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Permit Frequently Asked Questions

If you're having trouble logging into your parking account there are a few steps you can take.

First, make sure you're using your Network ID to login rather than your Vandalmail address. Your Network ID is the first part of your Vandalmail address (for example: if your Vandalmail is, then your Network ID is joevandal).

If that does not work, then you may need to take a closer look at your account using the resources on the ITS Account Management page. Your university account is required to login to your parking account. When it comes to login issues, we have found that the problem most often lies with DUO or the account password has expired and it needs to be reset, which you can learn how to do on the How do I reset my forgotten account password (NetID)? support page. (If you have been logged into other university portals your password may still be expired).

If the problem still persists you can fill out this parking permit application. Our office will reach out to you concerning matters of approval and payment upon receipt. If you are trying to apply for an emeritus Retiree permit, you will need to fill out the Retiree Permit Application.

Totally understand. Please reach out to us as soon as possible: or 208-885-6424.

We're dedicated to ensuring all Vandals can get where they need to go here on campus and all three types of disability parking permits can be purchased without a visit to our office! Supporting documentation can be scanned/photographed and emailed to us and we will work with you over the phone or via email to get your campus mobility needs resolved.

In addition to Disability Parking Permits, we offer free Vandal Access Service that transports eligible Vandals wherever they need to go on campus for classes, work, meetings, studying, etc. at no cost. Reach out to us with questions, concerns, feedback and ideas: or 208-885-6424.

The three most common reasons for missing permit options are below. If none of these apply, just give us a call: 208-885-6424.

  • Unpaid parking citation(s)
    • An unpaid parking citation will prevent this year's permits from appearing. Give us a call at 208-885-6424 or log into your VandalWeb account and go to one of the following:
      • Students ---> Student Accounts ---> Billing Statement
      • Employees ---> Employee Information ---> Employee Account Center
    • Look for an outstanding parking citation. It will have the Ticket # and amount which can be paid right there in VandalWeb or on the phone with us: 208-885-6424.
  • I’ll be living in the University or Elmwood apartments.
    • If your apartment lease is in your roommate/partner's name, then they will need to purchase parking permits for your vehicle(s) parking at the apartments.
  • I hope to live in an on-campus fraternity or sorority.
    • Once recruitment concludes, each Greek house president will determine parking permit eligibility for their house members and submit that list to us at Parking and Transportation Services. For more information, please review the Greek Life parking permit page.

No worries, just give us a call: 208-885-6424. We're here to help!

While our parking permit pricing is aligned with our peer institutions, if a Vandal has never paid for parking before, an annual parking permit can be an unexpected and daunting purchase. Here are several points to consider:

  • Full-time, board-appointed U of I employees (staff and faculty) may pay for their parking permits via payroll deductions, spreading the cost out over several pay periods.
  • For all-day access to color-coded parking lots on campus only when you need it, consider a 10-day parking permit. Save money and only pay for what you need.
  • Owning and operating a personal vehicle is one of the largest expenses in a personal budget, costing on average about $6,000 a year. It may make sense to forego the car and use alternative transportation instead.
  • Parking meters and Pay-to-Park lots are not intended for daily visits for classes or work. Attempting to rely on them instead of purchasing an annual parking permit ends up costing way more in the long run.

No problem. There are a lot of things going on! Here are a couple things that might help you decide:

  • Most students living on campus don't bring a personal vehicle. Unless you have an off-campus job/internship, participate in a sport that requires players to drive or can't get home for break on a plane or bus, you can save a ton of money and stress by leaving your personal vehicle at home. Check out Alternative Transportation options and/or reach out to our Alternative Transportation Specialist at
  • If you would like to bring a vehicle at first and see how it goes, we encourage you to purchase your permit because many annual permits sell out during the academic year. If you realize you don't need it after all, you can return it for a potential prorated refund. Check the proration schedule for more information on possible refunds!

Yes, while most annual parking permits are purchased online, some of us have always purchased our parking permit in the parking office during the first week of school. This isn't the best customer experience and with our new reality, it's no longer an option. The lobby we share with SMART Transit and Northwestern Trailways is restricted to only ten people at a time and all seating has been removed.

In order to improve our customers' experience, comply with all pertinent health regulations and save everyone a lot of time and effort, all parking permit sales are now online. Please reach out to us with any questions or concerns: or 208-885-6424. Thank you!

Give us a call at 208-885-6424, or email and we can help.

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