High Risk/Significantly Disruptive Situation

You have the right to ask a student to temporarily leave the classroom, laboratory or field trip is her/his behavior is significantly disrupting the learning environment or creating a safety hazard.

You CANNOT permanently remove a student from your class without taking the matter through the Student Judicial System. In extreme circumstances, the Dean of Students can impose an interim suspension to prohibit a student from attending class and/or coming on campus until a hearing is afforded that student. Students have clear rights of due process that are described in the Statement of Student Rights and the Student Code of Conduct.

Potential Responses:

  • Ask the student to leave class.
  • Document situation.
  • Dismiss class.
  • Contact a nearby colleague to help you manage the situation.
  • Contact Moscow Police Department (882-5551).
  • Consult with Dean of Students about long-term resolution.