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Eligibility & Enrollment

You are eligible for benefits if you are a Board of Regents-appointed employee. This includes most employees who work half-time or more in faculty, exempt, classified and postdoctoral positions.

If you are not board-appointed, but work at least 30 hours per week or teach at least 11 credits per semester, you may be eligible for ACA coverage.

If you are eligible for benefits, you can enroll the following dependents:

Your spouse under a legally valid marriage that meets any of the criteria listed below is eligible for coverage:

  • Any legally recognized marriage
  • A common-law union that began in Idaho prior to Jan. 1, 1996
  • A common-law relationship that is valid in another state and is recognized by Idaho state laws

What if your spouse is a University of Idaho employee?

You/your spouse cannot be covered as both an employee and as a dependent. If you and your spouse are both benefit-eligible university employees:

  • One employee can waive medical coverage and be covered as a dependent spouse of the other
  • Each employee can enroll in employee-only coverage

If you and your spouse have dependent children, all of your dependent children will be covered under only one employee's plan.


To add a spouse to your coverage, you will be asked to submit a marriage certificate/common-law affidavit and a proof of financial interdependency OR a signed copy of your last year's tax return. More information on required documentation.

A child under the age of 26 is eligible for coverage. For purposes of the plan, a "child" means your:

  • Biological child
  • Legally adopted child or child placed with you for adoption
  • Stepchild
  • Child for whom you are the legal guardian
  • Child who is required to be covered by a Qualified Medical Child Support Order (QMSCO)

Coverage will terminate for your child on the last day of the month of their 26th birthday, unless they are incapable of self-support because of a physical or mental disability that began prior to age 26. You must apply for this continuation within 31 days after the child reaches age 26.


To add a child to your coverage, you will be asked to submit documentation such as birth/adoption certificates or a signed copy of your last year's tax return. More information on required documentation.

As of Jan. 1, 2013, you may enroll an Other Eligible Adult on your medical plan. For the purposes of the plan, an "other eligible adult" is defined as someone who is:

  1. Age 18 or older and mentally competent to consent, and
  2. Not legally married to anyone, and
  3. Has resided together continuously with the employee for the previous six months, and intend to do so indefinitely, and
  4. Is financially interdependent with the employee, as demonstrated by joint leases, utility bills, bank accounts, etc.

Restrictions for Other Eligible Adult

An Other Eligible Adult may not be related to the employee through any of the following relationships:

  1. Parent
  2. Parents' other descendants (siblings, nieces, nephews)
  3. Grandparents and their descendants (aunts, uncles, cousins)
  4. Renters, boarders, tenants, employees
  5. Children or their descendants (children, grandchildren)


  • To add an Other Eligible Adult to your coverage, submit a notarized qualification affidavit AND two documents that demonstrate financial interdependency. Please redact any financial information or social security numbers that may appear on these documents.
  • To remove an Other Eligible Adult from your coverage, please submit a termination affidavit within 30 days.
  • For a change from Other Eligible Adult to spouse, please submit proof of marriage within 30 days.

Imputed Income

Adding a non-tax dependent to your health insurance coverage may have tax consequences. Learn more about Imputed Income for Other Eligible Adults.

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