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Bills and Resolutions

The ASUI Senate works to create bills and resolutions for the student body. Resolutions are formal expressions of the opinions of the student body, and bills allocate student fees and amend ASUI rules and regulations. This page is a resource for learning about what Senate has been working on this semester. You can read any bill/resolution that the Senate has passed by clicking on the links below. If you have any questions or concerns, find a senator to contact here.

F14-18: Ballot
F14-17: Waffle Wednesday
F14-16: Temporarily Suspending Dress Code
F14-15: Amending Rules and Regulations
F14-14: ASUI Senate Reception
F14-13: ASUI Senate Meet and Greet
F14-12: Senate Retreat
F14-11: Disability Advocacy Bill Draft
F14-10: Appointment of Open Senate Seats
F14-09: Appointment of Executive Staff
F14-08: Homecoming Bill
F14-07: ASUI Retreat
F14-06: Revised FY15 ASUI Budget
F14-05: Living Group Assignments
F14-04: Standard Board Assignments
F14-03: Committee Assignments
F14-02: Weekly Living Group Reports 
F14-01: Appointment of Cabinet Members

F14-04: Resolution Honoring Dr. Riesenberg
F14-03: Tobacco Resolution
F14-02: Safe and Inclusive Campus
F14-01: Full Sized Mirror