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Appeal a Citation

If you have sufficient evidence that your citation was issued in error, or can provide a detailed account of extenuating circumstances for being in violation, you may appeal the citation within 15 days of issuance. Citations that are appealed are placed on hold and no payment is due until a decision has been made and you have been notified.

Appeals must directly and accurately describe the facts of the case. For an appeal to be successful, there must be substantial and valid evidence that the parking violation was not committed, it occurred due to circumstances beyond your control, or there were other extenuating circumstances that should be considered. Your evidence must be submitted with the appeal. In the case of multiple citations, each must be appealed individually.

Please note: Per the U of I Student Code of Conduct (Article II, Section A-2) sending obscene or abusive messages is a form of misconduct and is subject to disciplinary action.

“Extenuating circumstances” means that something occurred that was beyond your control or was extraordinarily unusual. To demonstrate this to the Appeals Committee, you must provide evidence that the situation was out of your control or extraordinarily unusual. Evidence could include, but is not limited to: doctor/hospital notes, receipts relating to a medical issue, mechanic repair receipts, tow receipts, photographs or video (of permits, signage, parking stall, etc.), emails, or any other documentation that supports your position.

Invalid reasons for appeals are anything that was not extenuating or extraordinary. An event or circumstance that is considered predictable is not grounds for an appeal. A good example is “My important meeting ran longer than scheduled and I couldn’t leave.” It might not have been predictable that a specific meeting could run beyond its scheduled time, but generally speaking it’s very common for meetings to run late, so planning ahead for the possibility of a late meeting is a reasonable expectation. Other invalid reasons include but are not limited to:

Invalid reasons to appeal (and appeals likely to be denied by the committee) include but are not limited to:


  • I was running late.
  • The parking meter just barely ran out of time.
  • I accidentally ran over the time limit in a timed space (15-minute space).
  • I was in an important meeting and I couldn’t leave.
  • I was only there one minute [or two or three or five or any number] longer than the meter/time limit.


  • I didn’t know I couldn’t park there during the break.
  • There was nowhere else to park; no parking spaces were available.
  • I had to park here due to safety concerns.
  • I was parked in a fire lane, delivery space, or other restricted space, but only for a short time; I had my hazard lights on.

Lack of Knowledge or Awareness/False Belief

  • I’m on a waiting list for a permit and thought I could park.
  • I didn’t know I needed the permit
  • I didn’t think the space was enforced after 5 p.m. (parked in individually signed meter/gold space or reserved space).
  • I didn’t know that a permit was required to park there.
  • I didn’t see the sign.
  • I have a WSU virtual permit and I didn’t know I needed to apply for and display a permit at U of I.
  • I didn’t know I needed to pay to park.
  • No one else around me got a ticket.
  • I wasn’t taking a space away from anyone.
  • The lot was almost empty.
  • I used AMP and I didn’t know that I had to enter my license plate.
  • I used AMP and I thought I put my license plate in correctly.
  • I was told by someone I could park here.
  • I was misinformed.
  • I parked here because I had class/ROTC/another commitment or requirement.
  • Since I was at a required event [ROTC, training, athletic practice, any other “required” activity] the rules shouldn’t apply.
  • Someone else was driving my car.

Factually Incorrect

  • I paid the meter (when the citation was written in a space requiring a permit).
  • I have no new/additional information to provide with a second appeal request.
  • Parking sold too many permits and that’s on them.

Choosing Not to Comply with Requirements/Not Seeking Clarification

  • I parked in a motorcycle parking area because it is too cold and snowy for motorcycles to use the spaces.
  • I’ve parked there several times and have never been cited.
  • I knew I needed a valid permit to park but did not obtain one.
  • I just didn’t pay to park.
  • The fine is too high.
  • I can’t afford this.
  • I couldn’t pay my wheel-lock and received more citations.

Appeals that are Vulgar or Profane: The use of expletives or profane language in an appeal will result in an automatic denial.

The Parking Committee is comprised of three faculty members, three staff members, two students and the non-voting Parking Committee Coordinator. The Committee reviews and makes decisions on all submitted appeals once a month. As soon as a decision is made, the appealing party is notified through an email or letter.

The Parking Committee decision will be based solely upon matters indicated in the citation, stated in the appeal, or submitted as evidence with the appeal. The Committee will address each appeal by making a decision to:

  • Deny the appeal.
  • Approve the appeal.
  • Partially Approve the appeal by reducing the associated fine. 

If you are dissatisfied with the Parking Committee's decision, a written request including new information not included within the original appeal may be submitted via email ( for a second appeal within 15 days of the first appeal decision notification. This request must include new information that was not part of the original appeal or it will not be considered for a second appeal. Second appeal requests containing new information are sent directly to the Parking Committee for review.

If you are dissatisfied with the second appeal decision, a third written appeal may be submitted within 15 days to Parking and Transportation Services. Third appeal requests are forwarded to the Assistant Vice President of Auxiliary Services for review. The decision made at this step is the final university decision. 

Upon dissatisfaction with the final university decision, students have the option of appealing the final university determination to the State Board of Education.

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