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Disability Support Services

The University of Idaho is committed to providing equal and integrated access for individuals with disabilities to all the academic, social, cultural, and recreational programs it offers. This commitment is consistent with legal requirements, including Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973 and the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) of 1990, and embodies the university’s historic determination to ensure the inclusion of all members of its communities.

Students are asked to notify DSS as soon as possible to discuss disability-related concerns and needs. Services include, but are not limited to: alternate text, assistive technology information, readers, notetakers, sign language interpreters, real-time captioning, campus housing arrangements, campus accessibility and disability parking information, priority registration assistance, new student orientation, testing accommodations, advocacy, or assistance with any other campus disability-related needs.

Procedures for Requesting Accommodations on the Basis of a Disability:

At the Beginning of an Academic Program

Once students have been accepted into an academic program at the University of Idaho, they are encouraged to begin the process for obtaining accommodation(s).  As the review and development of accommodation(s) may take several weeks, students are strongly encouraged to initiate the process well before classes begin.  Please provide documentation to DSS prior to the student’s appointment.  Documentation can be faxed, emailed or sent via mail. The following steps must be completed:

Disability Documentation

In general, disability documentation must be provided by a physician, psychologist, audiologist or other licensed professional appropriately qualified to diagnose the specific disability of the individualIf documentation is older than three years, students can receive accommodations for a one-year grace period.  During that time we request students provide our office with current, updated documentation.

Documentation requirements:

  1. for learning disabilities:  a comprehensive assessment of aptitude/cognitive abilities and academic achievement and the resulting diagnostic report.  While a 504 or IEP is beneficial, it is not a substitute for a psychological or psycho-educational evaluation.
  2. must specify the particular diagnosis, including when the diagnosis was made and the likely duration of the disability;
  3. describe in detail the student’s functional limitations created by the disability(s); and
  4. indicate accommodations that are recommended for the student, along with explanations as to why these accommodations would be useful.      


Evaluators are encouraged to include appropriate medical reports, relevant medical history, test scores where applicable (especially for individuals with cognitive disabilities) and any other medical or educational data that would be useful in determining and providing appropriate accommodations and services.  

Accommodation Formulation

Once a student’s eligibility is established, DSS and the student, work together to formulate the academic accommodations each semester that will best assist the student in pursuing their academic goals.  Accommodations will be evaluated each semester to determine efficiency and usefulness.

DSS Announcements

DSS periodically sends announcements through a listserv.  As a student registered with DSS, you will be automatically added to our listserv to receive these announcements through your student email account.  These may include DSS events, registration information, scholarship opportunities, job announcements, campus road closures, and elevator outages.   


Testing Request

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