O. Immobilization and Impoundment

University of Idaho Parking and Transportation Services personnel may ticket, immobilize, impound, or tow any nuisance vehicle on University of Idaho property. The decision to impound or immobilize will be made by Parking and Transportation Services personnel on a case-by-case basis.

Vehicles may be declared a nuisance vehicle and may be subject to wheel lock or impound for the following reasons:

  • Vehicles with three or more unpaid parking citations which are 15 or more days past the date of issuance; this includes defaulted collection accounts with multiple citation debt that has not been collected by the university
  • Vehicles with five or more unpaid/un-appealed citations that were issued within a 15-day period
  • Driver/owner misses a single payment as specified by a signed promissory note with the University of Idaho for payment of citation debt
  • Vehicles parked in a disability space and not displaying a valid disability parking permit
  • Vehicles obstructing traffic flow or parked in a fire lane
  • Vehicles parked in a closed or reserved lot
  • Vehicles appearing to be abandoned or disabled
  • Vehicles not displaying a valid license plate or current vehicle license registration
  • Vehicle displaying a permit that is recorded as lost or stolen
  • Driver/owner has provided false information or attempted fraud to the university
  • Vehicles illegally parked in a reserved space or lot that is reserved for a special event
  • Vehicles parked in a service or delivery space without proper permit
  • Failure to comply with specific parking instructions from Parking personnel

Towed or immobilized vehicles may be reclaimed
after all outstanding monetary penalties related to the vehicle are paid. Individuals must provide complete billing identification, including photo ID and a statement that the driver assumes responsibility for the vehicle. In certain instances, payment may be required in full. Decisions regarding the form of payment will be made on a case-by-case basis by Parking and Transportation Services. If towing/impoundment has occurred, the Parking Committee will provide an opportunity for a post-tow hearing to determine the validity of the tow.

Notification: After 48 hours (excluding weekends and official holidays) from the time of vehicle removal, if attempts to notify an individual of their vehicle tow/impound have not been successful, Parking and Transportation Services will take further action when owner identification is possible. A written notice shall be sent by certified mail to the vehicle owner(s) or the applicable university parking permit holder and shall include the following information: name, address and telephone number of the University of Idaho Parking and Transportation Services office, vehicle description, the authority and purpose of the impound, a copy of these regulations, a statement of how the vehicle may be reclaimed, and a statement of the right to a post-tow hearing.

To make a request for a post-tow hearing, the vehicle owner or permit holder must submit a written request to Parking and Transportation Services within 15 days from the date of the impound notice. Any such requested hearing shall be conducted at the next regularly scheduled meeting of the University of Idaho Parking Committee. The Parking Committee's decision is final and binding upon all parties.