E.14.Visitor Permits

Visitor permits are only to be used by visitors to the University of Idaho. Visitors are considered to be anyone who is not a current faculty/staff member, or student at the University of Idaho campus in Moscow. Moscow campus faculty, staff and students are not eligible for Visitor permits. Visitor permits are valid in any regular space in any colored lot. Visitor permits are also valid in spaces Reserved for Visitor permits only.  Permit is valid only for dates stated on permit. A visitor can request a Visitor permit to be valid for up to nine consecutive days. One-day and ten-day Visitor permits are also available. The ten-day product allows the permit holder to write in dates when parking on campus; this allows for flexible use instead of using permit for consecutive days. Visitor permits are NOT valid in meters, timed spaces, reserved spaces, service/delivery spaces, campus walkway or any area not designated as a space. If a visitor chooses to park in a meter, payment is required even with display of visitor permit. Refer to Section H for more visitor parking information.