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Disability Support Services (DSS)<br/> Notetaking Program Procedures

Notetaking Accommodations

Students with documented disabilities that interfere with the individual’s ability to take notes in class may receive the access accommodation for Notetaking after meeting with DSS Coordinator or DSS Learning Disability Specialist.

DSS Responsibilities

  • Provide Notetaking accommodations to the student in a timely manner.
  • Work with the student to identify the most functional Notetaking accommodations
  • Recruit, hire, train, and assign Notetakers
  • Notes should be available to the student on the same day as the lecture unless otherwise determined by the Notetaking Program Coordinator.
  • Resolve Notetaking issues as they arise

Student Responsibilities

  • Meet with the Notetaking Program Coordinator as soon as possible to complete paperwork, review program specifics, and to become familiar with the note-delivery program.
  • Communicate with Notetaking Program Coordinator regarding the quality of the notes you have been receiving.
  • Bring all questions, concerns, or changes to the attention of the Notetaking Program Coordinator as soon as possible.