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Transportation Plan

The University of Idaho Transportation Improvement Plan was developed through a comprehensive campus and community-wide planning process. In addition to planning for the future, including growth in enrollment and changing trends in transportation mode choice, this plan is intended to improve the safety and effectiveness of the campus transportation system. The Transportation Advisory Group (TAG) reviewed the infrastructure and elements that exist for the four major transportation modes that occur at the University of Idaho; pedestrian, bicycle, transit and automobile. Recommendations have been made by TAG, and are described in the final Transportation Improvement Plan, recommendations are intended to improve the safety and priority of pedestrians across campus, as well as promote bicycling as a major mode of transportation.

There are two final Transportation Improvement Plan documents. The first is the Recommended Capital Projects document which provides recommended mitigations for the conflict areas within the campus transportation system that were identified during the planning process. The second document is the Background and Vision document, which provides background information regarding the process that was taken to develop the plan, supporting information for the recommendations in the Recommended Capital Projects document, more detail regarding the specific conflict areas, and long-term visioning for the future of the University of Idaho campus transportation system. The Transportation Improvement Plan is not intended to be a design document, or to identify funding sources for the projects. The recommended projects and suggested mitigations will require additional design efforts for implementation.

These documents will be reviewed on an annual basis and updated with any new information, new recommendations, or additional projects. As projects begin to come to life, project status will be available on this webpage.

We invite the campus and community to review the Transportation Improvement Plan documents to learn more, and we encourage you to provide feedback at anytime to sbertlin@uidaho.edu. The complete documents are available under the Quick Links tab on the right side of this page.