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Auto-Renewal Vandal Permits

Permits available for auto-renewal include Gold, Red, and Blue permits. The auto-renewal permits are referred to as Vandal Gold, Vandal Red, and Vandal Blue permits. The auto-renewal Vandal permit program is available to board appointed employees only, and provides an increased level of service to Gold, Red, and Blue permit holders by making the parking permit process simple from year to year.

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Program details:

  • Those who enroll in this program are issued a non-expiring Vandal Gold, Red, or Blue parking permit that is used from year to year, a new permit is not issued every year
  • Each year the price of the permit follows the annual permit price of the specific permit type (2014-15 annual rates: Gold - $325, Red - $172, Blue - $64)
  • Vandal Gold, Red, and Blue permits allow parking in respective lots just the same as a regular annual Gold, Red, or Blue permit (Vandal Gold permits are valid in all Gold, Red, and Blue lots; Vandal Red permits are valid in all Red and Blue lots; and Vandal Blue permits are valid in all Blue lots)
  • Payroll deduction is the only payment method available, individuals have the choice of 1, 3, 9, or 16 payroll deductions; deduction options may be limited if enrolling later in the academic year; each year the same number of payroll deductions will be applied to pay the amount of the permit unless a change is requested
  • Each year individuals will be informed of the upcoming years permit price and given the opportunity to make adjustments to the number of payroll deductions, or opt out of the program
  • If a Vandal permit holder leaves the University or wants to quit the program for any reason the physical permit must be returned to the Parking Office in order for payroll deductions to stop, permits returned during the year would be eligible for prorated refunds based on the permit purchase/refund schedule
  • Vandal permit holders must pay any parking debt each year in order for the permit to be automatically renewed, individuals will be notified of debt on account and if payment is not made prior to August 15 each year, the permit will become invalid and will be eligible for citations if used; this policy applies to all parking permit customers and is described in the parking regulations

How to enroll:

Already enrolled in the auto-renewal Vandal permit program? Here's what you need to know:

  • Inform us by July 1, each year if you would like to change the number of payroll deductions for the upcoming year
  • Payroll deductions for use of your permit for the upcoming year will begin in late July
  • If you do not have a request for any changes, no action is required, simply continue using the same permit you have in your vehicle, you will not receive a new permit for the new year
  • If you would like to return your Vandal permit and exchange it for a different permit, the physical permit must be turned into the Parking Office

Important note:

  • Regular annual Gold, Red, and Blue permits will continue to be available for purchase on an annual basis, permits become available for purchase online each year in early July

Display of Parking Permit

Be sure to display your permit properly

The above image demonstrates the proper placement of a parking permit on the lower drivers side windshield.