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Bicycle Safety

It is important to ride your bicycle predictably, respectfully and safely. The following tips will help you understand the rules of the road.

Interacting with Pedestrians

  • Whether you are driving a car or riding your bike, pedestrians always have the right of way.
  • Give audible signals before passing a pedestrian or another bicyclist.
  • When stopping at a crosswalk, make sure to stop behind the line to leave the walk free and clear for those who are crossing.
  • Ride your bicycle at pedestrian walking speed when on campus.

Interacting with Traffic

  • Always be alert and scan your surroundings.
  • Bicyclists are encouraged to ride in bike lanes or on the street; ride on sidewalks only when necessary
  • When riding on the street always follow the direction in which traffic is flowing.
  • Be predictable by maintaining a steady line of travel; do not weave in and out of lanes.
  • Use hand signals to tell motorists where you intend to go (turn signal).

Equipping Yourself and Your Bike for Safety

  • Always wear a safety helmet
  • When riding your bike at night it is important to have a light visible from the front and a reflector or light visible from the rear.
  • Wear light colored clothes to be seen more easily after dusk.

Pre-Ride Checks

  • Air — if you can press your tire against a curb and flatten it, it is in need of air. Proper inflation increases your bikes efficiency making it easier to pedal.
  • An air station is available on campus in front of the Steam Plant on the corner of 6th and Line Street.
  • Wheel Spin — Lift each wheel and give it a quick spin to make sure it is spinning freely and not rubbing against the brake pads or any other parts.
  • Tires — Turn the tire slowly and examine for any splits, bulges or bubbles.
  • Shifting — Test each of your gears to make sure the chain is shifting smoothly.
  • Brakes — Check that your brakes are functioning correctly by squeezing both brake levers. If the levers touch the handlebars they are too light and should be adjusted.
  • Loose Parts — Gently shake your bike and listen for any rattling parts.

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