E.5. Purple Permits

Purple permits are available for purchase by CURRENT Greek members who live on campus IN a sorority or fraternity house, as well as residents of Targhee Hall and Steel House. Off-campus Greek members are not eligible to purchase or use Purple permits. If a student moves out of Greek housing and to a residence off-campus, they are no longer eligible to use a Purple permit; the permit may be returned for a pro-rated refund, and a different permit type may be purchased for a pro-rated price. Purchasing another permit in addition to or in place of a Purple permit is permissible. Parking restrictions/rules for each individual permit will be applied. Purple permits are valid in all Purple, Silver, and Blue lots on campus, as well as Red lot 50 and Green lot 111 off of Sweet Avenue (South Hill Vista). Purple permits are NOT valid in Gold, Red (with exception of lot 50), or Green lots (with exception of 111 South Hill Vista lot), meters, any specially marked space, or on the campus walkway system.