• Establishes a Suicidal Behavior Assessment Team (SBAT) to evaluate the severity and risks associated with observed behavior.
  • Creates definitions to help front-line staff describe behavior they may encounter.
  • Creates a mandated intervention strategy that may be used when deemed appropriate by the SBAT.
  • Defines guidelines for evaluating the implementation of the policy.
  • Describes a Family Notification Policy that establishes a university process for involving parents and other family members when such involvement might be of value in assisting the student.

The cornerstone of this policy is the formation of the SBAT to review each report of suicidal behavior and make an assessment of risk. The members of the SBAT can then require a student to participate in a minimum of three “assessment sessions” with UI Counseling & Testing Center staff, Student Health Center psychiatrist, or other mental health professionals. Ultimately, a student may be required to withdraw from the UI if the student does not comply with the direction of the SBAT.

The SBAT consists of at least two representatives from the Counseling & Testing Center and the university psychiatrist.

The implementation of the policy is coordinated through the Office of the Dean of Students. SBAT Team members will provide training and consultation to the university community regarding suicidal behavior and the standard of self-care policy and procedures.