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6th and Deakin

Phase One

Phase One of the Transportation Plan Implementation - Traffic Calming, involves Project 1: 6th Street Speed Table, and Project 2: Deakin Avenue Speed Table, as listed in the Recommended Capital Projects document of the Transportation Plan. The background information on these two projects, including detailed information about why these locations were determined to be conflict areas, and where the project ideas and recommendations originated from, is found on pages 5-8 in the Background and Visioning document. More specific details regarding the existing conditions, project goals, and recommended mitigations, with photos and site location maps is found on pages 3-4 in the Recommended Capital Projects document.

University of Idaho Architectural and Engineering Services requested proposals for professional design services for these two traffic calming projects in May of 2012. Bernardo Wills Architects (BWA) from Spokane, WA were chosen by a selection committee to prepare conceptual designs. BWA was provided a copy of the Transportation Plan documents, and the goals for these two sites were relayed to the design team. Primary goals for the sites are as follows:

  • Reduce speed of vehicles upon reaching crosswalk
  • Raise awareness for motorists of heavy pedestrian crossing areas
  • Give priority to pedestrians, while maintaining vehicle access
  • Develop a sense of place at these highly traversed and important campus locations

In the chosen final design concept, both designs show strategies of raised speed tables, signage (via lighted bollards and/or flagpoles), and road narrowing (via planted medians). At the 6th Street site, the design involves one single crossing area for pedestrians, eliminating the existing two separated crosswalks. The designs allow for site-enhancing opportunities including architectural elements (archway, posts, arbors), seating areas and organization of bicycle parking (Deakin site), and colored/patterned pavers or concrete for attractive surface treatment. The concepts that were selected for further development are just that, concepts. In order to stay within budget, installation of the project may require phasing and/or it may be determined that elements shown in the concepts are not feasible to install. Now that design concepts have been selected for each site, steps will be taken to determine what elements of the design can be completed while staying within range of the project budget, and achieving the project goals. PTS priority is to install elements of the design that meet the project goals of reducing speed of vehicles, raising awareness for motorists, and giving priority to pedestrians.

Project 1 was completed in the summer of 2014 and project 2 is currently underway. If you have questions or comments, please email them to sbertlin@uidaho.edu.