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ASUI Center for Volunteerism and Social Action
Commons 301
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  • How much do ASB trips cost?
    Costs vary depending on trips.  Spring ASB trips have two different options--regional and national trips.  Regional trips stay within driving distance and cost approximately $100.  National trips go all over the country and cost approximately $350.
    Winter ASB trips cost more because they are longer.  The domestic trips cost approximately $450 and the international trips cost approximately $1200.  These prices are subject to change since they are dependent on the airfare prices, etc. at the time of booking.  
  • I'm a graduate student, can I go on an ASB trip?
    No.  ASB trips are highly subsidized by student fees, and since graduate students do not pay into student fees they are not able to participate.
  • Do I get to pick the trip I go on?

    When you apply for an ASB trip, you will be able to give input about what social justice issues you are passionate about and would prefer to work on as well as if you would like to be regional or national for Spring or domestic or international for Winter.  The Volunteer Center will then coordinate the trips and the teams.

  • What should I bring on my ASB trip?
    Before your ASB trip, there will be a few mandatory meetings.  At these meetings, your team leader and advisor will give you the information for your trip as well as a packing list.
  • Where do we sleep on ASB trips?
  • How long are the work days?
  • Who else will be going on my ASB trip?