E.7. Green Permits

Green permits are available for purchase by CURRENT residents of Elmwood Apartments and Family Housing (FH). To be eligible to purchase a Green permit, housing agreements must be completed. If a resident of Elmwood Apartments or FH moves elsewhere, they are no longer eligible for a Green permit. The permit may be returned for a pro-rated refund, and a different permit type may be purchased for a pro-rated price. Purchasing another permit in addition to or in place of a Green permit is permissible. Parking restrictions/rules for each individual permit will be applied. There is a limit of two FH Green permits per individual unit; a request for a third FH Green permit must be submitted to the Parking Office. The third permit may be restricted to specific parking areas to increase the availability of parking spaces close to apartments. More than one Elmwood Green permit may be purchased by residents based on current space availability. Green permits are specific to Elmwood and FH, and are only valid in Green lots located at permit owner’s place of residence. Green permits are also valid in Blue lots. Green permits are NOT valid in Gold, Red, Silver or Purple lots, meters, any specially marked space, or on the campus walkway system. Green permits are required at all times. Refer to Section D.6. for information on Green parking lots and access to the Family Housing Walkway System (Serpentine).

FAMILY HOUSING VISITOR PERMITS: Family Housing Visitor permits are available for purchase by CURRENT residents of Family Housing who have purchased or are eligible to purchase a Family Housing Green permit; limit is one per apartment unit. Family Housing Visitor permits are to be used by occasional visitors of residents in Family Housing, and are only to be used while visiting a Family Housing resident. Family Housing Visitor permits may not be used for 10 or more consecutive days of parking. Family Housing Visitor permits are not to be used in any vehicle owned or operated by a resident of Family Housing. Improper use of the permit constitutes illegal use and may result in citation, vehicle impoundment and/or revocation of the visitor permit. Family Housing Visitor permits are ONLY valid in Green Family Housing parking lots. They are NOT valid on the serpentine walkway system at Family Housing.