, Basketball, Volleyball, Soccer, Swimming, etc.) 

    All requests for Joe appearances must be submitted in writing to the Vandal Spirit Squad Coordinator a minimum of 2 weeks prior to the scheduled event. An email will be sent upon receipt of any requests. This is not a confirmation for the appearance. Should the requesting party not receive an email, please contact the Spirit Squad office immediately to make sure the request has been received. Event requests will be confirmed a minimum of one week prior to the scheduled event. 

    All requests made to UI branch campuses will be directed to the Vandal Spirit Squad Coordinator for approval. 
    To uphold the University mascot standards, only individuals who have received Vandal Sprit Program training and authorization may wear the mascot uniform and perform as "Joe".
  • Policies and Procedures
    • All requests must be made via the official Joe Vandal request form and sent via mail, email or fax. 
    • Joe Vandal must be supplied with a private, lockable area for changing for all events outside of the Pullman/Moscow area. 
    • Water/Food must be provided for any events over 2 hours away from Pullman/Moscow area, or events that take place with a meal. 
    • Maximum of 2 hours per event requested, with mandatory 10 minute breaks per hour to keep performer health, readiness, and suit integrity intact. 

  • What is the Cost?

    The cost for Joe to attend an event will be the following:

    • Base Hourly Rate: $150
    • Mileage: 55.5 cents/mile
      * Joe is a resident of the UI - Moscow Campus, and all mileage will be counted from his 

    Home address: 
    Kibbie-ASUI Activity Center 
    875 Perimeter Drive MS 2302 
    Moscow, ID 83844 

      • UI Branch Campus Sanctioned: $75
      • Non-Profit Organizations, President’s Office, ASUI when applicable: $0
    • Payment must be made by check only, payable to __________________
    • All fees provide scholarships for the members of the mascot team and provide transportation costs for travel

  • Transportation
    The person portraying Joe will supply their own method of transportation whenever necessary. Should the need arise for extended stay or air fare, requesting groups will be invoiced for any/all transportation fees. (Baggage costs, hotel parking, etc...)
  • Costume Damage
    In the event that any part of the Joe costume is damaged at an event due to misconduct on the behalf of one of the guests in attendance, the individual/department requesting Joe will be charged a replacement cost for each damaged item: 

    • Body - $2500
    • Gloves - $300
    • Shoes - $250
    • Head - $5000
    • Clothing (ie. Jersey, tuxedo, etc.) - varies from $40 - $200, depending on damaged item 

    Non-Permissable Events

    Joe shall not be permitted to appear at events that may be reasonably constructed as advancing a political agenda, religion, or personal business or commercial interests. (Example: logging parades to promote the logging industry, Young Republican Rally, March for Christ, etc.)  If you have any questions or concerns please contact Sharon Meader