E. Permits

Faculty, staff, and students of the University of Idaho who park a vehicle on campus must pay to park. This can be done through the purchase and display of parking permits or through payment at meters and/or pay station lots. A variety of permit products is available for purchase and is listed on Parking and Transportation Services website at www.uidaho.edu/parking.

Permit ownership is non-transferrable; permits may be used in any vehicle that is transporting the permit owner. Under the permit holder’s discretion, an individual who IS ELIGIBLE for the permit type may utilize that permit; however, the permit owner is responsible for all parking citations issued to that permit number. Using a permit that an individual is NOT eligible for may result in an Illegal Use Citation. Parking and Transportation Services may verify or request verification of permit eligibility at anytime. Permit eligibility is defined in Section A.2.

Parking permits can be purchased
online. Online permit purchase dates will be announced each year on Parking and Transportation Services website and via email. Permits correspond to color-coded parking areas as reflected on the parking map and described in Section D. The purchase of a University of Idaho parking permit DOES NOT guarantee an individual a parking space in their location of preference; however, certain permit types are valid in more than one color permitted parking area. See Section D for more information.

Annual Permit Purchase and Refund Schedule: Annual parking permits may be purchased or refunded throughout the year at a prorated price based on the current year permit proration schedule. Short-term and temporary permits cannot be returned for a refund.

Annual permits may be refunded at full price anytime during the year if the request to refund the permit is received by Parking and Transportation Services within 24 hours of permit purchase and if the plastic permit package has NOT been opened. Additionally, Red, Purple, Silver, Blue, and Family Housing Visitor permits returned prior to the first day of fall semester may only be given full refund if plastic package has NOT been opened. If package has been opened, the refund given prior to first day of school will be equal to the first week of school refund amount. Gold and Green permits will never be refunded at full price (unless refunded within 24 hours of purchase and plastic permit package has NOT been opened) since they are required year-round and are valid for use at time of purchase.  Refund amounts for less than $20 will not be given for any permit type, and no refunds will be given after mid-April; whichever comes first. Permit purchase rates will not be prorated until the first full week in October.

Permits must be displayed properly. Permits must be affixed to the driver’s side windshield approximately 7 inches from the lower corner of the windshield and clearly visible from the outside of the vehicle. It is the responsibility of the driver to ensure the parking permit is displayed properly once parked. Vehicles displaying a permit that is not visible from outside of the vehicle will be eligible for an Improper Display Citation.

Altering a parking permit
in any way is a violation and may result in an Illegal Use Citation. Altering a permit includes cutting in any way, writing on, taping/gluing material to, or in any way changing text on permit.  

Sharing the cost of a permit is permissible by two or more drivers who are eligible for the permit type. Parking and Transportation Services encourages the formation of car pools by making cost sharing an option. The shared permit can be rotated between vehicles driven by the permit owners. The name registered as the permit owner with Parking and Transportation Services will be responsible for any citations received when that permit is displayed.

If a permit is lost or stolen, replacement permits for any individually purchased permit may be issued to the original permit holder for a $15.00 charge. If the identifiable remnants of the original permit are not turned in to Parking and Transportation Services, the owner must sign and complete a lost/stolen permit form.  

PERMIT REVOCATION/INELIGIBILITY TO PURCHASE: Any of the following conditions may result in ineligibility to purchase a new permit or a current permit to be revoked (without refund):
  1. Termination of the permit holder's eligibility for the type of permit concerned
  2. False information given on the application for a parking permit or a replacement
  3. Continued violation of regulations or nonpayment of penalties assessed
  4. Use of a counterfeit parking permit or alteration of a permit
  5. Improper or fraudulent use of a permit
  6. Unpaid fees, including citations and permit fees*

*Accounts with parking debt will be restricted from purchasing a new parking permit. The account will be placed on hold until which time the account is cleared through full payment or negotiated settlement.

Account holders of account/s which have been placed on hold are ineligible to use a parking permit to park on campus.