A. Introduction

Parking and Transportation Services is a self-sustaining unit within Facilities Services and our mission is to provide safe, convenient and cost effective services to the University of Idaho. We are committed to outstanding customer service; supporting the teaching, research, operational and public service goals of the community; and meeting the current and projected needs of the campus.

Current information on parking may be obtained at the University of Idaho Parking & Transportation Services office, located at 1006 Railroad Street, Moscow ID, 83844-4106. Parking and Transportation Services can be reached at (208) 885-6424, comments and/or questions may be emailed to parking@uidaho.edu, and additional information may be found at www.uidaho.edu/parking.

Faculty, staff, and students of the University of Idaho who park a vehicle on campus must pay to park.
This can be done through the purchase and display of parking permits or through payment at meters and/or pay station lots. Regulations apply to all persons who park vehicles at the University of Idaho Moscow campus and as designated by the parking map. Lack of familiarity with the regulations does not constitute a defense for failure to comply or cancellation of parking citations.

The university assumes no liability for loss of or damage to vehicles or their contents while on university property or within university-administered parking facilities.

Community businesses are not allowed to distribute flyers on windshields of vehicles located on University of Idaho property. Flyers or information on vehicles contributes to large amounts of litter on the ground. Persons or organizations known to be dispersing items will be asked to stop and remove items from vehicles. Organizations responsible for flyers will be contacted and warned. See APM 40.29 for more information.

Non-university agencies with jurisdictions overlapping those of the University of Idaho are also authorized to enforce appropriate local, state, and federal parking regulations independently.